GDBBM – Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: “Know Your Place (1)”

Jun Wu Xie was calm, despite the insidious method employed.

Mo Qian Yuan on the other hand, was trembling in rage, his fists tightly clenched. “Have they gone mad!? A whole city’s people! What an outrage!! That person had always cherished his good standing in the eyes of the people, how is he capable of something so despicable and deplorable!?”

Jun Wu Xie glanced at the raging and worked up Mo Qian Yuan and with eyes calm as still waters, she said: “The Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei aren’t capable of this, it was by the hand of Bai Yun Xian.”

Good, she can now ascertain, the poison that afflicted Lin Yue Yang was the work of Bai Yun Xian. She dared lay her hands on my grandfather. She will show Bai Yun Xian, her amateurish tricks, are nothing to in her eyes!

“Why would Qing Yun Clan have something so ruthless?” Mo Qian Yuan asked astounded.

Jun Wu Xie, unsurprised, replied: “Medicine and poison are of one and the same family.”

People well versed in medicine, are naturally well versed in poison!

“Young Miss, our brothers in arms?” Long Qi could not care less about palace intrigue, he cared only for his brothers in the Rui Lin Army.

“They have been poisoned, if the poison is not neutralised, they will not survive three days.” Jun Wu Xie told him plainly.

Long Qi winced, and dropped on one knee pleading: “I beg Young Miss to save them!”

“Why do you think I made them stay?” Jun Wu Xie looked upon Long Qi coldly, she had thought her actions would have made that clear.

Long Qi knelt and bowed with his head on the floor in gratitude.

Having witnessed Jun Wu Xie’s skills in medicine, Long Qi believed, with Jun Wu Xie’s assurance, his men will live.

“Wu Xie, how confident are you with that poison?” Mo Qian Yuan asked cautiously. Poison that made one’s body explode was unheard of before, but if the poison came from the Qing Yun Clan, it must be potent.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Mo Qian Yuan, exasperated at his question.

“It’s child’s play. What do you think?”

“……….” Mo Qian Yuan felt he asked a senseless question as well. Jun Wu Xie had never cared about anything from the Qing Yun Clan. The Jade Dew Pills incident previously had Bai Yun Xian slapped silly by Jun Wu Xie. He couldn’t help but scratch his nose in embarrassment.

“But based on what you said, the poison transmits so easily, I’m afraid the number of people afflicted will become more than we can handle, by then what are we to do?” Mo Qian Yuan did not dare to imagine how many people have been poisoned. Even if Jun Wu Xie manages to concoct the antidote, as long as one person is still afflicted, the explosions will continue.

“It is not as scary as you think. The poison might spread easily, but the time span it stays in the air is very short, about one fifth of an incense and the poison loses its potency.” If it remains in the air, they would not have had to send fifty men to their deaths.

“I will do my best concoct the antidote fast, as long as the herbs do not run out, this does not come close to be able to stump me.” Know your place, Bai Yun Xian, you are asking to be humiliated.

“I will make sure all the herbs arrive safely.” Long Qi interrupted, this poison was targeted at the Rui Lin Army, and he will not allow to succeed!

“Leave the matter of the herbs to Uncle Fu, I have another task for you.” Jun Wu Xie looked at Long Qi, her eyes lit with the murder that had laid dormant too long.

Since they are tired of living, she would send them along, with pleasure!

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    I’m a bit surprised. I thought she would mix it into a water supply, so that the antidote could easily be given to everyone. Well if it’s only certain people in the area, then it still works. XD
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