GDBBM – Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (1)”

Down below the trees, Li Zi Mu was trying desperately to gain back a little of his reputation. He was completely unaware that his every action was being closely scrutinised by the people high up among the higher reaches of the tall trees.

“Qiao Chu! The bottle that that kid threw out earlier, wasn’t it the same bottle that Jun Xie handed to all of us last night?” Fei Yan’s sharp eyes saw the broken porcelain pieces on the ground and turned his head to asked Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu squinted his eyes and said: “After using it last night, I asked Jun Xie if he wanted it back and he told me no. I just slipped it into my clothes and I guessed it must have dropped out while I was sleeping.”

“Oh….. I thought the disciples from the main division were always acting all high and mighty before us but it seems that it’s not beneath them to be capable of stealing credit when it’s not due to them. When did things that belonged to our Little Xie become his?” Fei Yan said with his eyes narrowed, feeling extremely disgruntled that Li Zi Mu had claimed Jun Xie’s medicated powder as his own so shamelessly.

Jun Wu Xie was observing Li Zi Mu silently as he claimed all the credit from his fellow teammates.

“Little Xie, you know him?” Seeing the way Jun Xie was staring at Li Zi Mu, Fei Yan’s keen eyes seemed to notice something.

Jun Wu Xie did not reply but it was Fan Jin who cleared his throat lightly instead to say: “That boy below us is Li Zi Mu, and he wasn’t too friendly to Jun Xie in the academy.”

Fan Jin was being very reserved with his choice of words, Li Zi Mu had merely been unfriendly to Jun Xie! ?

It could be said that the reason that Jun Xie had to suffer under all those curses and admonishments from the other disciples so badly in the academy, had all started when Li Zi Mu had cooked up such a story in the dining hall in the beginning.

If Li Zi Mu had just told the truth then, Jun Xie would not have had to be seen to be a despicable and scheming scoundrel.

“Oh?” Fei Yan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Hua Yao had already stood up on his branch and he turned to look at Jun Xie to ask: “Him?”

Jun Wu Xie was silent a moment before the words came out of her mouth:

“We’ll start with him.”

Hua Yao and the others suddenly had a glint in their eyes and only Fan Jin was still rather lost, not understanding what Jun Xie intended to do. And before he could open his mouth to ask what was happening, Hua Yao and the others had already leapt off from the branches!

Li Zi Mu was busy trying to get his teammates to warm up to him. The ring spirits belonging to several of his seniors had also sustained injuries and they asked Li Zi Mu to heal them with his Spirit Healing technique.

However, Li Zi Mu repeatedly refused their requests, an expression of reluctance on his face.

“Li Zi Mu! What do you mean by this! ? Our ring spirits are hurt because we had to save you and now that we ask for a little healing for them, you are rejecting us so adamantly! What is the meaning of this! ?” A fiery youth within the team could not hold back his anger and shouted at Li Zi Mu.

Li Zi Mu turned pale and hid his head between his shoulders without saying a word.

He had been with the Spirit Healer faculty for some time and Gu Li Sheng had been extremely caring to him. That had made Li Zi Mu become very conceited initially. But his conceit had not lasted long as he soon found that no matter how hard he tried, he could never grasp the concept of Spirit Healing itself. Even after being in the Spirit Healer faculty for so long, not to mention healing a ring spirit, Li Zi Mu did not even know how to convert his spiritual power into spiritual energy. And due to the excessive attention Gu Li Sheng showered upon him, all the seniors in the Spirit Healer faculty detested him. Li Zi Mu was reduced to only being able to show off in front of the other disciples from the two other faculties who knew nothing of his incompetence.

And anyone who knew what was really happening under all that pretense, completely despised and ignored him.

And now, his teammates were asking him to heal their ring spirits with the Spirit Healing technique, how was he going to do it? If his teammates got to know how useless he really was, they would definitely give him the boot without a moment’s hesitation!

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