Adorable Consort – Chapter 236

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Chapter 236 – Meeting a wise colorful female by chance

After two days of travel, the group of people finally arrived in Yang Xia county.

But at this time, it was already late in the day with meagre sunlight coming from the west.

As a result, the group of people found a small inn to live in.

When the horse carriage had just entered the city, Chu Qing-Yan felt this place was like the place called Wu Zhen that she had been to in her past life.

Simple and unadorned houses, long and greenish stone roads, little bridges over running water. It looked like an arch bridge that may have some history. The common people coming and going, everyone of them had a satisfied smiling expression on their faces. They weren’t walking hurriedly, it was as if they were out on a leisurely stroll.

In the distance, the top of the tall mountains entered the sky with light fog circling around it. It had just rained, whether it was far or near the sky was bright and clean as if it had been washed.

Everything made people feel comfortable, as if they had returned to a tranquil and mild environment.

Knowing they will only stay for one night, as tomorrow they will search for Air Spirit’s Junior Sister, then leave, Chu Qing-Yan immediately had a thought and that was to tour this place at night.

So after everyone had finished eating dinner, Chu Qing-Yan proposed the idea of going out and sightseeing at night.

Lu Yi needed to be in charge of organizing their living quarters, Qing Yi was in charge of washing and feeding the horses, Huang Yi was in charge of replenishing their food supply. She need not say more about Fire Spirit’s group, they felt the matter of strolling down the street was not suitable for them menfolk.

And when Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze turned to land on the body of the person wearing clean green, her pair of eyes were full of expectation.

But he shook his head.

Tonight, he needed to draft up the memo to send to the capital.

In the end, Chu Qing-Yan could only bring Xi Ning her trusted maid as well as her new personal bodyguard Jin Xin. After Xiao Xu helped her straighten the fox fur at her neck and gave several instructions, their solitary group exited the door.

Everyone was busy with their own things, as if she was the only one doing nothing to earn her keep.

She felt somewhat defeated.

But originally, wasn’t she the one who wanted to be a rice weevil moocher?

A burst of cold wind blew over, as if it dispersed the gloom in her heart, her entire person became more spry.

Not going to care, in any case she had already come out, so she must play to her heart’s content!

After walking a short while, Chu Qing-Yan clealy felt that Jin Xin’s footsteps were a lot lighter than before. She knew this was the result of Fire Spirit’s group of people training him.

But she didn’t know that in fact, Fire Spirit’s group always brought Jin Xin to train with the thought of using public office to avenge private wrongs. After all if it were not for the appearance of Jin Xin, nowadays the people protecting her would still be Fire Spirit’s group.

Only that as proud members of Xiao Lie Cavalry, they would not admit to striving for favor and being jealous of a weak youth of unknown origins.

They hadn’t walked far from the inn, when Chu Qing-Yan felt this county really gave her the same feeling as Wu Zhen. Especially when all the lanterns were hung up, the yellow halo from the fires reflected on the river with water so clear that you could see the bottom. The gleaming reflection on the clear water was dazzling. This was what was called the real night scene.

Xi Ning and Jin Xin walked behind their master who seem to have walked out of a birdcage. They almost couldn’t catch up with her pace.

In a small alley, the lights slowly burned.

A graceful and beautiful figure came out from a dark area and slowly walked toward the mouth of the alley. She strolled along the road leisurely, not letting the bustling and lively street disturb her pace.

As she approached the light, it gradually illuminated her body bit by bit.

Plain cyan cloth material dress. A black colored belt fastened at her slender waist, plain white cotton padded Chinese button styled jacket. Fair and perfectly straight neck, exquisite chin that tilted up. Rose colored lips, blush dyed cheeks, straight nose. Above that was a pair of jade like clear eyes that were devoid of dust.

Three thousand hairs hung on both sides that were braided together, both ends were tied with a band that had pink shells on it that moved with the wind. It gave off crisp sounds that were somewhat charming. Above her forehead draped a rose colored teardrop shaped precious stone. The silver chain was concealed in her jet-black hair.

The entire person stood under the light of the fire, with an exceptionally bright and colorful appearance, like the lotus flower.

