GDBBM – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: “Change (3)”

Long Qi stood stood frozen for a moment before he straightened up and put his right fist stiffly over his left chest, bowed slightly and silently left the room.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at the closed door and resumed what she was doing.

“Cold on the outside, warm on the inside. So that saying was referring to people like you.”  A teasing voice came from the window.

Jun Wu Xie furrowed her brows as she looked towards the source of the sound. Jun Wu Yao was sitting at the window sill with his hands leisurely crossed over his chest. His mouth had a faint smile as he looked at her with a bemused expression.

This time she could not smell any trace of blood on him.

“Doing something wrong and getting punished for it is not a big deal. Didn’t think that you will be so kind to have prepared medicine for him.” His half amused eyes gradually disappeared as he stared at her.

That day after Long Qi had apologized to her and asked her for punishment, she had brushed it off. This stiff and upright man had imposed his own punishment by getting flogged by the pole 150 times until his whole back was in a complete mess, however he did not even let out a scream and he appeared as per normal beside Jun Qing the very next day.

Incidentally, Jun Wu Yao had known about this however it did not have anything to do with him moreover he had no interest and had almost completely forgotten about this if not for her actions today.

“I hate that smell.” She replied grimly.

Jun Wu Yao let out a chuckle as he lightly leaped into her room.

“Wu Xie is so unfair. When I was injured, how come you didn’t give me any medicine?” With a slight pout he walked over to her side and leaned in with one hand against the wall behind her as he backed her into a corner.

His black hair draping down the side of his exquisite face, as it tickled her cheek.

Jun Wu Xie frowned as she swept the hair away.

“Because of your name.” She glanced at him and took a step to the side and she walked away calmly.

Jun Wu Yao, no medicine, incurable. (TL: this is a literal translation from his name, 无药、无药可救)

“Hahahaha!” After hearing her explanation, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms and gave her an overbearing hug.

Her small body was so soft and it carried a faint scent of herbs, it really made one feel at ease.

She did not struggle, did not resist, just quietly stayed in his embrace except for that bright pair of eyes glaring at him full of disapproval.

“Today I cleaned up properly. Here, smell me, is any of that distasteful smell still lingering?” He whispered closely to her ears as his deep magnetic voice mixed with a tinge of mischief resounded as he teased her.

“No.” Jun Wu Xie felt that something was wrong but she could not pinpoint what with this closeness of his.

“Rest assured, as long as it’s anything you not like, I will not let it exist.” As he gave her his commitment with a smile, he wrapped his arms around her tighter. He realised that no matter what he did to her, she did not have much of a reaction. She did not seem to know the meaning behind his actions.

Similar to a blank sheet of paper, with a blank expression.

It really makes one want to leave a little mark on that paper!

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  1. Hels says:

    haha so cute is her innocence! the guy is eating tofu very daringly hahaha hope he treats her well!~

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