GDBBM – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 : “Change (2)”

He wanted to scream out to the whole world how amazing his Granddaughter was! He wanted to flaunt her in front of the other old geezers, gloat at their shocked expressions and see if they still dared to call her a waste!

Lin Palace’s current predicament could be overturned with Jun Wu Xie’s help. She was the key to it’s revival and to keep her protected as well as Lin Palace, they had to keep everything under wraps until Jun Qing fully recovered.

Jun Xian had suffered greatly under someone’s grand scheme and it caused him to lose one of his beloved sons, another was gravely injured and could not even live normally all these years. To keep Lin Palace safe, he had to reduce The Rui Lin Army over the years. If they had found out that Jun Qing could recover and the person doing the treatment was Jun Wu Xie, he was not sure he could keep them both safe with his power alone.

Now, keeping Jun Wu Xie safe was top priority.

Under Jun Xian’s orders, Jun Wu Xie had complete freedom to do the things she wanted without anyone raising any questions. All the servants no longer procrastinated when she asked them to do something.

In order to prevent any repercussions after eating the lotus seed, Jun Wu Xie decided to use herbs to aid in the conditioning of Jun Xian’s body.

Jun Wu Xie meticulously prepared various herbal concoctions and diets to complement and condition Jun Xian’s and Jun Qing’s body. She also added in a drop of the white lotus’s tear each time.

During this whole process, everyday Uncle Fu personally delivered all the food and medicine from the hands of Jun Wu Xie to Jun Xian, while Long Qi delivered Jun Qing’s portion.

Jun Wu Xie treated this very seriously and she could only trust the both of them! No other point of contacts were allowed in case someone slipped in and tempered with anything. This way she could personally supervise their progress without any worries.

Both father and son were recovering at an astonishing rate under her care, the only victim was Little Lotus.

As his tears were the ‘special ingredient’ was needed, every few days he had to contribute his part. Every time he appeared, the black cat would always be hot on his tracks as it pounced on him and chased him around as it scuffled with him. The room will be eventually filled with muffled sniffles and sobs.

He really deserved some sympathy!

Battered Little Lotus once again contributed his tears as he huddled at the corner of the room with his little body still trembling as it looked at the black cat that was calmly licking its paws by the bedside.

Jun Wu Xie had just finished collecting the tears when a light knock on the door sounded. In a practised manner, she swiftly flicked her hand as the Little White Lotus instantly disappeared as it turned into a barely visible ring on her right hand’s ring finger.

“Come in.”

The door swung open and Long Qi stood there and bowed slightly while maintaining this posture with his head hung low as he held out two scrolls.

“Second Master has instructed me to hand these over to you, Young Miss.” Long Qi was a man of few words, although he did not talk much, the tone he was speaking in was totally different from the past. Although it still was cold, it had a hint of respect.

Jun Qing’s body had been improving at an alarming rate and he knew that all the credit lay in this young maiden in front of him.

“Put it over there.” she pointed to the table nearby as she raised her head slowly.

Long Qi bowed once again as he entered the room without making any eye contact, he looked towards the ground as he made his way in. After placing it on the table, he was about to leave when she suddenly said, “ Wait.”

He immediately froze on the spot.

“Take the medicine that’s on the table with you as well.” she asserted.

Long Qi raised his head and looked at the table saw a small white porcelain bottle. As he picked it up, he asked, “How should I apply this for Second Master?”

“It’s for you.” as she galnced over at him.

His whole body stiffened.

“With your injury, how do you expect to do a good job in protecting my Uncle? In the future, do not do such silly things.”

As a doctor and her acute sense of smell, how could the faint smell of blood escape her notice?

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