GDBBM – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: “ Small White Lotus (1)”

When she went back to her room, the little black cat immediately appeared and jumped onto her shoulder as it rubbed against her cheek affectionately.

“Are all grandfathers supposed to be like this?” She was sitting in front of the bronze mirror, looking at the strange yet familiar reflection.

“According to normal relationships, that’s the way should be.” The black cat was swinging it’s bushy tail. It was the only one who knew what the word ‘grandfather’ meant for her.

“Is that so?” Her eyes lowered as she gently clutched her chest. Within it, she felt a warm feeling radiate…something she’s never felt before.

A little sour, a little warm. She loved it.

Jun Wu Yao once asked her whether she was angry when Mo Xuan Fei and  Bai Yun Xian came over to break the marriage arrangement.

The answer in her heart was “why should she be?”

For her, the past of this body had nothing to do with her, even the Lin Palace did not have much relationship to her so she did not feel the need to be angry, but now things are different.
Jun Xian’s voice echoed in her head. The constant nagging to eat her medicine, the little attempts at jokes when he was trying to get her to smile, these were all foreign to her.

“He is my Grandfather.” The reflection in the bronze mirror revealed a small smile, one that was enough to melt snow and ice.

God had given her compensation for her past experience – giving her a chance to feel what it’s like to have someone to care for her  and to protect her. She will certainly not let anyone destroy this new found happiness.

“I will not let anything happen to Lin Palace,myself or my Grandfather.” she said with conviction as she narrowed her eyes.

In the past, nothing was worthy of her concern but now, things have changed.

Lin palace is now in muddy waters and to protect it, she must take some decisive actions. Things were not so simple.

“My white lotus…in the end.. what are you?” She whispered under her breath as she traced her slender finger over the empty ring spot. Faint light diffused from her fingers and the white lotus appeared once again.


[Do you want to try and see what can it do?] The black cat was swishing its tail in excitement as it cocked its head and stared intently on the white lotus.

She placed the white lotus on her palm and gently brushed its petals. A sweet fragrance permeated the entire room.

“It’s scent is lovely,” as she took in a deep whiff. Somehow she had always felt that whenever she smelled this scent, her blood flow deemed smoother, as though this scent had a relation to this feeling.

This lotus fragrance is very strange, it has a very enticing smell and even conditions the human blood, perhaps this lotus might have other uses as well.

As she reached out to pull off a petal… at that moment…before the petal was pulled off…

“Ouch! Pain…Pain…Pain…” A gentle child like voice sounded out as her surroundings turned misty.

When the mist gradually dispersed, a small little boy was sitting on the floor tearfully holding his arm, looking dejectedly at Jun Wu Xie.

“Meow!” The sudden appearance of this little kid scared the black cat out of its wits and it almost fell off as it scrambled to sit back on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders.

“……………..” Jun Wu Xie looked on speechlessly at the small milky white doll-like boy seated on the floor. He was wearing a small bib with a vivid white lotus design which looks exactly like her white lotus contractual spirit.

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