GDBBM – Chapter 327

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Chapter 327: “Storm Clouds Loom (3)”

Several Blue Cloud Peak disciples rushed immediately, but before they could even touch an edge of Jun Wu Xie’s clothes, Qiao Chu met them head on in a flash and jumped into their midst. A mighty sweep of his long legs sent them all flying into the air just as they had entered!

Qiao Chu’s ferocious attack sent the people in the hall into a frenzy!

Both of the disciples that “Ke Cang Ju” brought were both rather bold and they had created quite a stir!

One had revealed before everyone present of the secrets shared between Qin Yue and “Ke Cang Ju” without flinching and the other had just attacked disciples of the Blue Cloud Peak and the blow had thrown the disciples out of the hall!

Fighting in the Sovereign’s hall, Qiao Chu was undoubtedly the first one to dare do it!

At that moment, Qin Yue blew his top! He stood up angrily and his finger was trembling as he pointed it at “Ke Cang Ju” and shouted: “Ke Cang Ju! What is the meaning of those two scoundrels!? Do you still have any respect for me as the Sovereign!?”

A revolt!

He has revolted!

Ke Cang Ju might have been arrogant all this time, but he had always still maintained a certain degree of respect for Qin Yue and knew where to draw the line. But now, “Ke Cang Ju” had brought two of his disciples who had challenged his authority squarely, and Qin Yue could not hold his anger down anymore!

All Qin Yue wanted to do at that moment was to strangle “Ke Cang Ju” to death!

“Ke Cang Ju” was sitting calmly at the side, looking at the fuming Qin Yue. He then said dismissively: “My Sovereign, your anger is really uncalled for. It’s just a few disciples that were blasted out of here. You were rather generous with the disciples of the other peaks before, so just injuring a few of the Blue Cloud Peak disciples isn’t much. Moreover, as per your instructions, your own disciples were spared from the testing of the poison and had only suffered from a kick now, it’s not that big a deal is it?” If “Ke Cang Ju” had not spoken, the other Elders might not have been further inflamed, but those words told of Qin Yue’s selfish and self centered mentality towards his own disciples.

You wanted revenge for your daughter, and needed to sacrifice the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan. You then targeted our disciples from the various peaks but left your own disciples safely out of harm’s way.

The disciples of the various peaks were killed, their bodies ravaged, and Qin Yue wasn’t much affected. The disciples of the Blue Cloud Peak got kicked once, and he jumps up in rage. Where was the impartiality?

The Elders of the Qing Yun Clan knew more or less of Qin Yue’s personality. They knew he was a hypocrite through and through and “Ke Cang Ju’s” flaming words only made the Elders’ eyes widen in astonishment.

So Qin Yue’s indulgence of Ke Cang Ju’s actions were not only for the revenge of Qin Yu Yan but to use that as an excuse to undermine the positions of the Elders?

That thought sprouted in the minds of the various Elders and their dissatisfaction against Qin Yue suddenly grew to doubt and they became wary.

Qin Yue’s face paled, and he stared at “Ke Cang Ju” thinking that “Ke Cang Ju” must have lost his mind! His words were about to make the whole situation blow up!

Gritting his teeth, Qin Yue still did not dare force “Ke Cang Ju” into a corner as “Ke Cang Ju” still held evidence that could bring him down from his seat of power.

Qin Yue had never been in such an uncomfortable position. The same Ke Cang Ju who had helped him usurp the position of the Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan before had today turned out to pose as his most hated but untouchable threat to him!

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yue pushed down the fury within, his eyes red from the effort, he finally said: “Elder Ke, your two disciples were disrespectful before the Sovereign. According to the rules of the Qing Yun Clan, they must be punished.”

If he could not touch Ke Cang Ju, he would kill his disciples to appease his anger! Just to hit back at Ke Cang Ju.

“Ke Cang Ju” raised an eyebrow and looked at the quietly seated Jun Xie, and his mouth curled into a smile.

“Sovereign Qin, are you sure you want to carry that out?” It seemed that Qin Yue could not hold himself back anymore.


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