GDBBM – Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: “Storm Clouds Loom (2)”

Qin Yue would never have expected that a lowly disciple from the Hidden Cloud Peak would dare reveal the secret deal he had made with “Ke Cang Ju” to the masses so easily! He must be tired of living!

Qin Yue panicked. If Jun Xie was allowed to prattle on, things were bound to get ugly. But Jun Xie did not give Qin Yue any opportunity to interrupt and continued quickly: “The Sovereign had said, he wanted revenge for the Eldest Miss and Elder Jiang, and wanted Elder Ke to develop a new poison. Those disciples that we took were sacrificed to develop that new poison. It was just a few disciples, the Eldest Miss’ and Elder Jiang’s revenge would take precedence.”

Jun Wu Xie’s words rang loud and clear in the ears of the Elders seated in the hall. She spoke without pausing, and the speed was neither too fast nor too slow, ensuring that every single word was clearly heard.

Qin Yue’s face had turned bright red.

The expressions of the Elders turned to ones of shock as they stared unbelievably at Qin Yue, their eyes aflame.

The news of the demise of their Eldest Miss and Elder Jiang had reached the other Elders a month ago. They had thought that the doting father, Qin Yue, would have deployed the forces in revenge immediately but even after waiting for a month, there had been no action taken, and they had still thought that Qin Yue had totally changed.

But Jun Wu Xie’s revelation had made them realise that Qin Yue had not intended to spare the murderers, but was planning to make his vengeance more thorough and complete!

Qin Yue’s thirst for revenge should not have concerned the other peaks, but who would have thought that Qin Yue would be so blinded by his desire for vengeance that he would disregard their interests and allow “Ke Cang Ju” to brandish the Sovereign’s name and come humiliating the other Elders of the various peaks!?

Even if they had needed sacrifices to experiment the new poison, they could have easily used the disciples from the Outer House. Why did they insist on picking on their own disciples? It was clear that Qin Yue knew from the start what “Ke Cang Ju” was doing and he had indulged his malicious intentions. He claimed to be doing it for the revenge of Qin Yu Yan and Jiang Chen Qing, but his real intentions must have been only for Qin Yu Yan alone and Jiang Chen Qing was just a convenient excuse!

As the Sovereign, he acted only for his self interest and killed disciples of the clan. He had even disregarded the dignity and reputation of the Elders and allowed them to be freely trampled all over. That was most unbecoming of a leader!

The looks thrown at the Sovereign by the Elders were all filled with discontent, and were tinged with rage.

“What a brazen little kid! Stop with those lies! As the Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan, how could I allow myself to commit such atrocities which are by all standards beyond reason!?” Qin Yue was pale and he wanted nothing more than to throttle the little kid before him.

He might have consented to “Ke Cang Ju’s” insidious request, but that was done in secret. If the Elders were to affirm that fact, that would be disastrous for him!

Qin Yue had always shielded Ke Cang Ju but he had done that discreetly all this time as well, and had put up a front of being fair and just, practicing impartiality.

He knew clearly, that certain deals sealed, cannot be allowed to be brought out into the open.

He had summoned “Ke Cang Ju” here today as he had thought “Ke Cang Ju” might be arrogant, but he was never dumb. To appease the situation, “Ke Cang Ju” would just have needed to perfunctorily apologise to the other Elders and with a few more words from the Sovereign himself, he would be able to diffuse the tension.

But who would have known exactly what had gotten into “Ke Cang Ju” today. “Ke Cang Ju” had brazenly not shown any remorse or guilt for his actions, and had instead shown utter contempt by shoving a mere disciple whose loose lips readily revealed every single detail of the secret deal made between just the two of them!

When did “Ke Cang Ju” become so dense!? Did he not realise the consequences!?

“Guards! Drag this liar spouting all these nonsense out of here!” Qin Yue did not want to hear another single word coming out from Jun Wu Xie, as that would only worsen the situation he faced at the moment.


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