GLD – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – The School’s Big Martial Arts Competition

“What is it?” Xia Ping blinked, looking at Jiang Yuru.

“There’s something I have to tell you,” she said. “The school will be holding a big martial arts competition three days from now and every grade twelve class will have ten spots. Originally, Yang Wei also had a spot, but due to being arrested by the police and unable to come back in a short amount of time, I’m now offering that spot to you. Do you want to enter the competition this time?”

Speaking up to here, she had a very bizarre expression on her face. If she remembered correctly, the reason that Yang Wei had been arrested in the first place was because of this fellow. Now that she thought about it, Yang Wei was originally a good student, but after provoking this baddie, his reputation was completely ruined.

She had no idea what Yang Wei would be like after getting out of jail.

“The school’s big martial arts competition?!” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed.

He had also heard about this contest. It was a big duelling competition held by the school every year that almost all of the school’s outstanding students attended. If one won, then there would be a prize.

Of course, the school’s prize wasn’t what was important. What really mattered was that if one could score in the top ten, then they would be qualified to represent the ninety fifth high school in the High School Battle of Skywater City.

The High School Battle was a competition where all of the strongest high schoolers in Skywater City gathered and was focused on by many people. Not only were there large prizes for the participants, if one won they could even join the military for training to improve their strength.

Every year, those students who had the opportunity to display their extraordinary strength in Skywater City’s High School Battle were all very likely to be able to enter Yanhuang University.

Previously, this didn’t have anything to do with Xia Ping nor did he concern himself with it in any way, but things were different now. If he played his cards right, then he would be able to earn a lot of Hatred Points through this competition and increase his strength.

”No one would object if I represent the class in joining the school’s big martial arts competition?” Xia Ping asked, looking at Jiang Yuru for an answer.

“Absolutely no objections.”

Jiang Yuru shook her head, “After all, you beat Xiong Batian and showed your strength. With such a record, I don’t think the other studs will have any objections at all.”

That was normal.

The proof of one’s martial strength was their battle record!

Whoever you could be victorious against in battle represented just how strong you were. Although Xia Ping was just an average student with nothing to him before, but he recently won against Xiong Batian in battle on the Soaring Dragon Platform, that was his record.

Even amongst all the thirty six classes of grade twelve, there were very few people who could beat Xiong Batian, so nobody would object against Xia Ping representing his class in the contest.

If they did object though, all that was needed was one question.

What, could you beat Xiong Batian?

There was nothing they could say at that point.

However, even now, Jiang Yuru was still in disbelief. The originally plain and average Xia Ping actually managed to quietly break through to the fourth layer of Martial Disciple. Not only that, he even managed to win against somebody as strong as Xiong Batian! It was all just too miraculous! What the heck did he experience?

”Got it. I’ll join then,” Xia Ping immediately agreed. He absolutely wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity.

“Okay. I’ll add your name to the list then,” Jiang Yuru nodded. After that was taken care of, she couldn’t help but ask, “Xia Ping, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been very focused in class recently. Is there something wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong at all. I’ve just been busy writing a web novel,” Xia Ping casually answered.

Writing a web novel?!

Jiang Yuru beautiful eyes widened as she looked at Xia Ping in disbelief. According to what she knew of this guy, he was clearly the type of illiterate idiot to fall asleep after just three minutes of reading, much less write a web novel which required a high level of thought! This was the same as before with how fast this bastard broke through to the fourth layer. Just what the heck happened to him?

Very quickly, she noticed the web page projection on Xia Ping’s desk. Connecting the dots, she asked, “Is this your web novel? I see, so it’s on Penguin. Let’s see, what did you write-“

Flick. Xia Ping closed the web page and stiffened his face. “What I wrote doesn’t have anything to do with you. You should just go back and focus on studying instead of getting in my way here.”

He had a bizarre expression on his face. After all, if Jiang Yuru found out what was in his web novel, it was likely that she would want to pummel him to death, so he really did need to hide it.

“I’m getting in your way?!”

Hearing his words, Jiang Yuru’s pretty face reddened in anger. “Well, well, Xia Ping, you won against Xiong Batian and now you’re all stuck up? You actually feel as if I’m getting in your way! Wow, aren’t you impressive?”

Ever since they were little, she had always been ahead of Xia Ping. Not only were her academic and PE grades outstanding, she was also the school’s flower. It had always been her feeling as if Xia Ping was getting in the way and never the other way around.

However, now that this bastard improved, he actually dared to say that she, Jiang Yuru, was getting in his way. Utterly ridiculous!

“It isn’t the way you think. I can’t really explain it, but you wouldn’t be able to understand my web novel anyways. So there’s no use explaining it.” Xia Ping wanted to get rid of Jiang Yuru as soon as possible so as to stop the situation from getting worse. After all, his web novel really couldn’t be casually shown to others. Especially to women.

“Wouldn’t be able to understand?!”

Hearing those words, Jiang Yuru became even more furious. She was an outstanding student with her grades ranking in the top ten of the entire school! Her literacy marks were just as high! What kind of web novel could she “not understand”?! Even if it was ancient texts, she would still be able to read a bit!

This was obviously this bastard becoming cocky after beating Xiong Batian and not having anybody else in his eyes to be able to talk so big. He didn’t even have her, Jiang Yuru, in his eyes at all.

Fine, then!

Since you don’t want me to see, then I’ll just take a look for myself at what you wrote! To see just what is so impressive about it for you to be so cocky and not put anybody in your eyes!

Jiang Yuru made up her mind. Not only would she take a look at this bastard Xia Ping’s web novel, she would seriously read it and make a review of it. She would throughly review this bastard’s writing and teach him not to be so cocky. That he needed to know how to be humble as a person.

There were a lot of special people in this world and not just you alone.

Teacher Bai Rong? That should be it’s name then. Still this web novel’s name really is poetic. I wonder what it’s about? School life? The bond between teacher and student? A touching story about how a teacher taught their student? Maybe it could even be a battle between faculty? Still, I never would have thought that this fellow would actually be emotional enough to write such an artistic web novel?”

She only gave it a single glance, but with her powerful dynamic observation capabilities and her deep cultivation base, she was still able to instantly memorize that web page’s contents and everything about it.

Thinking up to here, Jiang Yuru scowled hard at Xia Ping before returning back to her seat.

“She finally left.” Seeing Jiang Yuru leave and not continue, Xia Ping let out a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, if Xia Ping were to learn that not only did Jiang Yuru plan to read his web novel, she even wanted to review it, his expression would likely be very different.

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