GDBBM – Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: “Enrollment (3)”

Even with everyone’s eyes staring at her, Jun Wu Xie still did not react in the slightest. She could feel that the man dressed in blue robes before her was not weak, and based on how the others from the Zephyr Academy were deferring to him, it was not difficult to ascertain that the position the man held was rather high.

“With such gift, you’ll be directly admitted into the main division.” The blue robed man said candidly with a laugh and put Jun Wu Xie straight into the main division.

His words drove many of the youths present green with envy.

Every year, an extremely small number of applicants gained direct entry into the main division. The other youths might have been envious, but they knew they had not achieved an orange level in their spiritual power. The blue robed man had not given the boy any preferential treatment. For a fourteen year old to have broken through to the orange level and be admitted directly into the main division was only to be expected.

Among the youths before the academy, not all of them were just plain envious. Qiao Chu and his other companions almost vomited out blood when the blue robed man directly admitted Jun Wu Xie into the main division. Now, what was to happen to them who had already been admitted into the branch division!?

Their tests had ended and they couldn’t go back and tell the academy that they wanted their tests to be done one more time…..

The blue robed man thought that the little kid before him would be ecstatic to hear his words but was instead surprised that the cold and chill expression did not change a single bit, and that made him look at Jun Wu Xie differently.

A person’s gift might be hard to come by, but if their personality were overly arrogant or confident, it would impede their progress in their development in training. He had seen quite a few highly gifted youths to shine with brilliance at the onset, but faced countless obstacles in their training as they progressed. In the beginning, the development and progress in training towards their spiritual power was easiest to attain and that gift would easily breeze them through the earlier breakthroughs. But as they progressed to the later levels, the demand on one’s natural temperament becomes higher as the training process becomes dry and dull and took long periods of time. If they could not last the tedium and succumbed to the temptations of flowery and carnal world, no matter how high their gift was, they would not be able to progress further.

In the end, they would turn out to be someone whom people whispered behind their back, as one who was highly gifted at a young age, but had squandered it all to amount to nothing.

“Little one, what’s your name?” The blue robed man asked with a smile.

“Jun Xie.” Jun Wu Xie replied simply.

The blue robed man laughed.

At the moment that the man’s laughter sounded, Jun Wu Xie felt a sudden warmth flow from the hand clasped over her wrist into her incessantly and she froze.

“Relax, you do not have to worry. With such outstanding gift, if your ring spirit were to be damaged, it would be such a waste.” The man’s soft whisper that was tinged with laughter sounded in her ear.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head, and her cold eyes reflected the man’s attractive contenance.

The flow of warmth was almost unnoticeable as the energy fused into her soul, spreading towards the part that belonged to the little black cat’s soul.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed briefly in amazement. She could clearly feel that the black cat’s exhausted soul was recovering very gradually under the flow of warmth, and gaining a little more life bit by bit!

A Spirit Healer!

Jun Wu Xie’s mind suddenly flashed with those three words.

The little black cat might be a little different from other ring spirits, but they were basically the same in spirit form. If a Spirit Healer can heal ring spirits, that must also mean they can heal the little black cat’s soul!

At that time, the Snow Lotus was not within Jun Wu Xie’s body and the only other spirit within her body was only the little black cat!

The energy from the warmth was slowly and unendingly lending nourishment to the little black cat’s soul!

Was this the power of a Spirit Healer? Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were showing a rare expression of amazement and it was no wonder the Spirit Healers of the Zephyr Academy enjoyed greater prominence than any other faculties. If with a Spirit Healer in their midst, people when in battle, need no longer be so restrained as when their ring spirits were injured, they could be healed and prolong the time they can contribute in battle!


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