GDBBM – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: “Poison (2)”

Jun Wu Xie started to examine his legs as she applied pressure over a few areas. “Are you not able to feel anything at all?”

“Occasionally a few chills, but not very obvious.” He replied.

She continued to examine his legs and finally after some time she looked up and asked: “Uncle, do you trust me?” She asked calmly.

“ Of course!” He smiled warmly at her.

Jun Wu Xie looked around her surroundings and her gaze landed on the lotus pond, as her eyes flashed a trace of excitement.

“These lotus flowers are so beautiful,take for instance this lotus here in full bloom. Hmmm… I wonder if Uncle likes to eat lotus seeds?” She casually asked.

Jun Qing gave a quick thought and replied : “I do eat them occasionally.”

“I just picked some yesterday and thought they tasted really good! Would you like to try some as well?” She asked again in a casual tone.

“Of course I would, It’s been handpicked by you.” He happily agreed. His own little niece is now so sensible. If it was before, even if she ever picked any lotus seeds, the first person she would give it to would be Mo Xuan Fei!

“Uncle, open your mouth” she added.

Jun Qing was surprised although he didn’t know what she was up to but as a doting Uncle, all he wanted was for his niece to be happy so he listened to her and opened his mouth.

As soon as he did that, Jun Wu Xie immediately flicked the lotus seed into his mouth and before he could even react, she closed his mouth and tilted his head up forcing him to swallow it down.

“…………….” From her ‘gentle feeding” method, he almost choked out tears.

Just when he thought she was finally getting more sensible, the way she did things was still a little….rough.

Jun Wu Xie can’t be blamed for crude method of feeding medicine. It’s just that it was never in her genes to begin with. With regards to patients who refused to eat medications, she always had a single thought- that was to have the patient eat it and her method was crude but effective without room for resistance.

“Isn’t it delicious?” She inquired.

Jun Qing looked at her with a dumbfounded expression. She simply shoved it down his throat! When did he get the luxury to taste it?

“Mmmm.. Delicious.” He coaxed her.

“Then I shall leave first.” After doing what she came for, she whizzed away back to her courtyard.

Jun Qing stared at her back as left, feeling a little baffled. This little girl came all the way here and after talking so much, it was merely to feed him a lotus seed?

“Master’s body still has some remnants of poison, as the lotus seed is of cooling nature, would you like me to brew a bowl of ginger soup to warm you up?” The ‘servant’ who had been standing behind him all this while broke the silence. If one looked closely, this man had a tall and robust stature, with his stoic expression, one would think he resembled nothing like a servant.

Jun Qing raised his hands, “There’s no need to kick up a big fuss over a single lotus seed. I’m not that weak.”

That man no longer pursued on and said his thoughts out loud. “Little Miss seems a little different lately.”

Ever since Jun Qing was injured, he had been tending to him for over a decade and had watched Jun Wu Xie grow up. He never had a good impression of her due to her lofty and arrogant nature hence he did not even bother to greet her when he saw her.

“You think so too?” Jun Qing’s lips curved upwards as he gave a deep thought. With a trace of nostalgia, he absentmindedly said, “Seeing her now somewhat reminds me of Brother.”

“Please do not jest, some things cannot be compared.” That man frowned as he sternly replied, he didn’t seem to agree with the words of Jun Qing.

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