Godly Hunter Chapter 37

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You Wanna Die?!

“Bitch, watch your mouth!”

The three male players hired by Chen Mo shouted back when they heard her.

They wouldn’t pay any attention to this in real life but to be shouted at in a game like that sparked the flame of their anger. They were just walking by and were not even contemplating touching the BOSS. Being yelled at for no reason by that woman would make anyone angry.

“What, you guys retarded? Go f*ck off somewhere. You think you can compensate us if you cause us to be unable to kill the BOSS? You, peasants in rags, pay us?” Cold Belle smirked as she looked at the three of them with despise in her eyes.

The people hired by Chen Mo did have some difficulties in real life. Chen Mo could tell that Cold Belle was good at discerning a person’s thoughts from his body language and could gauge a person well.

“Boss, your cousin’s a little overboard.” Cold Flow’s fighter party mate quietly whispered to him.

“She’s been in a bad mood these past few days. Just let her do what she wants. These people are beneath regular players and won’t ever be important to us. So what if we offend them?”

Cold Flow glanced at the three players and shook his head in dismissal.

The game had already been released for over 10 days. What is there to fear from players who have gotten to Level 10 only now?

If they were wealthy, then they would be potential clients and Cold Flow would naturally be polite. However, one glance told him that these three would never be his clients so there was no need for him to be polite. There were so many people in the game that if one tried to be nice to everyone it would be like tying yourself up. Now, how can you play a game with your hand and feet bound?

Cold Belle’s vicious words had struck a painful chord in the three of them. They were well and truly mad.

“Bro, we’re not digging anymore. Please find someone else.”

The three of them abandoned Chen Mo but did not continue to trade words with Cold Belle. They charged at the BOSS in rage, meaning to use it to kill off Cold Belle and her party.

“You wanna die?! Pieces of trash! What do you think you’ll accomplish?” Cold Belle mocked them as she watched them approach.

Cold Flow and his crew were very experienced. When the three players charged towards them, they changed their positions accordingly.

The three intended to mess up the Slime King’s aggro. Its aggro was pulled, but it started attacking the three. Before the three’s charge reached Cold Flow and his party, they had already re-adjusted themselves to make the Slime King’s aggro transfer to the three. It was as Cold Belle said – they came to die.

The three were killed by the Slime King in just two or three hits. Their actions did not disturb Cold Flow’s party in the slightest.

Cold Belle took delight in their demise. She looked over at Chen Mo, who was still standing off to the side with his head lowered as in deep thought. “Your pals are dead. Aren’t you going to join them? Or are you even lower than those pieces of trash? Too cowardly to come here to die, huh?”, she sneered.

Chen Mo was there to dig a pit so he did not equip his Purple Grade equipment. He only wore it when killing the BOSS or he would attract too much attention, even if he hid the glow of his equipment. From Cold Belle’s perspective, Chen Mo was no different from the three players.

Chen Mo raised his head and stared at Cold Belle, looking her up and down.

“What’re you looking at!” Cold Belle felt a weird vibe from his gaze and shouted at Chen Mo.

“I say, you look like a regular human but nothing good seems to come from your mouth. Why is everything you utter so foul?” Chen Mo asked curiously. He really didn’t get what this woman’s brain was made of.

“You wanna die?! You’re dead, you hear me? I’ll kill you whenever I see you in this game!” Cold Belle glared and shouted at Chen Mo in fury.

“Hey, small fry. Watch your mouth. Cross us and you won’t have an easy time in this game.” Cold Flow followed with a threat in a mild voice.

Damn, these guys sure think they’re superior! And they’re playing at threats too!

Even Buddha would get angry. Chen Mo thought of himself as a pretty good guy but this lit a flame of annoyance in him.

“What, so you think you’re invincible now because you can kill a BOSS?” Chen Mo looked at Cold Flow and Cold Belle and spoke coldly.

“We can kill the BOSS. You trash can only stand there and watch. It’s natural that we’re greater than you!” Cold Belle said arrogantly.

“Well! Great, are you? Show me how powerful you are then!” Chen Mo smiled coldly.


The moment Chen Mo was done speaking, the Slime King suddenly let out a roar. Its body swelled in an instant and it changed from emerald to amethyst!

The Slime King! It mutated!

“Look out!” Cold Flow was taken by surprise. He did not expect the Slime King to mutate at this time.

They had killed quite a few Slime Kings but had never encountered a Mutated Slime King. They had no idea what to expect from the Mutated Sling King.

The Mutated Slime King, on the other hand, did not go easy on them. Cold Flow’s party’s attacks had landed on the Slime King as it mutated, so after mutation, a load of purple balls shot from its body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! …

Cold Flow and his party were totally unprepared. Several balls hit each of them at once and small clouds of 700 and 800 damage points floated above their heads as all six were insta-killed.

The Mutated Slime King did not forget Chen Mo the instigator and bounded towards him but Chen Mo had used his camouflage skill to disappear. The Mutated Slime King stopped.

Having killed the Mutated Slime King more than 10 times, Chen Mo was the foremost expert on its characteristics.

The Mutated Slime King’s aggro range was large but divided into two zones. The first was a circle with a radius of 30m in which even his camouflage would be seen through. Outside this 30m radius, was the second zone in which his camouflage and stealth skills worked and decreased the Mutated Slime King’s aggro.

“Why did the Slime King mutate?”

Cold Flow and his team were in sour moods when they revived in Ayer Town. The BOSS’s HP had already dropped to the last 1/3 when it mutated unexpectedly and insta-killed them.

Furthermore, she had just dissed that hunter for being weak and then gotten insta-killed by the BOSS – a rather quick and painful slap to her ego. Cold Belle’s good mood had lasted only briefly.

“Boss, what do we do now?”, asked the fighter.

“We go back and start again. I remember posts on the forums saying that the mutated BOSS will return to normal after a while.” Cold Flow was calm. He’d run a studio for a few years already and had experienced BOSSes insta-killing his party several times. No big deal.

He was not going to give up on this beginner village’s BOSS. If he did, it would be a waste of an entire day and losses aside, Woody Forest’s group would pull ahead.

About 10 minutes later, Cold Flow’s party returned to the Slime King’s spawning grounds.

Chen Mo sashayed over after they started attacking the BOSS.

The Slime King was not mutated. Chen Mo had logged off while they were away, effectively cancelling the effect of the Slime Poison.

“Weren’t you guys supposed to be great? What’s with you getting insta-killed, then?” Chen Mo mocked.

“F*ck off! I ain’t got time for you!” Cold Belle shouted.

No time? Ha! Well, I have a lot of time! I’ll teach you manners without lifting a finger myself!

Chen Mo smiled as he looked at Cold Belle and used a bottle of Slime Poison again.

The Slime King roared and mutated again!

Cold Flow looked sharply at Chen Mo.

He had no proof but his years of gaming experience told him that the mutating BOSS in front of him had something to do with this guy!

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