GDBBM – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: “Poison (4)”

He immediately strode with strong steps to the stone table, and with Jun Wu Xie’s instructions, rolled up his sleeve and presented his burly arm to her.

She was done in a moment and the next soldier stepped up.

The diagnosis for ten Rui Lin Army soldiers were done within a short time, and a chilly expression hung on Jun Wu Xie’s face.

“Long Qi, fetch Uncle Fu. You men wait for me in the dispensary.” Jun Wu Xie dispatched her orders as she stood up.

“How is it?” Jun Wu Xie’s expression had Mo Qian Yuan feeling uneasy.

Jun Wu Xie replied: “Child’s play. Can’t they come up with anything else besides exploding bodies?” Her voice still chilled.

Mo Qian Yuan was further puzzled, the explosions that rocked the Imperial City today were child’s play? What’s happening?

In a moment, Uncle Fu came into the courtyard, “What are your orders, Young Miss?”

“In Grandfather’s name, mobilise all herb stores and medical halls. Have them send all their stock of herbs including those in their warehouses to the Lin Palace. Immediately.” Jun Wu Xie tone allowed no room for negotiations. Uncle Fu was taken aback by the request, but maintained his silence and left with his orders.

Mo Qian Yuan and Long Qi who were listening by the side were getting confused by Jun Wu Xie’s series of orders, but they got an idea of the gravity of the situation.

“Wu Xie, what is actually happening? Why do you need so much herbs?” Mo Qian Yuan had to ask.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at the two men and said: “Someone wants to exterminate the whole Imperial City.”

“WHAT!?” Mo Qian Yuan paled!

“Those explosions were not accidental. Someone deliberately planned it. It is similar to what happened to Lin Yue Yang, with differences. In Lin Yue Yang after he exploded, within a short time span, the poison rendered people temporarily immobile. And with what you witnessed today, it is not that simple. A very potent poison incubates within their bodies, and when they explode, the poison spreads into the air. With a single whiff, one will be poisoned as well, and within a few days, the secondary poisoned person will explode and die as well.” Jun Wu Xie was expressionless as she explained. The horrifying news she was telling them was made more terrifying by her cold calm tone.

With that news, not only Mo Qian Yuan, but Long Qi turned pale as well.

The Rui Lin Army soldiers were one of the first few to arrive at the various locations of the fifty body explosions. If the poison is transmitted through the air, that means all the Rui Lin Army soldiers deployed today have been infected!

“Who could be so vicious!? Do they want to kill all the hundreds of thousand of innocents that live in the Imperial City?” Mo Qian Yuan’s face was white as sheet. According to Jun Wu Xie, the poison was colourless and odorless, and transmitted so easily. Once infected, he becomes a carrier. There were fifty explosions today, if left alone, the explosions in a few days will be in tens of thousand at least!

Tens of thousand people exploding on the same day, to employ such a method to murder….. It was too gruesome to think of…..

Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes in contemplation, staring with cold eyes at the pond.

“They are not targeting the people, it’s the Rui Lin Army. When you corner a dog with no other way out, it retaliates viciously. It is difficult to use such methods on the Rui Lin Army directly, but if they drag the whole Imperial City into the mud, the Rui Lin Army might not escape unscathed.”

The method was not too shabby, a pity though, their opponent was her!

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  1. Eunie says:

    True a pity…a pity tha their opponent is her. BYX is truly stupid. She saw how JWX was able to recreate the medicine she was so proud of and easily to boot…does she really think that JWX is an easy opponent? Oh well I just wish that this time the people will know Wu Xie’s medical capabilities😆😊 anyway thank you so much to Misty and the sponsor!!🙇😁

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