Adorable Consort – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283 – Eyes must not be red when saying goodbye

Exiting Xiao Xu’s room, Cheng Yan-Luo returned to her room.

Once she entered the room, she was somewhat embarrassed, where did she put that box?

She remembered that at that time she was annoyed at how long-winded her father was, so she casually tossed the box into her room. Now she didn’t know if she could find it or not. She suddenly became a bit frustrated.

Forget it, first look for it, then discuss it later.

As a result, she rolled up her sleeves and started to move.

A short while later, Sha Feng knocked on the door and entered. He saw his Senior Sister thoroughly searching the room. “Senior Sister, what are you doing?”

“Looking for a box, want to determine if it holds the Red Stone fruit or not. That’s right, are you looking for me over something? How about you find some place as you wish and sit down.” Cheng Yan-Luo was too busy so she had no time to pay attention to him.

Sha Feng stood outside the door and simply didn’t come in. He swiped a glance at the room, Senior Sister, are you sure there are places one can place their foot down in here?

Forget, it’s best he stood outside to say it. “Senior Sister, just now Little Ninth Junior sister calculated the account book once over and said that these past several months, our sect has been unable to make ends meet. Right now, the remaining silver in the storehouse isn’t enough to support next month’s expenditures. She asked if we have some way to solve this.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yan-Luo’s hand that was busy searching paused, she slowly stood up. Her face had an expression of being thwarted. “I remember not long ago I treated the illness for a rich merchant and received a lot of silver. The money’s gone so quickly?”

Sha Feng very helplessly looked at his Senior Sister. “Senior Sister, you remembered wrong, that rich merchant was something that happened last month. Before, you said not to accept money to treat the poor or only take money for the medicine. Now our medical hall’s reputation is becoming more and more famous, a lot of people are coming, attracted by our reputation. We are accepting more and more poor patients, basically all the top notch medicinal ingredients were given out for free. Therefore, our medicinal hall can not continue on like this.”

Senior Sister had a heart of gold, but was no match for so many people. If this continues, very possibly their medicinal hall would have to close down. Afraid that the entire sect would——

This matter, he had wanted to put off for a period of time. But nowadays, it was becoming more pressing. There were no other ways, so he could only report it to Senior Sister.

Cheng Yan-Luo’s expression changed slightly, she lifted her hand and helplessly placed it on her forehead. “I got it, I will think of ways to handle this matter.”

Sha Feng glanced at her, he knew it was already strenuous for her, a weak female to prop up the entire sect, he didn’t want to add more burden to her, so he nodded and left.

The sound of footsteps behind her gradually receded, Cheng Yan-Luo gave a soft sigh. Her own daddy patted his butt and left, leaving the huge sect for her to take care of. For so many years, she had propped it up with great difficulty but didn’t expect that in the end, it still ended up in this kind of situation.

She patted her forehead, forget it. Now she had to take care of the matter at hand first.

She had just bent down when she saw a reddish brown wooden box lying quietly under the mattress of the bed. She suddenly laughed, finally found this little thing.

She took the wooden box out, ignoring the dust on her body, Cheng Yan-Luo opened the box. A fist sized red fruit was placed inside, underneath was covered with a thin layer of silver powder. She recognized this silver powder. Grind the Ying grass into powder and use it to store the Red Stone Fruit so it won’t rot. Ying grass was very precious, even with thousands of gold, it was difficult to purchase one stalk of Ying grass. Now it was actually used to store this fruit. Then it goes without saying that this fruit must be the Red Stone Fruit.

Her lips couldn’t help but hook up, looks like dad really left her something good.

Sneer, sneer, sneer, She heard Prince Ying was bestowed a lot of rewards by the emperor when he came back from the battlefield. Recalling that his family property was also well off, now that she had saved him, it was one fruit in exchange for some money. Letting him pay out a bit of blood, this wasn’t too offensive.

She lightly tapped the box in her hand, her eyes had the crafty expression of a fox.

That little girl inside the room ought to be very anxious from waiting. She didn’t think much more and stepped outside her door.

Having just passed through the long corridor and arriving at the bamboo garden, Cheng Yan-Luo suddenly stopped.

Ten steps up ahead, there was a figure standing with his back to her.

Handsome, clear, tall and slender with white clothing floating in the air.

He was still that person in her memories.

But don’t know why she had the illusion of “things have remained the same but the people have changed”.

The bottom of her eyes warmed slightly, as if something was about to rush out.

No, she had once told herself that if they were to meet again, her eyes absolutely can’t be red. He was unworthy of a single tear from her.

As if he sensed her gaze, that person slowly turned around.

“Junior Sister, long time no see.”

Cheng Yan-Luo’s pair of eyes suddenly narrowed. That bit of red at the bottom of her eyes were completely obliterated because of this voice.

Air Spirit looked at her deeply, his eyes were filled with the cherished memories from this reunion. There was reluctance to part, sorrow and regret in his eyes. But when they met the guarded expression of the person in front of him who had an ice cold expression, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink back, she still bore grudges about the matter from that time.

“This young nobleman, you have recognized the wrong person. I am the eldest among all the apprentices accepted into this door, therefore I don’t have a Senior Brother or Senior Sister.” Cheng Yan-Luo said coldly.

Air Spirit sighed. “Little Yan, I’m Mu Rong-Jue, the First disciple of this sect’s thirteenth generation master. No matter how much you may loathe me, this is a fact that can not be changed.”

“That’s in the past. Ever since you left this sect’s door, I have not and will not acknowledge your existence. After I took over the management duty of the sect from my father, I got rid of your name from the sect’s list. Before you were, but now you aren’t. Also, I’m not familiar with you, little Yan isn’t a name you can use.”

After Cheng Yan-Luo finished speaking, she was about to make a detour around him, but Air Spirit extended his hand, stopping her.

“Little Yan, you really can’t forgive me for the matter back then?” The indifference in little Yan’s eyes made his heart clench. Although he had thought of this for a thousand calendar days in the past, that when they met again she would loathe him to the extreme, but when this day really arrived, he finally realized that no matter how much he prepared his heart, one glance from her was able to easily break apart his defensive line.

“At that time? What happened at that time? How come I don’t know?” Cheng Yan-Luo turned around and returned his question with a question. Her expression was full of ridicule, as if she was impatient from being held up by him. “Mu Rong-Jue, what is your goal of getting close to me? As a man, if you have words then say it directly, no need to try to make friends to gain something!”

Air Spirit stared blankly for a bit, then with a slight bitter smile he said. “Little Yan, this time returning, I do indeed have something to ask you.”

Once the word was said, as expected it caused anguish to flash through Cheng Yan-Luo’s eyes. Sure enough, his return wasn’t because of the heart’s matter, rather it was like when he first entered the sect, he had a goal.

“Say it.” She resisted the urge to walk away abruptly, her expression didn’t change as she said this.

Air Spirit took a deep breath, before placing his gaze back onto her body again. “I heard Sha Feng say that to solve Snake Kiss poison, one must find three types of rare medicinal ingredients. I remember master had said before that he accidentally got a Red Stone fruit. Now that he has handed the sect over to you, he ought to have in lump sum also handed that Red Stone fruit to you. Therefore——”

Saying up to here, Air Spirit’s brows lowered and he didn’t look at her again. “Therefore, can you not implicate my master with the matter between us from back then and take out the Red Stone Fruit? Regarding the matter from back then, if you want to hit me or curse me, I won’t object.”

Because he shifted his gaze away towards the end of his words, he didn’t see the flash of an expression in the depth of her eyes when he said that last sentence, the expression of one’s heart being broken into pieces.

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