Godly Hunter Chapter 39

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A Commission Over 10000000!

“Chen-ge! Relaxed as always, huh? Still sleeping?” a cheery voice came from the phone. The silhouette of a wretched fatty surfaced in Chen Mo’s mind.

“Uh huh. What’s up, Old Tian?” Chen Mo awoke and asked.

This Fatty Tian never called him for nothing.

“Eh, Chen-ge! I told you not to call me Old Tian. I turn 18 this year!” Fatty Tian said in annoyance.

Chen Mo rolled his eyes. This damn fatso thinks he’s a deity or something. He said he was 18 years old two years ago and he’s still claiming to be 18 now – like hell he is!

“What is it? If you don’t have anything for me then I’m going back to sleep.” Chen Mo could not be bothered to waste words on this fatty.

“Ah! Don’t sleep! I have something! Chen-ge, I remember you accepted that strange commission, right?” Fatty Tian hurriedly said.

“Duh. You were the one who introduced me.” Chen Mo replied rudely.

Fatty Tian was not a hacker but he worked for a special middle-man company. This company sourced various hacker-related jobs to different hackers for completion. The special commission to hinder the holographic virtual network was introduced to Chen Mo by Fatty Tian.

“Well, I’d like to know if you’ve entered the GENESIS game.”

“Yeah, I’m in. What? Is your company preparing to change industries?”

“Heh. More or less. I’m not gonna lie – according to our sources the traditional networks are a lost cause. If our company doesn’t change we’d close down. I’m calling to let you know that our company will be focusing on GENESIS and expanding our reach in it. The higher-ups want to have a meeting with you guys to discuss some new collaborations.” Fatty Tian explained.

“Expand their reach in the game? Is your company becoming a game studio?” Chen Mo found it laughable.

A hacker middle-man company reduced to a game studio. No matter how one looked at it, the company seemed to have dropped quite a few ranks.

“Of course not! We are just trying something new. If we don’t do something now, we’d just be sitting around waiting to close down. I’d have wasted the past two, three years then.” Fatty Tian complained. He had worked for two years and finally got to a decent level. He had not expected this sudden change. If the company went bankrupt, he would starve.

“Okay. What time, where and how?” asked Chen Mo.

“The company has set up a holographic conference room on the holographic network. I’ve already sent an invitation to your virtual account number via the social system. The meeting is at 6pm. Once you connect to the network, you can use the invitation to enter the conference room.

“Okay, I’ll go tonight.”

Chen Mo did not reject Fatty Tian’s invitation. He had always been curious about this hacker middleman company called “Worm Co.”. He had been in contact with Worm Co. and Fatty Tian for two years but had never seen any other staffer than Fatty Tian in all that time. Fatty Tian gave no straight answers when questioned either.

… … …


Chen Mo returned to the game to level up in the afternoon and left only when it was almost 6pm. He connected to the holographic virtual network social system.

This system was still in the testing phase so invitations were needed to enter the system. It was very difficult to get an invitation but it seemed like Worm Co. had some pull and was able to get an invitation for all the hackers it was associated with.

Every person in the Holographic Social System had a unique username and a search for the username will show information that the user was willing to make public. Chen Mo’s username was “M.C.”

The invite was essentially the same as traditional URL networks but the invite only worked for the corresponding username’s character. After Chen Mo used the invite, his holographic character appeared in a snow-white, spacious space-age-feeling conference room.

There were already dozens of characters of various styles in conference room hall, waiting quietly in solitude.

Many looked over when Chen Mo appeared but nobody came to talk to him.

“Chen-ge, you’re here!” a voice hailed him. Chen Mo knew without looking that it was Fatty Tian.

The Holographic Social System was more or less the same as the game and it also had various communication systems. No one else could tell that Chen Mo and Fatty Tian were chatting.

“Where are your company big wigs?” The speaker’s platform at the front of the room was empty and there wasn’t anyone close by who looked like one of the higher-ups of Worm Co.

“Coming soon. Don’t worry, Chen-ge.”

Almost as soon as Fatty Tian replied, a figure of a middle-aged man appeared on the snow-white platform suddenly.

“Good evening, everyone. I am Worm Co.’s project manager for this conference and planning session. You can call me Black Fox. Everyone here is an elite hacker who has worked with Worm Co. for at least a year. Now, I will cut to the chase and not waste anyone’s time.

We called you here today to announce three things.

First, Worm Co. will, from this day forth, move our business to the new platform. We will still have jobs on the traditional networks in the short run but for the most part, the news is already out that traditional network businesses are dwindling.”

“Mr. Black Fox, if I may interrupt? By doing this, is your company insinuating that the disappearance of traditional networks is inevitable? Is it now entirely impossible to complete the commission that we accepted?”

Someone interrupted Black Fox’s speech.

“In regards to this problem, I am sorry but Worm Co. is unable to give a definite answer. From what I personally inferred from the information our company received, the traditional networks will likely disappear within a year. Of course, this is just my own opinion and not representative of Worm Co. Please, those of you who accepted the commission, do not have misgivings. If you manage to complete the commission, your payment will not be a cent less than promised.” Black Fox did not appear annoyed by the interruption; he answered the questions with great patience.

It was a f*cking good answer but the people there were not suckers. Worm Co. did not give a straight answer but judging from Black Fox’s attitude, the company had some information the hackers didn’t. The traditional networks were going to disappear and there was no doubt about it, otherwise the company would not have made such a big move.

Chen Mo muttered to himself under his breath after he heard Black Fox’s words.

Personally, he wanted to stop the holographic virtual network from replacing traditional networks but if it truly could not be stopped then he would not persist and waste his time.

However, he never did anything halfway. He would soon be able to conduct a series of experiments in the game. His continuing or giving up depended on the result of his experiments.

“Secondly, our company’s main businesses and resources will be transferred to GENESIS. We will make available a variety of game-related commissions and if you feel you can complete them, please contact us. You are all our elite hackers and already have varying levels of experience in the game. Accordingly, in GENESIS, no normal player can hold a candle to you!” Black Fox went on to say.

When Chen Mo heard this, he smirked as he communicated to Fatty Tian, “Old Tian, your company’s a bit off target, isn’t it? Strong hacking skills are not equal to great game skills. It’s kind of far-fetched to rely on a group of hackers to complete game quests no matter how you look at it.”

Fatty Tian just chucked, “Chen, I’ll tell you this in confidence – don’t tell anyone else. The people here are just a fraction of the total the company has invited. The company has also invited quite a few professional gamers and game studios for meetings.”

Ha! So that’s how it is! I knew it – Worm Co. won’t just depend on a group of hackers to help them. Seems like Worm Co. only prized the hackers’ capacity. The people here are the elite in this city so they may produce amazing results in the game. Worm Co. must be gambling on this; they won’t lose out either.

“Now, the third matter. I am now announcing the first big commission from Worm Co. after our big move. The reward for this commission may reach over 10 million. The commission is funded by the Glacier Group, so there is no worry about payment!”

Black Fox announced the third piece of news and everyone was shocked.

A game commission of over 10 million?

The game was only online for barely two weeks – how can this be?

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