GDBBM – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: “Poison (1)”

A servant pushed Jun Qing to the side of the lotus pond in the backyard to view the lotus flowers in full bloom. Jun Qing however was not in the mood to appreciate it.

Hearing small footsteps from the side, Jun Qing turned his wheelchair in that direction and smiled as he saw a slightly flushed Jun Wu Xie.

“You are finally willing to come out?” Jun Qing asked feigning annoyance.

Ever since Jun Xian permitted Jun Wu Xie to study medicine, she was practically a shut-in, only going to her pharmacy and nowhere else. Such an appearance was rare indeed.

Jun Wu Xie looked at her uncle who was smiling dotingly at her. She was slightly surprised as her body had undergone intensive conditioning through the special lotus seed and tears, although she has yet to cultivate any spiritual power, her footsteps have become very light. Unless she was in the person’s line of sight otherwise anyone within five steps from her would not be able to discover her presence.

However this time she clearly had just entered the spacious backyard and her Uncle who was facing the lotus pond knew right from the start that it was her. His hearing was too amazing!

“Uncle’s legs were injured on the battlefield?” Jun Wu Xie searched hard through the fragments of memories related to this little uncle of hers but not much information could be obtained. From her memory, Jun Qing had always been sitting on a wheelchair and had rarely talked about his legs, only once at a family feast had he mentioned that he was injured on the battlefield.

“Yes.” Jun Qing answered.

“It isn’t an ordinary injury, right?” Jun Wu Xie pressed on as she was certain that there was more to it than a simple battle wound. When he was injured, Lin Palace was at its prime where all the superior doctors from all around would be invited to heal him.

When Jun Wu Xie fell off the cliff, her injuries were very serious as well, with broken bones as one of the main bane. Within a month, she was able to walk hence a simple wound from the battlefield should not have any reason to take away his ability to walk.

“It’s poison, I was stabbed in the back by the enemy with a fatal poison. If not for your Grandfather, I’m afraid you won’t have any Uncle to talk to. He was able to get Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign to heal me, ” he said melancholy, as he raised his hem at his waist to expose a hideous scar.

Although the wound was over a decade old, there was still a trace of dark purple surrounding it.

“Qing Yun Clan?” she slightly frowned.

“Your Grandfather traded our family heirloom in exchange for his help.” Jun Qing quickly explained and attempted to clarify as he thought of the deep enmity between Qing Yun Clan’s Bai Yun Xian and his niece.

Previously when Jun Wu Xie had told Jun Xian of her intentions to pursue her future in medicine, he had wanted to suggest to enrol in Qing Yun Clan as that was the mecca of medical studies in this world.

Unfortunately, with Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian’s entanglement, having her join Qing Yun Clan was no longer possible.

“Let me look at Uncle’s leg.” Jun Wu Xie had never once thought of that pair of adulterers.

“Okay.” He quickly obliged and rolled up his pants.

Jun Qing’s legs were pale and slender, if not for that injury, this pair of legs which were once robust and strong was now reduced to a pair of thin and weak legs. After more than a decade of not utilizing the leg muscles, they shrunk and now his upper body and legs were very out of proportion.

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  1. The DCG says:

    Poor uncle. I’ll bet he wasn’t properly healed on purpose. How better to bring down a strong rival?
    But Wu Xie will make it better!
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

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