GDBBM – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: “The Royal Court”

Lin Palace was steadily gaining pace to its recovery as their hope for the past decade had finally been unearthed in the hands of Lin Wang’s granddaughter. On the other hand…

Mo Xuan Fei always had a good reputation in the Imperial City. With his handsome face, he had captivated many young girls heart. He was swooned over by many and when news of him and Jun Wu Xie were betrothed got out, many hearts were broken. Many had secretly cursed in their hearts as they sneered, how plain Jun Wu Xie was and how unmatched they were! She was  so undeserving of their handsome prince!

Now when it was announced that their engagement had been dissolved, it was a dream come true for many.

After the session at the Royal Court, Jun Xian was about to leave the Royal Palace as per usual when several old men who were wearing the official long robes walked over to him with beaming smiles.

“Lin Wang, do you have any updates on the culprits that attacked Second Prince?” The roundest one out of them spoke out.

Jun Xian looked at the man who gave a greasy smile. This roundball was the King’s Brother – Wu Wang.

Wu Wang was in his sixties and did not contribute much as he was not skilled in anything. He had been riding on his brother’s influence and living the high life all these while. He always viewed himself as almighty and was unaware of his own incompetence. Due to his royal birth, all the ministers have always fawned over him and complimented him no matter what he did.

However Jun Xian was an exception. He had always been straightforward and always pointed out his shortcomings. Thus he and Wu Wang had been bickering for years and had never seen anything at eye level.

Back in the days when Lin Palace was at its prime, when both of Jun Xian’s sons were healthy, Wu Wang never dared to show his discontent and had always maintained an amiable front. However after Lin Palace started its decline, he gave up all his regard for Lin Palace and had been behaving as he liked without holding anything back.

The reason why Mo Xuan Fei and Jun Wu Xie’s broken engagement spread like wildfire was thanks to him as well.

All the ministers started crowding around them to watch the good show.

“This matter does not require Wu Wang to worry, although they are as slippery as eels, I will chase them to the ends of the earth and catch them to ensure the safety of Second Prince.” He replied without any emotion.

“That must really be hard on you, Lin Wang is no longer young and still have to work so hard, how can we let you handle all that by yourself? You should simply pass it on to the next generation for them to handle…” Wu Wang laughed as he hit his own forehead with his palm. “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot about your two sons. One has died for the country and the other ….”

Wu Wang did not finish what he was saying but looked mockingly at Jun Xian.

It was apparent that the news of Lin Palace’s predicament had spread all around.

Lin Wang’s little son’s poison had acted up and all the royal doctors and almost every other doctor in the State had seen him and all came out with the same verdict – Jun Qing’s life was hanging by a fine thread. He didn’t have much time left.

“I’m sorry, I’m not good with words, hahhaha.. I’m really sorry.” Wu Wang sniggered as he lashed his words out without any holding anything back.

Jun Xian’s furrowed his brows. From all the killing on the battlefield and after countless wars, he had accumulated a lot of bloodlust. Usually he will keep it contained but now, he unleashed a little of it as he glanced at all the surrounding ministers. They couldn’t help suck in a deep breath. The surrounding temperature seem to have dropped and the air was very heavy. His piercing gaze rested on Wu Wang.

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