GDBBM – Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: “Devour (2)”

“Roooooaaaaar!!!” The Golden Lion let out a blood curdling roar as it trashed about, trying to shake the black beast off, however the black beast tightened its grip on the Golden Lion’s neck and used its claws to hold on.

The battle between these two monstrous beasts was fierce and brutal to the extreme as all eyes were locked onto the vicious onslaught.

When the black beast gradually gained the upper hand, Mo Xuan Fei’s eyes were bulging out as he glared in madness, his face twisted into an ugly expression filled with disbelief.

How could this be?

His almighty Golden Lion, how could it be suppressed so easily by that black beast?

Suddenly, Mo Xuan Fei felt a strong sharp pain, as if someone was trying to pull his very soul away from him. His breathing grew raspy as he clutched his chest, gasping for air. There was a very heavy pressure as if a tyrannical force was trying to rip off part of his soul. He struggled to look up…

The immediate scene left everyone who witnessed it shocked and speechless.

The black beast who had pinned the Golden Lion beneath its paws was now beginning to bite off chunks of the Golden Lion. The contractual beasts could transform into physical form however they did not have real flesh and blood, their physical appearance was only a combination of their soul and spirit energy. Hence when the black beast started to devour the Golden Lion, there was no blood and gore,

it just simply dissipated into thin air.

How could this be?

As Mo Xuan Fei felt his soul being slowly ripped apart, bit by bit, he was clutching on tightly to his chest, gnashing his teeth, as he struggled to try to understand what was happening. Other than the mad gleam in his eyes, it reflected his Golden Lion being devoured by the black beast, an excruciating pain filled his whole body.

Not to mention Mo Xuan Fei, even Mo Qian Yuan and the other Rui Lin soldiers were shocked beyond words as they witnessed the black beast slowly swallowing large chunks of the Golden Lion.

It was simply unheard of for a contractual spirit to be devoured!

They were only a combination of soul and spiritual energy, how could they be devoured by other creatures?!

This was simply unprecedented!

Mo Qian Yuan forced himself to steer his attention away as his gaze rested on Jun Wu Xie’s face and to his surprise, her smile had faded and she was looking thoughtfully at the scene that was unfolding.

Jun Wu Xie did not notice that she was in Mo Qian Yuan’s line of sight, all her attention was focused on the black beast.

Be it past or present, Little Black had always been by her side, however no one knew that in a sense, it was part of her soul.

In the past, that madman had delved deep into various sinister researches using the most advanced technology and Little Black was one of them.

The black body was a synthesized body, it harnessed more strength than a regular beast, however it had not much intelligence, more accurately, it was an incomplete product. The madman’s experiment that time was on to forcefully bind an incomplete soul and a human soul together, this fusion of two completely different species and their souls were forcefully linked.

With this established, wherever Wu Xie’s soul resided, the little black cat followed.

The little black cat is hence a product of the soul, somewhat similar to a contractual spirit, however not exactly the same.

The little black cat transmitted a shocking message to Jun Wu Xie. It could devour the Golden Lion and fully absorb it’s spiritual energy!

This was a shocking new discovery!

Jun Wu Xie’s interest was piqued. What kind of changes would devouring the Golden Lion bring about? Would it be like digesting food or would other variables come into play?

Jun Wu Xie calmed down as she watched on with great interest, awaiting her answer.

That regal Golden Lion was slowly being devoured in the main Imperial Hall, right in front of everyone, despite there not being a drop of blood, everyone found this scene very disturbing.

What in the world was that black beast to even devour contractual spirits?!

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