Godly Hunter Chapter 40

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A commission over 10 million! If that’s true, then the reward for this is far greater than the reward for hindering the advance of the holographic virtual network!

Who cared about the survival of traditional networks? They’d be set for life if they complete this commission!

Hungry gazes locked onto Black Fox.

However, quite a few people smiled wryly to themselves. Black Fox said that it was the total reward amount – not individual!

“Everyone, please calm down. The reward amount is high but each person can only get at most 100,000CNY. We shall reveal the commission details now. The Glacier Group is funding Glacier Game Club and they are preparing to take down the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. Those interested can go for an interview with the representative of Glacier Game Club. Once you pass this interview, a 5000CNY reward is guaranteed.”

Black Fox went on to clear the doubts of his audience. For most of them though, the commission was still quite an attractive one.

“Black Fox, sir, could you give more details? I am interested.” A person spoke up.

“Of course. If you want to participate in killing the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, you need to gather in the same beginner village. All participants have to commit suicide for a chance to restart in the same beginner village as the one Glacier Game Club has chosen. Those who pass the interview and win the right to participate will get 5000CNY as suicide compensation. If you manage to suicide your way to their selected map, you will get at least 10,000CNY. Thereafter, you shall be rewarded according to your ability and contribution during the battle. The reward is capped at 100,000CNY. The Glacier Game Club also say that outstanding performance or provision of important items that play a role at critical moments can easily double or even triple your reward!”

Using such a primitive method to kill the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf – and at a cost of over 10,000,000? Not cheap.

Everybody knew that this commission did not have a huge payout for them but they were still blown away by the Glacier Group’s ostentatiousness.

There are so many things 10,000,000 can buy. Was it worth it to kill a beginner village BOSS?

Several people had doubts.

The hundreds of thousands the Richie Rich Club spent was worth it but the Glacier Game Club was going to spend over ten million. Even if they killed the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf the cost of publicity was higher than revenue. Direct advertising seemed more practical.

Black Fox was about to explain more about the Glacier Group when Chen Mo suddenly spoke up. “When is the deadline for sign-ups? If possible, I would like to know when they intend to go kill the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. If it’s going to take a long time then getting a few thousand is meaningless.”


“That’s right.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Quite a few people agreed.

Black Fox nodded. “This is not a secret. The deadline for sign-ups is midnight tomorrow. If all goes well, the attack will commence within two days following the sign-ups.”

If this was another matter, then the time would not have been made public. However, this Glacier Game Club wanted to use the opportunity to gain fame and recognition so there was no need to keep the time a secret. They did not have to worry about others trying to interfere either.

“This concludes our conference. Other than the commission from Glacier Game Club, we also have other game commissions. Please contact our company for inquiries about these other commissions as we shall not make these public.”

Seeing that nobody had further questions, Black Fox concluded the conference.

Interested parties approached Black Fox. Though Chen Mo had seemed interested, he did not approach. He turned to leave.

A virtual character suddenly shoved itself in his path.

“You’re Chen Mo?” asked the character named W.X.

M.C. – Mr. Chen. This was not the first time Chen Mo had used this nickname. This person knew him!

“Wang Xu?” Chen Mo asked with hostility when he looked at the person’s nickname.

His voice was a little different from real life but it was familiar upon listening more closely.

Chen Mo and Wang Xu were both hackers from Nan Hua City. Being in the same line of work, they were enemies of sorts who frequently had run-ins with each other. Wang Xu lost most of the time and suffered heavily too. He was especially bitter about it as he had entered the industry much earlier than Chen Mo so he tried to make things difficult for Chen Mo whenever he could.

“It is I.” Wang Xu replied frostily.

“We’ve got nothing to say to each other.”

Wang Xu was a small-minded, petty man. Chen Mo was sure he wasn’t here to make nice.

“Heh heh! We have nothing to say to each other, huh? Why don’t we talk about your younger sister?” Wang Xu sniggered nastily, the threat in his words evident.

He had been investigating Chen Mo’s background for two years and recently found out that this guy had a beautiful younger sister.

He could do nothing about Chen Mo but his sister – now she he can harass easily… Unless she didn’t use a computer at all.

Wang Xu anticipated a look of defeat after hearing his threat but Chen Mo only spared him a brief glance. “Wang Xu, I am not belittling you but if that’s all you got then you should study more.”

“Fine! If that’s how you’re playing it then don’t come begging later!” Wang Xu said angrily and sneered before he suddenly disappeared.

“Chen, bro! Aren’t you signing up?” Chen Mo was about to leave but this time, Fatty Tian’s anxious voice stopped him.

Fatty Tian was ‘in charge’ of Chen Mo, so if Chen Mo performed well for Worm Co., his standing within the company would go up.

He did not know how well Chen Mo was doing in the game but he was confident in his gut instinct. He could feel that establishing a good working relationship with Chen Mo would benefit him, no doubt about it!

“Not interested.” Chen Mo shook his head in rejection and left the conference room without giving Fatty Tian a chance to convince him to stay.

Not only was he not interested, he was also going to ambush Glacier Group’s venture! He was going to let the Glacier Group sink money into this project and come away from it empty-handed, losing money and reputation!

He had asked Black Fox questions just to confirm the time Glacier Game Club was going to act!

… … …

“Argh! He drives me mad! Think you’re so great, huh? I’ll mess up your little sister – see how great you are then!” Wang Xu was hopping mad. He took off his virtual helmet and walked to a spacious room where a high-end computer sat.

He switched it on and smirked as he prepared to do some hacking.

He had Chen Mo’s sister’s address and knew which computer she used and was sure he had the upper hand, otherwise he would not have threatened Chen Mo.

Once he hacked into her computer and gained access to her personal data, Chen Mo would be sure to cave and come crawling in apology. He won’t let him off so easily then!

“Humph! Hacking into a university student’s computer is only a matter of minutes!” Wang Xu discovered that the target computer was in use and he immediately started to hack into it. He had forgotten that Chen Mo was also just a university student.

“Good! Just a little more… Humph! Chen Mo, just you wait! You’ll come begging me for forgiveness! Hahaha!… Eh? What’s going on?”

Wang Xu found a hole in the target computer’s security and exploited it as usual. At first glance it looked like he had successfully hacked into the computer but he discovered to his horror that his own hard disk had started whirring crazily!

Wang Xu’s expression changed rapidly.

He had been counter-hacked and the invader had planted the “Hard Disk Destroyer” virus in his computer!

… … …

“The Glacier Game Club has been established!”

“Lavishly funded by the Glacier Group!”

“The Club’s aim – to kill the undefeated hidden BOSS, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf!”

The game forums were full of posts about Glacier Game Club.

They were eye-catching paid advertisement posts but the Glacier Group name and the target monster were attention-worthy in themselves.

The Glacier Group, one of China’s top ten consortiums, was the first to invest so flagrantly in a game!

Where there’s a first, a second was sure to follow. Many believed that this was a sign that the top ten consortiums would join in one after the other.

The Glacier Game Club had yet to do anything but their name had become recognized by all players.

Chen Mo smiled wryly at the posts.

Nice plan, but the secret weapon needed to take down the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf is in my hands! Glacier Group, you have miscalculated this time!

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