Adorable Consort – Chapter 217

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Chapter 217 – Aren’t likely to die if you didn’t do it

When Liu Ying said those words, that noble, pure figure that was unable to tolerate being profaned slowly walked forward. His pair of eyes were cold as they reflected the moonlight. Even though Liu Ying was drunk right now, he couldn’t help shiver from that frosty gaze.

Only he still hadn’t see clearly his own situation, saying as if not afraid of death. “My beauty, why aren’t you obediently staying inside the room to wait for this official to spoil you intimately instead of coming here to get close to the liveliness? Outside, the smell of wine has soared to the sky, it would dirty your clothes.”

Saying this, Liu Ying’s hand extended out wanting to grab the person in front of his eyes. But just when his pig trotters was extending out, a bright blade slanted horizontally in front of him.

The sharp blade point reflecting the light of the fire flashed with light that stabbed people. Liu Ying stared blankly, his reaction was a bit slow. “Why haven’t you guys withdrawn for this official? Do you know this official’s identity? To offend one’s superior is a crime that will lead to search and seizure of your family!”

“Oh, to offend one’s superior is a crime that will lead to search and seizure of your family. Then, this king will act justly!” Xiao Xu said these words without a ripple with hints of jesting sternness.

Liu Ying didn’t have time to understand his meaning when he heard the beauty in front of him order: “Fire Spirit, search and seize!”


Fire Spirit pointed out a group of people and immediately left the front courtyard at high speed.

“You, you are?” Liu Ying muttered as he watched them leave, he really moved his forces.

And Zhao Qing who was watching among the crowd immediately walked forward. His expression was far from good as he said. “Honorable sir, what the heck is going on?”

“This official also doesn’t know ah. Isn’t this person delivered by you ah?” Frightened after the event, Liu Ying slowly became clear-headed. He turned to look at the guests he invited, they were all anxious and worried while discussing this spiritedly, while his own manor was surrounded. Now he was angry and furious as he turned to say to Xiao Xu.

“In the end who are you? Trespassing in the manor of an official appointed by the imperial court is a huge crime! If you quickly stop, this official will deal with you leniently!”

Xiao Xu’s gaze swept a glance at the people sitting there. There was no lack of officials from all parts of the area Liu Ying governed of the three districts and seven counties. There were also the merchants in the nearby districts to Ping Yang city. He sneered coldly in his heart, they are all here!

In the end his gaze landed on Liu Ying who was in front of him, with a smile that wasn’t a smile he said. “Honorable Liu, isn’t it you who invited this king to Liu manor? You really are an eminent person with short memory!”

In fact it was Zhao Qing who had seen to it that he was delivered into the manor. Trespassing? This accusation didn’t hold water. Wait, wait, this time Liu Ying heard clearly what he called himself in his words, this king?

Liu Ying and Zhao Qing looked at each other in dismay, could it be this person was a prince?

But the royal family’s princes, besides His Highness Prince Ying, there wasn’t a person at the same age as him that could call himself prince.

“You are Prince Ying? But this doesn’t seem right ah, Prince Ying’s face was burned by a large fire, it’s impossible for you to look like this!” Liu Ying comforted himself, not believing that the person in front of him was Prince Ying.

Fire Spirit took a step forward and gave a cold laugh. “Liu Ying, in front of you is Western Xuan’s first prince, the emperor personally bestowed him the title of His Highness Prince Ying. Why aren’t you kneeling when seeing him?”

When Fire Spirit was saying this, he intentionally used his martial arts. Thus everyone in the front courtyard could hear him clearly.

Everyone was scared, uniformly, with a plop sound everyone kneeled.

The rumored His Highness Prince Ying was callous with ruthless means, now they had fallen into his hands, don’t know what kind of cruel treatment they would get. Those that had a guilty conscience, their hands and feet trembled.

In the blink of an eye, all the guests and servants in the front courtyard had kneeled down. “Paying respect to His Highness Prince Ying!”

Liu Ying and Zhao Qing surveyed all around, everyone had already kneeled down, the two looked at each other and the feeling of crisis arose in their hearts.

