Godly Hunter Chapter 49

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Mysterious Player

Glacier Game Club was going to attack the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf at night but when Chen Mo got to the entrance of Wild Wolf Valley, there weren’t as many people as he’d thought.

The BOSS fight was scheduled for 9pm and it was 5am now. One could only be online for 12 hours so those who wanted to watch the show had gone offline to rest.

However, there were still some players challenging the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. This could be their last chance to see a hidden BOSS for all they knew.

Chen Mo timed his entrance and slipped into Wild Wolf Valley.

… … …

This was the most boisterous day since the launch of GENESIS two weeks ago.

GENESIS’ activity had been growing steadily but today, the Glacier Group pushed it to new heights.

As one of the top ten conglomerates in China with countless companies big and small under its banner, each of the companies only had to expend a little effort to help promote the event at the direction of Glacier Group for advertisements to be everywhere.

If you take all that into account, Glacier Group invested way more than the 10,000,000 Worm Co. said.

Even those who did not play GENESIS knew that tonight, Glacier Game Club was going to kill a super BOSS in the game Glacier Group invested in and the whole event was to be broadcast live.

Richie Rich Club had also gained some advertising fame when they were killing the Slime King but Glacier Group was on a whole other level.

In a short span of two days, the hot and popular Richie Rich Club had been overshadowed by the not-even-3-days-old Glacier Game Club.

Richie Rich Club put in hundreds of thousands but Glacier Group put in more than ten million – there was no comparison.

“Huh. Glacier Group sure is willing to throw money into this.” In a virtual bar, Jiu Ge lay on a comfortable sofa, clad in a white swallow-tail coat. He smirked as he watched the live broadcast on the screen.

“Too bad we didn’t find the item to counter the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf, otherwise we could have pushed our advantage against it and gained a strong foothold.”

Seven or eight people were in the bar and in the corner, a red-skirted beauty called Executing Hand sighed.

On the forums, many people were awed by the deep pockets of the newly-formed Glacier Game Club and felt that Richie Rich Club was inferior but in reality, Richie Rich Club did not even see the amount Glacier Group spent as something to bat an eyelid at.

“Yu, you’re one of the elite youngsters in Glacier Group. Why didn’t you get any information on this?” Jiu Ge looked over the icy blue-skirted beauty in the other corner named Blue Dream.

Though the group were meeting as their game characters, they knew each other in real life.

“I’m not in charge of the GENESIS project. I wouldn’t have joined you otherwise.” Blue Dream replied coolly.

“However, I found out something. Glacier Group originally did not invest much in this game and was taking the wait and see approach but a huge investment for GENESIS came from somewhere a few days ago. This event now is a result of that investment.”

“What’s going on? Who is the source of this investment?” Jiu Ge and the others in the group were surprised and they all looked at each other.

“No idea. The game project department’s all hush-hush. It’s said that they signed a confidentiality agreement and only some high-level people know about it. I don’t have enough authority to know.” Blue Dream shook her head.

The people in the bar lowered their heads in thought.

They were all from families or conglomerates with elite backgrounds and knowledge of things commoners were not privy to. Behind the sudden emergence of the holographic virtual network were deeply hidden relationships and benefits. They entered the game to gain what advantage they could to strengthen their standing in their real-world work.

It was a normal thing for Glacier Group to invest and establish Glacier Game Club but the problem was this foreign investment. Based on the power and wealth of Glacier Group, this investment was not needed at all. Ten million is peanuts to them. The investor was also strange – if they had so much money then why not set up their own group in the game instead of investing in Glacier Group? Additionally, the investment was done in secret – what advantage do they gain from that?


They were unable to think of a reason. At that moment, Executing Hand saw a figure appear on the screen in front of her and suddenly let out a soft cry.

It was already 8.30pm. Glacier Game Club was going to start the battle with the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf soon.

Throngs of people were gathered in front of Wild Wolf Valley. The 300+ highly-skilled players recruited by Glacier Game Club were already assembled in front of Wild Wolf Valley.

Don’t look down on these 300+ people – almost all were clad in Green Grade equipment and were great players! Most of the equipment was provided by Glacier Group, of course. They really went all out this time!

“Please be patient, everyone. We still have some time. I shall now confirm our battle plans. Please follow procedure. When the event is over, Glacier Game Club is sure to reward you!”

There was a great hubbub in front of Wild Wolf Valley. Glacier Game Club’s representative, Bottomless Glacier, stood before 300+ pro players and gave instructions to them.

Those who had accepted the commission were almost all professionals. They soon quieted down under the instruction of Bottomless Glacier.

“Hey! Who’s that?”

Before Bottomless Glacier got to say anything more, several people in the group looked toward Wild Wolf Valley in surprise.

Bottomless Glacier turned to look in annoyance but he was shocked to see a masked player approach the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. When did he get in?

Though it was noisy outside, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf still lounged on the ground in Wild Wolf Valley. When this person appeared, it sprang to its feet and it turned all six of its different-coloured eyes upon its enemy.

“People will do anything to get their five minutes of fame these days.” A fellow among the pros laughed at the sight of the figure.

The 8pm live broadcast was running. It looked like this person had deliberately gone to die so he could be on television.

“Nuh-uh. See, he’s hiding his face.” Someone else shook his head in disagreement.

“This person seems familiar…” Amidst the group, Wang Xu squinted suspiciously at the masked player.

Everyone had different opinions about what this guy was planning to do but once the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf roared and started charging at him, they didn’t feel bothered to keep watching.

That guy’s a goner for sure.

They didn’t know what the masked guy was up to but they knew that nobody could do anything to the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf before Glacier Game Club used their secret weapon.

“What?! How’s that possible?!”

However, many people started exclaiming in surprise.

The players watching the live broadcast were also exclaiming their surprise.

That masked player had taken something out of his backpack. The charging Flaming 3-Headed Wolf came to a halt mid-charge and glared in confrontation.

“Who’s that guy?”

At that moment, everyone knew that this masked player was definitely not a regular guy!

“Not good! Quick, stop him!” Bottomless Glacier had a bad feeling about this.

This person had an item they didn’t. He did not just get it recently either. This masked guy appearing at this time is definitely not going to help Glacier Game Club!

“How do we stop him? This is the beginner village!” Bottomless Glacier’s lackey cried.

“Dumbass! Get some people to agitate the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf. Don’t let it have time to interact with that guy. Buy some time while I push our attack plan forward!” Bottomless Glacier shouted. He was decisive even in chaos.

“Yes, sir!”

The lackey hurriedly went to carry out his orders. Two teams of 10+ players quickly ran towards the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf.

In Wild Wolf Valley, the Flaming 3-Headed Wolf turned one head and let out a plume of blue fire, instantly vaporizing the two teams. It then turned its attention back to the weak, tiny human Adventurer before it. In his hand was a round, deep blue ball which emitted wisps of cold air.

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