GDBBM – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: “The Mysterious Expert (4)”

[What Master? Oh please he does not even exist!]

Jun Wu Xie remained calm and collected topping it up with a frosty expression.

“What! You said you ate the lotus seed as well? How are you? Was it very painful?” Jun Xian had witnessed his Son who was a Battle General curl into a shrimp because of the intense pain. What more a mere fourteen year old girl who did not have an ounce of spirit energy? He was very frantic as he asked with a worried expression.

Jun Wu Qing shook her head, “I’m fine, there was a bit of discomfort but nothing like Uncle. His body reacted badly to it as he was poisoned before and the poison has seeped deep into his bone crevices over this long period. The lotus seed cleanses the bone marrows giving him a set of bones akin to being reborn. He experienced such pain as it squeezed out all the poison from every nook and cranny. As the poison is embedded deep in his bones, the purging process is very thorough to expel all the impurities and poison out. All these have been expelled out through his pores with his sweat, so there is no need to worry for any future complications.

If she wasn’t able to even save Jun Qing, she really didn’t deserve to live anymore.

When Jun Xian heard that all of Jun Qing’s impurities and poison has been expelled out with his sweat, his eyes almost popped out.

“When I woke up, I did feel a difference. My body feels much lighter and when I sat up just now, my legs could feel some sensations.” Jun Qing stated excitedly.

It had been the same for all these years, it was as though he didn’t have any legs. Now, even with the slightest feeling, he was delighted.

“Master said that after everything has been cleared, with additional medicine and medicinal bath conditioning, in half a year’s time your legs would be like before.” Borrowing her ‘Master’ to reveal how skillful she was.

The whole room was silent.

Both men stared agape at Jun Wu Xie, with eyes wide open.

After struggling for over a decade they finally see a glimmer of hope!

“Wu Xie, what do you mean by… like before…? Could it be that your Uncle can really walk again? Jun Xian could not stop his excitement , he was just short of jumping in joy in fear of scaring her.

She nodded, “He’ll be able to walk like a normal person, it’s just that he’s been on a wheelchair for over a decade, his muscles are not very developed. Hence if he wants to return to his previous condition, he’ll need up to a year to train and develop his lower body.”

“What?…I am able to return to that state in a year’s time?” Jun Qing felt as though he was floating along in a dream. He was simply dumbfounded and ecstatic to the point he felt dizzy and his expression was that of shock mixed with happiness.

He had thought that this life, he would be wheelchair ridden for good. Any hope that he could ever walk again was a dream. A dream he would trade anything for to be real.

And Jun Wu Xie said that he could walk and restore to his previous condition too!

Is he really not dreaming?

Jun Wu Xie looked at the two men who were verge of tears as their whole face were red with excitement. She looked at them with a hint of puzzled expression. Was there a need to be this excited?

She could not understand, his legs were never a problem. Extracting all the poison that had seeped deep in his bones was the problematic issue, however now that it’s been dealt with, why would they get so excited?

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