GDBBM – Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: “Storm Clouds Loom (4)”

Qin Yue frowned, a chill showing in his eyes.

“Of course.”

The incident today would need blood to be spilled to suppress it. Jun Wu Xie’s words had made the secret between Qin Yue and Ke Cang Ju an open book for all to see. If Qin Yue did not do anything to show his authority, the other Elders might see it as weakness and exploit the fiery situation.

Only if the two Hidden Cloud Peak disciples paid in blood, would he be able to calm the chaos before him.

Firstly, it would show that Qin Yue did not show Ke Cang Ju any special favours or indemnity, and even the disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak, who were under the protection of Ke Cang Ju, would be killed when wrongdoing was committed. There had been the deaths of disciples from the various peaks in this incident and killing the two Hidden Cloud Peak disciples would appease the other Elders’ rage to a certain degree.


Those two scoundrels….. One had a big mouth, and the other attacked his disciples. That had greatly challenged his dignity as the Sovereign and if he did not kill them, his position as the Sovereign would be greatly undermined today.

And there could be a third…..

Qin Yue narrowed his eyes as he stared at Ke Cang Ju.

Thirdly, it was to knock some sense into this overly arrogant and overbearing Ke Cang Ju!

The few Blue Cloud Peak disciples got to their feet, their eyes tinged with fear as they looked at QIao Chu. Qin Yue had already given his orders, and that had meant that Jun Wu Xie’s and Qiao Chu’s were to be rid.

But the disciples had been taken down with a single swipe of Qiao Chu’s kick, and they were now gripped in fear.

The disciples wanted to arrest those two youths, but…..

Those two were just too strong for them!

“Why are all of you still standing there! Get rid of the two of them right now!” Qin Yue shouted.

The several Blue Cloud Peak disciples looked at each other, grieving at their own helplessness.

They struggled for a long while, before they carefully took a step towards Qiao Chu.


In a blink of an eye, those Blue Cloud Peak disciples were soundly thrashed by Qiao Chu and thrown out of the main hall. The disciples lay scattered on the ground outside unmoving, all of them seemingly unconscious!

The disciples of the Qing Yun Clan were more inclined towards the practice of Medicine and were not highly skilled in their spiritual powers. The Qing Yun Clan invited many strong expert exponents to serve as resident mercenaries to make up for that lack. The disciples’ weak combat prowess were just pathetic before Qiao Chu’s pair of fists.

After ridding himself of the weak and pesky disciples, Qiao Chu swept off the dust on his palms, and a smirk hung on his face.

Qin Yue’s face was thunderously dark. He had not expected Ke Cang Ju’s disciple to possess such strength. A group of his Blue Cloud Peak disciples were thrown out of the hall and knocked out in mere moments.

“Ke Cang Ju!! Would you not rein your disciples in!?” Qin Yue screamed.

“Ke Cang Ju” stood up slowly and replied: “My Sovereign, you were the one who wanted me to develop the poison, and you were the one who agreed to use the disciples of the other peaks to experiment the poison on, but now, you want to use my disciples’ life to appease the outrage from the other peaks instead. I cannot find it within myself to agree to it.”

Qin Yue eyes bulged, staring at “Ke Cang Ju” unbelievably. He could not believe what he was hearing! “Ke Cang Ju” was pushing all the blame onto him!

“Ke Cang Ju” turned to the other Elders and said: “Seek your justice from the head, the Qing Yun Clan is led by our Sovereign and he calls the shots. If he did not agree, how would I be able to touch your disciples? Qin Yue was the one who gave me the orders, but now he wants me to shoulder the blame. I am unwilling and unable to shoulder such a big responsibility.”

Qin Yue was visibly trembling in rage by now and the Elders were absolutely furious.

“Ke Cang Ju” was incorrigible, but his words made absolute sense. If he had not gotten Qin Yue’s approval, he would not have been able to touch the disciples from the various peaks!

All this tragedy had started from Qin Yue and was possible only with his approval!

The dissatisfaction from the other Elders for Qin Yue had only been due to the favouritism and indulgence shown to Ke Cang Ju, but this day, it had ballooned to unseen before proportions!


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