GDBBM – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: “Poison (3)”

Jun Qing immediately lost his smile and shook his head. “Tsk. The only person who can tolerate this temper of yours is only Brother, do not forget, that child is…she is the child of the man whom you swore your fealty to. If one day Father and I are no longer around,she will be in your…..”

Before he could finish his sentence, an uncomfortable itch was felt as if someone was sawing his bones with a blunt knife and he hunched over as this feeling started to spread to every single bone in his body.

“Master!” The man looked worriedly at the pale faced Jun Qing.

Jun Qing’s poison from that time had yet to be fully purged and the residual toxicity had penetrated deep into the bone marrow, even the famed Yun Qing Clan’s Sovereign had failed to neutralise it. Over the years, Jun Qing had been very cautious right down to his diet. He was fine just a moment ago and was still rebuking him, why did he suddenly…?

He suddenly thought of something.

“That lotus seed? But how could it be?”

No matter how much he disliked Jun Wu Xie, the blood of the Jun family still flowed within her, that’s why when she had approached Jun Qing just now, he did not have any apprehension towards her. How could it have been her?

Jun Qing clenched his teeth tightly as he felt the itch slowly became an indescribable pain. It was as if they were slowly being crushed and the overwhelming pain swept over him as he broke out in cold sweat.

As the man watched Jun Qing’s condition worsen by each passing moment, he quickly lifted Jun Qing up with his wheelchair and rushed back to the room.

All these was not relayed to Jun Wu Xue. She was cooped up in her pharmacy researching. She had not given it a second thought as she had personally gone through the bone cleansing process and although it was not the most comfortable experience, it was still manageable in her opinion.

However, what she did not know was that the cleansing of a regular human bone and one that had been poisoned had a totally different effect.

In a different courtyard, at this moment Jun Qing was suffering from an excruciating pain, as if a thousand knives were hacking away at his bones. An emergency summon for all the capable doctors of the State to quickly head over to Lin Palace to treat him.

However, all the doctors were helpless in their diagnosed as Jun Qing lay on his bed as his body temperature soared, as his body kept twitching and soon the sweat soaked through the sheets. The sweat expelled also carried a faint black smelly substance.

This scene scared the wits out of the group of doctors who knelt at the bedside quivering.

Jun Xian had received the news and rushed back to see his son lying on the bed, complexion as white as sheet. His condition did not look optimistic and it was as if he had one leg in the grave already.

Jun Xian broke out in cold sweat as he roared, “What the hell happened?!” A pair of bloodshot eyes was staring viciously at the doctors kneeling by the bed.

“Th..thi..this humble one…does not know how .. How his blood flow is in chaos and the poison in his bone marrow suddenly spread..spread to wh..whole body. Thi..this humble one really tried my best… Lin Wang please have mercy!” The group of doctors all cried for mercy as they all had the same diagnosis- Jun Qing did not have long to live!

This bolt of information almost made Jun Xian faint as he steadied himself.

Was his last son going to die?


This can’t be happening!

He immediately rushed over to the Royal Palace, intending to seek out Bai Yun Xian as she is Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign’s disciple. To his dismay, Bai Yun Xian had refused audience with anyone saying that she was still frightened from the attack and was still recuperating.

He immediately stormed into the Grand Hall to seek an audience with the Emperor instead. His Majesty was placed in a difficult situation and as he did not have much of a choice, he could only watch on helplessly as he saw Jun Xian lead all the Imperial Doctors in the Royal Palace back to Lin Palace to assist with the treatment.

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