GDBBM – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 : “Change (1)” 

In Jun Wu Xie’s view, her Uncle was unable to walk was not because the poison was too toxic, it was because…the doctors in this world sucked big time!

It never once crossed her mind that the problem did not lie in the doctors of this world but rather that she was too abnormal! Her skills were at an unprecedented level, it was as though a University Graduate was doing an elementary school kid’s homework. That was the vast difference.

“Yes” She replied to their excitement.

They remained silent but one could see the flame ignited within their eyes as they tried to digest all the information.

Lin Palace was on a decline as there was no successor, however if Jun Qing was able to recover within the next couple of years to his peak, Lin Palace would once again be able to bask in glory.

This opportunity was too important to them right now.

“Wu Xie, there’s a lot of important things at stake here, the matter on your Uncle’s recovery must be kept with strictest confidentiality. About your Master…”Jun Xian immediately thought of this critical matter.

“Master said he was not interested in worldly affairs.” What can a non-existent person disclose?

“That’s good to hear. We must really thank him for all his help! Please convey to him that if there is anything that Lin Palace can help him with, if it’s within our means, we will do everything we can to fulfill it!” Jun Xian started chattering excitedly.

“I will convey it to him.” she faintly responded.

“Wu Xie, thank you.” Jun Qing looked at Wu Xie with his warm eyes and a gentle smile. He was very thankful that he had such great family support all these years and now his beloved niece said that she could cure him with her Master’s help, he simply could not wait!

His ‘thank you’ made her feel something stirring within. She was slightly surprised. In the past she had saved many people and she had received countless ‘thank-yous’ from all those she had saved , but those ‘thank-yous’  never carried any weight in her heart.

However this time, Jun Qing’s ‘thank you’ indeed made her feel a nice warmth from within as she felt a glimmer of joy as she let out a rare gentle smile.

So it turns out rendering treatment to a family member feels completely different.

As she was intoxicated with this feeling, she carried on, ”Master gave me a few lotus seeds and I wanted to give one to Grandfather as well but due to Uncle’s special case, I’ll need to concentrate on Uncle’s treatment for the time being. I will need a bit more time to prepare the conditioning of Grandfather’s body.” She could not be too careless as Jun Xian’s was rather advanced in his age and she had to be extra vigilant. She would want to prepare everything fully before she started and get rid of any variables.

Jun Xian never thought he had a share in this fortuitous opportunity. Listening to Jun Wu Xie he had guessed she had already started in her preparations for him.

His chest felt warm and fuzzy as he awkwardly turned away as he silently wiped away the tears that were threatening to fall.

His Granddaughter is all grown up now. She is finally sensible.

In the future who would dare call his Granddaughter a waste?!He’ll not let anyone touch a single hair on her! No one will get away with bullying her!

“I’ll leave it all up to you. I will let Uncle Fu know and ask him to brief the kitchen staff. Do what you need to do, no need to ask me for my advise.”  He chortled heartily and heaved a sigh of relief.

In the past, although he had doted on her and loved her unconditionally, he knew that she loved to play pranks on others and she had a haughty temper so he had placed many restrictions on her to prevent any trouble. But now he feel that his heart is finally at ease as he looked at his precious Granddaughter.

Sensible, calm, amazing medicinal skills, cares deeply about her family and even backed by a powerful Master. Where else in the world can you find such a great Granddaughter?

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