GDBBM – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: “The Mysterious Expert (3)”

“Although Uncle has been crippled, he’s still able to feel occasional chills and his tendons are not damaged, so I thought I could try to treat it. I also ate the lotus seed, though some discomfort, my body did not have such a reaction like Uncle’s. His poison flaring up scared me but luckily master taught me the way to treat it.”

Jun Wu Xie spoke calmly, though her voice a little immature, she sounded very credible.

This speech was thought up after some deliberation to gloss over the origin of the medicine.

She had originally wanted to build up their body constitution discreetly, who knew that lotus seed would have triggered off such a big incident! Now she had to find a plausible excuse as a cover up for her medical skills. Hence, the little black cat and her had been discussing it and they eventually came up with a ‘Master’. Pushing everything to her mysterious master would pave her way free from all future problems.

After listening to her explanation, Jun Xian and Jun Qing were both in shock. They did not think that Wu Xie would ever acknowledge anyone as her Master.

When she had returned back that day, their memories were tampered with and all they knew was that her ‘brother’ had brought her back, however the specifics were not known.

Her explanation may have sounded a bit too incredible, what kind of luck did she have to meet such an expert? However, it did fit all the current questions they had in their minds, like her change in personality as well as her interest in medicine.

“Well, Wu Xie, all these time did you meet your Master here in our Lin Palace?” He had on a weird facial expression when he as asked her.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Jun Xian and Jun Qing exchanged glances. If one looked closely, you could even see their eyebrows twitching.

Lin Palace may not look heavily guarded however there is a great number of Rui Lin Army secretly guarding it in the shadows. Not to mention strangers, even any animals, they would be the first to know if any trespassed into Lin Palace.

However this time, they had not heard anything at all. This meant that her Master was an expert who could enter and leave this fortress at his own will while escaping the tight net of surveillance of the Rui Lin Army. He did not leave behind a single clue.

Towards this Master of hers they were piqued with curiosity but they knew he meant them no harm or else he wouldn’t have saved her and taught her medicine as well.

“For you to have such a Master is a fortunate thing. Since he doesn’t want to meet anyone, just help us express our gratitude for all his help.” From his vast experience, Jun Xian deduced that this Master of hers did not want to get involved in worldly affairs and hence did not insist any further.

To have this Master was good for both Wu Xie and Lin Palace. Jun Xian was elated.

“Alright.” She calmly replied as the black cat in her arms shot her a look of misgiving and let out a small meow.

[Master, you’ve been led astray. You’ve actually learnt how to lie so blatantly!]

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