GDBBM – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: “Poison(4)”

For one whole day and night, Jun Qing was lying on the bed hanging over the verge of death, all the doctors that came and took his pulse all had the same worried expression, all had the single verdict – Jun Qing was one step away from death’s door.

Jun Xian seemed to have aged ten years overnight as he sat by his son as he waved his hands and asked them all to return to the palace. He sat there sadly as he buried his face in his hands.


“Is that true?” The Emperor who was seated in the study was listening to the doctor who was reporting Jun Qing’s situation to him, his face void of any expression as he listened solemnly.

“This humble one does not dare lie. Jun Qing’s poison has indeed acted up and the poison has attacked the heart.” The doctor reported truthfully.

“That’s a pity, order for the Snow Mountain Ginseng and the Red Lingzhi to be sent over to Lin Palace.” The Emperor was feeling very generous, both the Snow Mountain Ginseng and the Red Lingzhi are rare herbs that was used to prolong life and it was apparent to everyone that Jun Qing has not much longer to live.

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Withdraw” The Emperor waved his hand.

When the doctor left, the Emperor leaned back in his chair as he went through all the various scrolls on the desk, a small smile could be seen.


In the Lin Palace was overshadowed with gloom as Jun Qing lay on his bed motionless, his breathing was very weak.

Jun Xian sat by his side with red eyes.

“Why did this suddenly happen? You were alright all these years, why did the poison suddenly flare up?” Jun Xian could not understand, all these years his condition had been stable, what could have triggered it?

The man standing by the side had on a solemn expression as he clenched his fist tightly.

“Has any suspicious personnel entered the Palace lately?” Jun Xian asked with a deep frown.

The man shook his head as he looked over at Jun Qing lying on the bed, his heart was struggling internally. Before Jun Qing fainted, he had specifically told him not to tell anyone that Jun Wu Xie was there before. No matter what had happened, he believed from the bottom of his heart that Jun Wu Xie would not hurt him. He simply took it as his life was going to end a little sooner that’s all. He did not want to implicate his niece into anyone’s grand scheme to throw the Lin Palace into further turmoil.

But now all the doctors have diagnosed that he did not have much time left. Did he have to hide this forever?The man was conflicted, if it was anyone else, he would have directly interrogated them but the perpetrator was Jun Wu Xie!

If Jun Qing really died, Lin Palace had no more future.

“This…what happened here?” a puzzled voice suddenly sounded.

The man and Jun Xian both turned to look at the same time as they saw Jun Wu Xie carrying a black cat in her arms, with a quizzical expression at the doorway.

“Wu Xie………” Jun Xian’s husky voice was full of sorrow.

The man clenched his trembling fist and choked back the words he wanted to say.

“Your uncle has been poisoned.” Jun Xian slowly broke it to her as he closed his eyes in despair.

Poisoned? Jun Wu Xie was slightly surprised when she heard this. She immediately went to the bed ignoring the surprised Jun Xian and man as she took Jun Qing’s pulse.

His pulse was very weak, barely discernable. Jun Qing’s face was pale and covered with sweat mixed with a dark substance. All these fit the description of being poisoned.

If it was others, they would have concluded it as severe poisoning however, who was Jun Wu Xie? She had immediately found something different.

Although Jun Qing’s pulse was weak, it was also very stable.

Jun Wu Xie immediately pulled off the quilt and removed the pillow.

“Wu Xie, what are you doing?!”

“Uncle is fine.” Jun Wu Xie’s mind was focused on the treatment and did not know how her sudden actions and words had impacted the rest who were standing there with their mouth agape.

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