GDBBM – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: “Body is a Treasure (3)”

She endured the excruciating pain for close to an hour when the pain finally subsided. Her clothes clung on to her slim body frame as she was drenched with sweat and a layer of black sticky fluid.

She was finally free from the torment! She gave a sigh of relief as she looked at her hands and those impurities that were expelled out.

“That little guy didn’t lie.” Jun Wu Xie muttered absentmindedly as she tried to feel what changes were made to her body. She could feel that her joints were more flexible and her body felt lighter as well.

In this world if one wanted to cultivate their spiritual power, one needed an excellent physique. Previously she did not hurry to start cultivating as she had wanted to hone her physique to an almost perfect state before embarking on the arduous  journey ahead. Starting with a strong foundation will lead to exponential gains in the future!

After experiencing all the pain and reaping the enormous benefits herself, Wu Jun Xie was convinced that she was ready to start the treatment for Jun Qing and Jun Xian. It was time to improve their constitutions and put Lin Palace back in their rightful place!

One of the main reasons why the Emperor dared to act so presumptuously was because Lin Palace has no successors in line. With Jun Qing crippled and the arrogant good-for-nothing Jun Wu Xie, the seemingly bleak future encouraged such acts against them.

If Jun Xian and Jun Qing are in the pink of health, with their valiant vigor and aura, one would have to think twice before acting against them. With Jun Xian as the backbone of the Rui Lin Army, there can be only one outcome – blood will be shed!

During this time, Jun Wu Xie spent her time scurrying to and fro her little courtyard to her pharmacy, busy conditioning her body’s’ physique through her diet, when her pale face finally turned a hint of rosy.

Jun Xian was worried that his granddaughter would play doctor only for a short while before her interest died out, hence he was pleasantly surprised to hear that she was busy scuttling to and fro her pharmacy and felt relieved that her complexion was looking better each time he saw her.

In the Imperial Palace, they still have yet to receive any action or any retaliation from the Lin Palace which made the Emperor smile. Lin Palace had chalked up too many military merits over the years. Who would pass up such a great chance like this to bring their name down?  This was the desired result he had wished for, crushing them in spirit.

By now, the flames of the malicious rumors of Jun Wu Xie engaging the Rui Lin Army to act on her personal selfish whims had long spread out far beyond the city’s walls.

All this while, Jun Xian was trying to trace and find the group of mysterious men in black and get proof to clear Jun Wu Xie’s name. He had however a trace of suspicion that they were hiding something important.

All the Second Prince’s guards had no complete corpse, as though they had exploded from within. Also, the Second Prince was said to have been badly injured due to fighting with them and fending off their attacks, however he had not been granted any audience with the Second Prince to determine what injuries or what type of weapon had caused them.

Clearly the Imperial Palace was withholding important clues to slow him down in his investigations so as to bring down Jun Wu Xie’s reputation.

From morning till night, Jun Xian is always out looking for clues. On the other hand, Jun Wu Yao’s figure was rarely seen in the compounds of the Lin Palace. As for Lin Palace matters, only Jun Qing and Jun Wu Xie remained.

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