Her expression was somewhat casual like her mood right now, distracted.

Therefore when Chu Qing-Yan turned to urge the two people behind her, in one moment of inattentiveness and carelessness, the two people ran into each other.

Chu Qing-Yan was very short so her body wasn’t very big. She was almost knocked flying, but fortunately that person’s reaction was very fast. With fast eyes and hands, she grabbed her shoulder, thus preventinging Chu Qing-Yan from having intimate contact with the ground.

When Chu Qing-Yan stood firm again and saw the person in front of her, immediately she looked stunned.

Face like the full moon, lips like the red lotus, limpid eyes like autumn waters, eyebrows like the distant mountain. This female really looked superb.

“I say little sister, why aren’t you staying at home properly on such a dark night, why come out to stroll about? Be careful you don’t get kidnapped by a bad person. Although it is said Yang Xia county is a very honest and lawabidding region, it’s hard to say a person won’t have such ideas after seeing you!”

She hadn’t returned to her senses from seeing such a beauty when a long burst of lecture pelted down her head.

In a daze, Chu Qing-Yan pointed behind her. “I didn’t come out alone, I brought my servant. Also, how do you know I’m a female?”

She was clearly dressed as a male okay? Could it be this older sister had eyes that saw through things?

The wise and splendid female took a glance at the youth and the young girl that followed behind Chu Qing-Yan as she placed her hand over her forehead. “Just the three of you baby dolls going out, the adult in your family really is someone at ease ah. Forget it, seeing you are not foolish, then older sister will not be concerned about you.”

Finished speaking, she remembered her second question. That wise and beautiful female pointed behind her. “Older sister is a doctor and knocked against your pulse, of course I could tell your gender. Okay, older sister is still busy so you go stroll by yourself!”

Finished speaking, that wise and beautiful female walked past her.

And only at this moment did Chu Qing-Yan realize that the person had a bamboo basket on her back. There seemed to be some medicinal herbs inside. And just now her wrist really was grabbed by that beauty, maybe it was at that time she checked her pulse.

But Chu Qing-Yan seeing her dressed in plain clothing but having an extraordinary back view couldn’t help but tsk with her tongue. Was it possible the people in Yang Xia county seemed gentle and beautiful but had frank and straightforward temperaments?

But this older sister’s good looks were very elegant without a bit of arrogance. The way she spoke was also charming, very suited to her likings. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but want to follow up, since they were brought together by fate, then why not make friends? This would not disappoint the chanced encounter in this hazy night.

Xi Ning and Jin Xin exchanged a glance. Do you have the feeling master is like a playboy about to hit on a beautiful female from a good family?

The two people nodded their heads heavily.

But when Chu Qing-Yan followed up by several steps, two people from behind suddenly rushed up. They passed her and ran toward that wise and beautiful female.

“Senior Sister, Senior Sister, that sick patient in Dong City’s illness has worsened. We are helpless faced with this illness, it’s best that you quickly go have a look!”

One only heard the male say anxiously.

“Stop dawdling, quickly bring me over!” That wise and beautiful female had a serious expression, and followed the two people with hasty footsteps to leave.

Leaving Chu Qing-Yan alone who had just extended out a hand while watching that person’s cloth brush by her fingers as she left.

“Master, there are plenty more fishes in the sea, why have a one sided love for one flower? Let us return, it’s already late. Otherwise, eldest young master would probably dispatch people to look for us.” Xi Ning couldn’t help but advise seeing the somewhat preoccupied master.

Jin Xin took a glance around the area and could sense that Xiao Xu’s hidden guards had already arrived.

Chu Qing-Yan withdrew her hand with a face full of black lines, the feeling of being mistaken for a love-struck fool gave her a headache. She only felt that it was rare to meet such a straightforward person with a honest temperament in this different world, it would be a wonderful thing if they could become friends. A pity the weather didn’t cooperate and she left just like that.

Tomorrow she will leave Yang Xia, don’t know if there was a chance to see her again.

Only that the words female, bamboo basket, medicinal herbs, doctor; these words made her brain light up with an idea.

She looked in the direction that the female disappeared in, did she just miss an opportunity?

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