Liu Ying looked at the weapons with cold light in those black clothed bodyguard’s hands. In their hearts, they knew that if they admitted this person’s identity tonight, then they would have no hope of reprieve.

He immediately extended a hand. “Wait!”

Xiao Xu looked at him, full of interest.

“For what reason? You guys say he is Prince Ying, then he is Prince Ying? This official heard that because of a huge fire ten years ago, Prince Ying’s appearance was ruined. Now everyone take a look at his face, where does it look like it had been burned by a huge fire? Clearly he is pretending to be Prince Ying to conspire against us officials appointed by the imperial court and the common people of this empire. This official as the person in charge of Ping Yang city, I’m like its parent, how can I allow you, such an evil person to harm Ping Yang city?”

Liu Ying said this righteously, he kept saying he was protecting Ping Yang city, making it seem as if he was an honest official that loved the people.

“Liu Ying, you don’t need to mislead the public with deliberate falsehood. My family’s Highness changed his appearance to easily move around, you open your dog eyes wide and look at this!” Fire Spirit lifted up his hand, in the hollow of his palm was a command plate. On it was impressively written one word, Ying!

Liu Ying stood foolish on the spot, it really was Prince Ying. But he still couldn’t acknowledge it, once he recognized this, his everything would be completely finished. The person in front clearly wanted to punish him severely to the end.

Hate was born from his guts.

“No, this command plate is fake. Everyone, don’t be deceived by him. I have seen His Highness Prince Ying before, he is pretending to be Prince Ying with evil intentions toward our Ping Yang city. Everyone, don’t believe in his words. People come, seize these people for me!” Liu Ying immediately turned to loudly reproach everyone that was kneeling on the ground. His tone was very firm, so everyone was somewhat swayed.

And when Liu Ying issued that order, a troop of soldiers wearing armor suddenly appeared. They encircled everyone at the scene. They were orderly and stern with weapons raised, standing opposite the people Xiao Xu had brought.

“Liu Ying, you actually privately raised troops, adding another level to your crimes.” Xiao Xu’s tone was even, he didn’t seem to be at all disturbed by the appearance of these soldiers.

Liu Ying taunted to say. “You should stop pretending and deceiving everyone. People come, go! Capture all these traitors for this official, this official will give heavy rewards!”

Seeing a fierce battle was about to erupt, Liu Ying was very confident. There were more of his people than they had brought, so he wasn’t afraid these people won’t’ surrender. But when he saw Xiao Xu’s calm expression that didn’t reveal a bit of fear because of his orders, the “not good” feeling in his heart became more intense. Could it be this person really was His Highness Prince Ying?

But very quickly Liu Ying calmed down, even if he was Prince Ying, so what? A prince that wasn’t favored simply didn’t have a bit of usefulness. As long as he handled it carefully and didn’t leak a bit of the news, the death of a prince that has lost his influence won’t lift up any waves!

As a result, his people approached the people Xiao Xu brought.

Under the harmonious moonlight, Xiao Xu stood in front of the stage shining with splendor. The corner of his lips lifted up slightly, revealing a ridiculing meaning as if he had seen through Liu Ying’s plan.

“You are really stubbornly persistent in going the wrong way.” Originally he wanted to give Liu Ying some face on behalf of his grandmother the deceased empress. It seems it’s useless now.

Almost time, the people should have arrived!

Just when the weapons were about to meet, the door to Liu manor was suddenly pushed open. Neatly lined up officers and soldiers in armor uniformly ran into the manor. Their movements were very fast, without hesitation and very quiet. Besides the heavy sounds of their footsteps, no other sounds could be heard. It was sufficient to see this group of army troops were strictly trained.

And when the leading officer entered the manor and saw the bright as pearl splendid figure in front of the stage, he advanced forward with quick steps. He kneeled with one knee to the ground. “This subordinate arrived late, ask His Highness Prince Ying for forgiveness!”

“Really is His Highness Prince Ying, really is!” Noisy cries sounded one after another, full of panic, fear and shock.

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