Godly Hunter Chapter 41

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Collecting the Set

Once the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf died, everyone would be able to obtain a bottle of Slime Poison and killing the Slime King would be troublesome for Chen Mo, so he wanted to get the Slime King Necklace before that happened.

But never in his wildest dreams did he expect a unique-looking necklace to fall on the ground after midnight when he was done killing the Mutated Slime King.

Slime King Necklace

Description: A necklace that is part of the Slime King’s collection. Collect three different pieces of the Slime King’s Jewellery Collection to unlock hidden attributes.

Equipment grade: Purple, part of a set

Limit: Level 10 and above


Basic Physical Attack +20

Basic Magic Attack +20

Strength +25

Intelligence +25

Agility +20

Additional attribute: Slime King’s Roar

Slime King’s Roar: Player’s movement speed increases by 3 after using skill and player can jump 2m high but receives 10% more damage. Effects last for 10 seconds. Cooldown 1 minute.

Special effect: Collect all three pieces of the Slime King Jewellery Collection to unlock set effect.

The Slime King Jewellery set was complete, just like that!

Chen Mo could not believe his eyes. He knew he would get the set sooner or later but today was a little outside his field of expectations.

Once he picked it up, Chen Mo ignored the rest of the items on the ground and immediately equipped the Slime King Necklace.

The three pieces flared with light and a system prompt pinged!

System prompt: The Slime King Jewellery set special effect has been unlocked!

Chen Mo looked at the special effect.

Special effect: Slime King’s Majesty

Slime King’s Majesty: The skills and effects of the Slime King Jewellery set is greatly enhanced!

– Slime poison: Whenever the player attacks a target, the target will have a 50% chance of being poisoned. After being poisoned, the target will have -25HP per second. Effect lasts for 5 seconds. Poisoning effect stack maximum 5 times.

– Slime King’s Call: Summon a Level 15 Mutated Slime to fight for you. Colour of the summoned Mutated Slime is random. Summoned Slime is active for 3 min. Skill cooldown 5min.

– Slime King’s Roar: After using the skill, the player and his comrades’ movement speed increases by 3 after using skill and player can jump 2m high but receives 10% more damage. Effects last for 10 seconds. Cooldown 1 minute.

The set effect did not look too special but Chen Mo’s eyes gleamed when he saw it.

The skills were greatly enhanced. Slime Poison’s chance of poisoning the enemy and effect went up significantly. Slime King’s Roar could now be used for comrades as well. The most important boost was to Slime King’s Call. Originally, he was only able to summon an ordinary Level 13 Slime. Now, he could summon a Level 15 Mutated Slime!

Chen Mo had never gone up against a Mutated Slime before but from what he experienced with Goblins, the Mutated monsters were not just a little stronger than the regular ones, not to mention a Mutated Slime! With a Mutated Slime, he became more confident in his upcoming battle with Enoch!

He had all pieces of the Jewellery Collection and still lacked two pieces of Purple equipment but he felt like he could go battle Enoch right then because of the boosted attributes.

However, Chen Mo was in no rush. He had plenty of time and Glacier Game Club had about two days to go to kill the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. He could still kill the Mutated Slime King two more times and if he was lucky, he’d get one more piece of Purple equipment and increase his chances in the showdown with Enoch.

… … …

Game forums. Reality.

For the past two days, the names Glacier Game Club and Glacier Group had become hot topics.

The Glacier Group invested 10 million, established the Glacier Game Club and they were going to kill the only hidden BOSS discovered so far – the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf!

Everyone knew about the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. Seven out of ten players had gone to Wild Wolf Valley to take a look at the monster and experience its overwhelming power.

Add Glacier Group and Glacier Game Club’s fanning of flames to the mix and the news of the upcoming battle with the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf became known by all.

The Glacier Group had also put word out that several popular television stations from the region would cover and broadcast the entire event in two days’ time at 9pm!

The Flaming 3-Headed Wolf was nigh impossible to kill for Level 10 players. A question was put forth to Glacier Game Club’s representative, Bottomless Glacier. He smilingly replied that Glacier Game Club had a way to kill the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. It will surely meet its end!

The night before Glacier Game Club’s battle, Chen Mo went alone to the Northern part of Ayer Town.

Knock, knock.

“Enter, Adventurer.”

This was the rendezvous point with Enoch. Chen Mo knocked and Enoch’s voice came from inside.

Chen Mo pushed the door open and walked in.


The door slammed shut behind him.

Chen Mo noiselessly prepared a Quake Trap. Enoch’s chilly voice reached his ears. “Shameless Adventurer, do you repent for your sin?”

“What sin?” Chen Mo replied. No matter which answer he gave the result was the same.

“Hah! You deny it? I called you here to teach you a lesson on behalf of all females. Repent!”

Enoch’s pretty face came into sharp focus as she sprang into action and charged at Chen Mo.

She was different from her usual gray-clad self. The Enoch now was dressed all in armour and armed with a black dagger – an assassin NPC!

Enoch’s first attack was frightening – not because it dealt a lot of damage but because this attack enabled her to control Chen Mo and he would not be able to counterattack.

He had been caught by her before so he knew the attack. He must avoid it!

How was he going to avoid it?


Quake Trap! Explode!


The Quake Trap exploded. Chen Mo and Enoch were blasted apart in an instant!

Chen Mo was pushed 2m back and Enoch 1m. Enoch’s first attack failed!

Chen Mo was not sure what she would do next. He immediately used Slime King’s Call!

A Green Slime appeared!

It was a poisonous Mutated Slime, of course!


Chen Mo’s heart leapt for joy at the sight.

His ideal Slimes for Enoch were Black and Green Slimes.

The Black Slime had super defences and could block Enoch’s attacks. The Mutated Green Slime could poison its attacker and the poison damage had the added effect of lowering the attacker’s defences and slowing movement speed!


Upon being summoned, the Mutated Green Slime struck Enoch, who had yet to recover from the Quake Trap!

A damage number floated up from Enoch’s head. Her movement speed suddenly slowed!

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