GDBBM – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: “Devoured (4)”

The Emperor was trembling at the sight of Mo Xuan Fei that was lying on the floor, he felt as if his heart was stabbed by a knife.

He did not deny that when Mo Xuan Fei had summoned the Golden Lion, he was elated and felt that they had a high chance to win.

However when he saw the bitter struggle it put up, and when it started being devoured by Jun Wu Xie’s black beast, he had a sinking feeling and a bad premonition stirred from within the depths of his heart.

Jun Wu Xie was a devil incarnate!

The Emperor no longer viewed her as a normal person, she was able to achieve so much at such a young age and able to scheme things to such an extent and her plan to force him to abdicate was not something a fourteen year old could achieve. Moreover, her black beast was able to devour the Golden Lion…

She was simply not a human! She was a devil!

The Emperor felt chills running down his spine, quivering as he sat back down on the throne. He did not dare utter a single word to plead on behalf of Mo Xuan Fei.

“Carry him back.” Jun Wu Xie furrowed her brows and looked disapprovingly at Mo Xuan Fei who was twitching on the floor and started foaming at his mouth. This person could not wait for her second blow and had was already on the verge of death.

Two Rui Lin soldiers lifted him onto the wheelchair, this time he no longer resisted, he was delirious and his mouth was foaming.

His contractual spirit was devoured which resulted in injuring his very soul.

After witnessing everything, Bai Yun Xian was frightened to the extreme as she cowered in fear, curling up as she tried to hide behind the column, hoping that Jun Wu Xie could not find her.

Unfortunately, how could Jun Wu Xie forget about someone who had ‘specially taken care’ of her grandfather?

As Jun Wu Xie glanced at Mo Qian Yuan, he immediately understood what she meant as he took two Rui Lin soldiers with him and dragged Bai Yun Xian out from behind the column, ignoring the shrill screams and even stuffed her mouth with a cloth as they dragged her to one side, waiting for her sentence.

Now the Emperor’s abdication prelude was over, time for the main event.

Jun Wu Xie’s smile had long disappeared as she looked coldly at the throne, taking slow deliberate steps closer, and closer to the Emperor whose face was ashen by now.

“D..Don’t come any closer…” The Emperor trembled and shirked back in fear, her cold eyes that had locked onto him made him feel as if a chilling tempest had descended and he was caught up in it and had no way to escape.

“I only want to ask a question.” Jun Wu Xie looked at him in the eye.

“What question do you have?” The Emperor looked nervously at Jun Wu Xie, cold sweat soaked his entire back.

“My father died, my uncle was hurt, was it you who acted in the shadows and caused all of these?” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she looked at him icily.

The Emperor’s entire body was shaking in fear by now as he shiftily tried to avoid her intense gaze.

He did not dare to reply… and also he could not reply…

If he replied, he will die!

“It’s no..not..not me..” he forcibly squeezed out.

Jun Wu Xie curled her lips upwards as she swiftly took out five needles.

“This is what you asked for.” Till this point, he still did not want to admit to it, there was only one way left, that was the road to death!

Jun family’s decline was definitely not an accident and gathering from the reactions and evasiveness of Jun Xian and Jun Qing when she had probed on her father’s death, she had guessed that it was the Emperor who was playing behind the scene.

After Lin Palace had won the war, the Emperor had decided to get rid of them nce they had served their purposes. He actually had the audacity to treat them like his pawns and dispose of them in such sinister ways!

“I’ll give you a chance to decide what to write on your tablet.”

Mo Qian Yuan was surprised, before he could think further on what she meant, the next second, a shrill cry resounded throughout the Imperial Hall, it was so shocking that he even dropped his silver spear on the floor.

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