Adorable Consort – Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 – A door separated them, I’m waiting for you

It’s not that Chu Qing-Yan didn’t see that ruthless smirk at the corner of the black hearted Daoist priest’s mouth, but she just calmly clapped her hands, attracting everyone’s gaze before composedly saying. “Daoist priest, aren’t you going to look at what’s under your feet? In case you fall again, can your old bones really endure it?”

Old bones?

These two words simply jabbed at the black hearted Daoist priest’s heart. He had studied so many years of the Daoist way in order to seek a way to immortality. He had searched for more than ten years before finding this method of using children about ten years old to get their blood from three inches at the wrist to refine a medicinal pill that prevents ageing. He just lacked one step and he would succeed, but how could he have known that someone would show up unexpectedly to disrupt his plan.

“Loathsome boy, don’t be too arrogant. In a while, it will be the time of your death!” The black hearted Daoist said this very fiercely.

At this time, several Daoist priests crouched down to check the ground. They found the ground was greasy and satiny, after twirling it between their fingers they placed it near the nose to sniff it. Immediately, a huge change appeared in their expressions.

“Master, the ground is covered in kerosene!”

The black hearted Daoist priest stared blankly. “Where did the kerosene come from!”

Once he said this, he remembered something and immediately lifted his head to look at the highest place above the stairs. The original bucket of kerosene placed there had vanished without a trace. And a bucket laid by Chu Qing-Yan’s foot, wasn’t that the bucket for the kerosene?

Chu Qing-Yan saw they discovered that the children weren’t worried. On the contrary, they laughed in a low tone at these Daoist priests that were walking over threateningly. “You guys ought to know what the kerosene is used for! One carelessness and it was spilled on the ground by us, wasting it is somewhat of a pity!”

“What do you want to do?” One Daoist priest among them immediately shouted.

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her hand and the youth at her side ignited the fire torch in his hand.

Those Daoist priests’ thoughts immediately dropped to their feet, retreating several steps. “Master, she has fire in her hand, if the kerosene catches fire, then it will burn!”

The black hearted Daoist priest snapped. “This seat knows, go to the side!”

“How about it? If you guys dare take a step forward, maybe we’ll be scared and the torch in our hand isn’t held steadily so it will fall to the ground. At that time it would set everything on fire, you guys won’t be able to escape oh!” Chu Qing-Yan stood on the other side with a relaxed expression as if she wasn’t threatening people, rather she seemed to be talking about today’s weather.

“You dare! When the fire is lit, you guys also won’t escape!” The black hearted Daoist priest frowned as his gaze turned cold. Accustomed to being flattered and fawned upon by high officials and nobles, he had never been calculated like this by someone. He was already angry to the extreme.

He took a glance at the ground and coldy humphed. He immediately said several sentences to the apprentice at his side. Afterwards, that apprentice brought several people to leave with quick steps.

Chu Qing-Yan had both hands crossed before her in a careless appearance. But both pair of her eyes had always stared fixedly at that black hearted Daoist priest. As if to guard against any movement from him. Now seeing him give orders to some people, even though she couldn’t hear what he said she had already guessed that the Daoist priest had some countermeasures. Her heart was faintly uneasy as she turned her head to glance at that iron door behind her.

Big Block of Ice, why haven’t you arrived yet!

And the person Chu Qing-Yan was waiting for at this moment was leading people to quickly rush to the back of the mountain.

“Master look, these are the marks left behind by little young master!” After searching all over, Fire Spirit pointed at the marking below the tree while saying this.

Xiao Xu walked closer and looked. He pinched his brows, this mark was exclusive to the Xiao Lie Calvary. At that time when they were avoiding the rain in that inn the little fellow disliked being shut inside so he wrote down these symbols for her to memorize. At that time she got into a huff and refused to memorize it. Now he discovered her mouth may have said it but in fact she still diligently studied it.

His heart was slightly stirred by this, he was wishing even more to see that little fellow.

“Where is the entrance?” Xiao Xu used an icy tone to say to the little Daoist apprentice.

“I, I also don’t know. I only know it’s in the back mountain, I have never entered the stone rooms!” That Daoist apprentice was scared silly by the chillness that suddenly arose. But he really didn’t know where it was. Master had a rule that people that haven’t been with him for three years are not allowed to go to the refining stone room. This male is considered really good looking but a bit too fierce!

Cold light suddenly appeared in Xiao Xu’s eyes, he didn’t tarry. “Everyone, this king orders you all to search. Even if you have to raze this back mountain to the ground, you must find the entrance!”

It was rare to see master reveal such a mood, but every time it was because of the little consort. Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit exchanged a glance, their gazes were somewhat complicated. But very quickly they split up to search in different directions. They must quickly find the little consort, otherwise if time was dragged too long, then the little consort would be in more danger.

It was supposed to be serene in the back mountain, now it was illuminated by torches as if it was daytime.

Inside the stone room, the two sides were just in the middle of their confrontation.

“Daoist priest do you still persist on doing wrong things? Liu Ying’s old nest has already been flipped over. Even if you guys capture us there won’t be enough time to refine whatever that pill you want.” Chu Qing-Yan attempted to persuade him. But she knew the effect won’t be too great. However as long as she could stall for time to wait for their rescuers, everything was worth trying.

The black hearted Daoist priest hearing this, immediately panicked. “Is what you said true?”

Chu Qing-Yan seeing he was somewhat panicked, struck while the iron was hot to say. “What’s the use of me deceiving you? Liu Ying’s case of corruption, accepting bribes, colluding with officials and merchants, he is guilty of terrible crimes. By now he ought to have already been detained in custody. Very quickly the search will spread to over here. I advise you to turn back earlier, taking note of the fact that you still haven’t committed a disaster. If you stop now, there is still time!”

Finished speaking these words, Chu Qing-Yan felt she had the ability to change people. Next time when she met Xu Xian that god’s stick, she’ll have a long discussion with him that she doesn’t need to become a Buddhist nun but can still change people.

The black hearted Daoist priest very quickly became calm. Looking at the other end of the passageway, at the young person full of vitality, with a pair of eyes bursting with life. The expression that appeared on his face was that of envy and hate. All he wanted was to live forever without aging. Other things, he didn’t need them.

“You really think that after hearing your words, this seat will feel safe and secure? You are too naive. Once this seat surrenders, it’s impossible to be exempt from a capital offense, difficult to escape the suffering. Also, this seat has pursued immortality for half of my life, how can I give up halfway? Moreover, do you really think the exit is only that iron door? As long as I capture you guys, I can still escape!”

Chu Qing-Yan had no choice but to say this person was really persistent in going the wrong way. How could there be something as immortality in this world? Otherwise, the system of this world would have already been in chaos.

But what he said in the end still made her raise her guard. No, she must not let him prevail!

And at this time, those Daoist priests that left returned carrying one large bag of stuff after another. Chu Qing-Yan frowned.

“Master, we brought everything over!”

When the Daoist priests opened the bag, Chu Qing-Yan looking from the distance could barely make out the thing inside the bag.

Use dirt to extinguish fire, this Daoist priest actually wasn’t stupid!

But this made her heart sink down.

“Loathsome boy, do you want to surrender immediately? Otherwise wait a little more, capturing you guys is a matter of sooner or later!” The black hearted Daoist priest pinched his beard, smiling craftily.

Chu Qing-Yan ignored him, looked at the iron door behind her and made the final decision.

One only heard her deep voice inside the spacious passageway say to the person by her side.

“Set the fire!”

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