GDBBM – Chapter 165

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 Chapter 165: “Devoured (3)”

The Kingdom of Qi’s most powerful Golden Lion was being devoured, bit by bit, by the black beast, other than Jun Wu Xie, everyone else’s mind was frazzled at the sight, leaving only the black beast who stood there licking it’s paws in delight in a contented manner.

The black beast wagged it’s tail as it walked towards Jun Wu Xie, as it let out… a meow.


Everybody almost toppled over when they heard that.

“………” The awe-inspiring black beast who had shrouded the hearts of many in fear instantly vanished.

How could the black beast who could easily devour a Golden Lion sound…sound so… cute?

It’s awe-inspiring domineering image instantly crumbled.

[I’ve never ate so full before!]

“Do you feel any difference?” Jun Wu Xie did not know what impact that the huge contrast of it’s voice and appearance had on everyone as she patted its head and started to inspect it’s body.


[Not at all! Just feel very, very full… very satisfied..*yawn* can I go sleep for a moment?]

After eating it’s fill, the black beast felt a wave of drowsiness wash over it as it even had difficulty standing.

Jun Wu Xie nodded as it circled her once and as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared as suddenly as well, leaving not a single trace.

After witnessing the black beast devouring the Golden Lion, Mo Qian Yuan subconsciously touched his neck and felt that being trampled underfoot by that black beast was not such a shameful thing after all, at least he was not eaten!

The chaotic Imperial Hall began to restore its previous calm after the black beast disappeared.

Mo Xuan Fei suddenly screamed, as he fell off the wheelchair and he rolled about the cold marble floor. He was having a seizure as his hands tightly gripped his collar, his face contorted in agony and was in so much pain that his face was almost white, as he struggled and writhed about, large beads of perspiration soaked through his blood stained clothes, leaving him in a more than sorry state.

From ancient times, no one has ever heard of a contractual spirit being devoured. However what that transpired moments ago left a huge shadow looming as the black beast had not left a shred of Golden Lion behind and had thoroughly devoured it. Does that mean that Mo Xuan Fei had lost it’s contractual spirit for good?

Everyone subconsciously looked towards his ring finger. Originally, a sparkling golden ring was proudly sitting on his finger, however now what replaced it was a rusty dilapidated ring which was on his trembling finger and fine line cracks spread over it like a spider web.

Suddenly, the ring just shattered into smithereens, falling onto the marble floor.

The contractual ring….broke?!

Such a situation was unprecedented as a huge commotion stirred.

Contractual spirits upon awakening, will follow their masters until the end of their master’s death. Upon the death of their master, the ring will dissipate and disappear, unlike what had happened, the ring simply shattered!

They had originally thought that as long as the person was alive, no matter how weak their contractual spirit was, it would not die and just lay deep in slumber.

But what they witnessed revolutionalised their thoughts.

Contractual spirits would not die but could be devoured!

After being devoured, it was equivalent to death, shattering the contractual ring. The person will…

Looking at the sorry state Mo Xuan Fei was in as he continued writhing about the floor in anguish and pain made their scalps tingle. No one wanted to experience that, it was simply a living hell!

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