Godly Hunter Chapter 38

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Luck’s Effect

Cold Flow stared at Chen Mo. He wanted to question him but he found to his surprise that Chen Mo had disappeared.
He went offline?
Cold Flow suspected something but he had no time to dwell on it. The Mutated Slime King was coming at them.


They were mentally prepared for the BOSS to mutate but because they had been wiped out instantly earlier, it was like facing the Mutated Slime King for the first time now.


They were only just able to kill the Slime King anyway; they had no capacity to do more. The Mutated Slime King’s increased attributes enabled it to annihilate them in two attacks. Cold Flow knew then that they could never beat the Mutated Slime King.


Their fighter died in just two hits – and this was without it using any skills, otherwise they’d all be dead instantly!


“Dodge!” Cold Flow shouted. There was no penalty for death but nobody wanted to die.


Seeing its enemies try to escape, the Mutated Slime King rolled towards them in fury like a great big ball of death.


-775! -830! …


Damage points floated up. This skill could only be blocked by a fighter player who had learnt “Shield”. Other classes stood no chance. The fighter in Cold Flow’s team had died but even if he hadn’t, they would not survive the Mutated Slime King’s attack.


Like Woody Forest, they took measures against the Slime King’s skills and characteristics to kill it. They spent a lot of money on equipment which had effects similar to skills. Only two or three class-specific skills could be learnt in the beginner villages and the fighter’s “Shield” skill could only be learnt at the Profession Union in one of the three main human cities.


The team’s assassin and fighter died quickly.


The remaining team members were Cold Flow (archer), Cold Belle (mage) and a priest.


They were a distance away from the BOSS but, even under normal circumstances and un-mutated, escape was improbable. The three of them tried to run but only managed to run half a length before the Mutated Slime King caught up and finished them off one by one.


“Boss, do we still go?”


At the Ayer Town revival point, the fighter looked to Cold Flow for instruction.


Dying twice in a row had drastically dampened the party’s spirits.


“We go!” Cold Flow’s face was a mask of determination. Of course he was going – he needed to confirm something!


Slime Plains.


His party of six engaged the Slime King again. Cold Flow was distracted while attacking, his eyes darting everywhere in search of something.


It would be dark soon. Neither hide nor hair of that hunter was to be seen.

Did that guy leave?


Cold Flow had his doubts.



The Slime King let out a familiar roar. It had mutated again!


The Mutated Slime King was too powerful and the six of them fell dead in short order.


Cold Flow was still looking about before his death – searching for that hunter.


Two minutes passed. Nobody appeared. It was getting dark too and further off places could not be seen. Cold Flow gave up and reluctantly chose to revive.

Chen Mo revealed himself.


He knew that Cold Flow suspected him and he didn’t care if he knew. Once the Wild Wolf Valley gets unlocked the existence of Slime Poison would be known by all. Even if Cold Flow found out sooner than others he was still unable to kill the Mutated Slime King so there was no advantage to be had for him there.


Want to know if the mutation was because of me? Like hell I’ll tell you!


Curiosity killed the cat after all. I’ll let you stew till your brains pop. Even better if you lose sleep over it!


When Chen Mo revealed himself, the Mutated Slime King roared and lunged at him.


Chen Mo put on his equipment with a wave of his hand and led the Mutated Slime King to his intended spot at a run.


He had hired four players to dig a pit the first time Cold Flow died. Chen Mo had helped too, of course, but when the estimated time of Cold Flow’s team’s return came, he excused himself saying he had to logoff to attend to something. He then used his camouflage skill to sneak away to make Cold Flow’s party die, and returned to dig.


He did not have the time to toy with Cold Flow’s party. It would be great if they dropped equipment but unfortunately there was no loss in beginner villages if they died. Chen Mo did not want to waste time on them. Right now, he needed less than ten minutes to kill the Mutated Slime King. If Cold Flow and his team died, he would be able to kill the Mutated Slime King before they hurried back, and leave magnanimously.


Chen Mo had his pit ready before Cold Flow and his team died for the third time. He used his camouflage skill to get close, then made the Slime King mutate and kill them. The sky had darkened too, so Chen Mo lured the Mutated Slime King to his pit for the slaughter.

The Mutated Slime King died in under 10 minutes.


“Skill Mutation Scroll again? This item drops so often that it can’t be rare. This isn’t worth much, huh.”


Chen Mo looked in his backpack after picking up the items and couldn’t help but mutter in disappointment.


A Skill Mutation Scroll, one piece of Green Grade equipment, nine pieces of Blue Grade Equipment – not a fruitful day.


He had five Skill Mutation Scrolls in all. Chen Mo thought this item was quite rare at first but after getting five for killing the Mutated Slime King ten times, he felt that the drop rate was too high and its rarity and value plummeted in his eyes.


He was unaware of the group of young men in Ash Blue Tech goggling at him on their screens.


Wha? How? This doesn’t make sense! Why is the drop rate for the rare Skill Mutation Scroll so high?!


One dropping every five kills was already bending the laws of the universe but this guy here was averaging one every 2 kills! The drop rate’s abnormal!


“Holy shit! His Freedom Leader title adds 3 Luck!”


“3 Luck at Level 10?! No wonder the drop rates didn’t seem to make sense!”


A young man investigated and exclaimed.


“3 Luck isn’t that much. Why’s the drop rate so outrageous?” another young man asked.
3 Luck was not very much however you look at it. It shouldn’t have such a ridiculous effect.


“You don’t get it. Luck is a very special attribute in this game. We all know that high Luck affects the probability values at crucial moments. However, Luck’s effect is influenced by several factors. The amount of Luck, the player’s level and the target’s level must be identical for Luck to have the greatest result. Look at him with his 3 Luck points – a Level 10 player against a Level 10 BOSS has the best result. If this player were Level 20 with 3 Luck and fighting a Level 10 BOSS, or if he were Level 10 with 3 Luck against a Level 20 BOSS, the effect of his Luck would be drastically lower.”
The other young men who didn’t understand it before got it now.


Now they finally knew why this guy’s good fortune was so abnormal – it was because of the three points of Luck!


It was very rare for players Level 10 and below to have 3 Luck. There were less than ten Level 10 players with 3 Luck in the entire game!

…             …              …


“The BOSS… disappeared?” Cold Flow could not reconcile with his deaths. They had rushed back again only to find the Slime King gone.


They persisted and searched the surrounding area but found no trace of it.


What happened? Did the BOSS vanish on its own after mutating three times in succession?


This seemed to be most probable.


Unless… that hunter killed it all by himself.


The thought flashed in Cold Flow’s head for just a moment before he quashed it.


He would never believe that the BOSS could be killed single-handedly.


You must be joking – a BOSS that his team could barely just kill… taken down by one little hunter? Hah!

…              …              …


Chen Mo committed suicide, got out of the Goblin Valley and went to sleep as usual.


However, he was awakened by a phone call before noon.

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