GDBBM – Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: “Poison (3)”

Mo Qian Yuan obeyed, and cautiously approached the stone table. Seeing the frown deepen on Jun Wu Xie, he gulped, quietly.

“Sit.” Jun Wu Xie commanded.

Mo Qian Yuan obediently sat.


Every single worded command Jun Wu Xie gave, was carried out without protest. Just as Jun Wu Xie was to take his pulse, Long Qi shot into the courtyard, his expression anxious.

“Young Miss!” Long Qi slid to a stop on one knee.

“What happened?” Jun Wu Xie’s sensitive nose picked up another trace of blood coming from Long Qi. It was very slight, unlike the acrid stench from Mo Qian Yuan, this seemed to have caught on Long Qi ‘s clothes from the air and not from direct contact.

“Trouble.” Long Qi replied simply.

Within a day, there had been fifty instances of strange bodily explosions. The locations of the explosions had been myriad, but the way they looked before they died were a match to Mo Qian Yuan’s description.  

If only one body exploded, its an accident. With so many cases, at the same time, accident was ruled out.

Explosions in many places had brought about an uproar among the people, and much unease.

“The Rui Lin Army has deployed to appease and placate the people. Your subordinate feels these explosions are the result of someone’s deliberate actions.” After that night’s attack on the Imperial Palace, Long Qi had subconsciously reported any incidents to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie contemplated on the findings, bodily explosion happened first on Lin Yue Yang, but the effects were slightly different. Nevertheless, she felt that the incidents had a closer link than it appeared.

Mo Qian Yuan listened to the report in shock. He had thought his encounter was unique. But it seemed now there had been tens of cases!

Suddenly, Mo Qian Yuan felt a soft warm tiny hand pulling his wrist. He turned to look and found Jun Wu Xie holding his hand, her dainty fingertips gently pressed upon his pulse. In that moment, Mo Qian Yuan felt the blood rush to his face and he felt strangely hot. He turned his eyes away shyly, but the soft touch on his skin made his heart beat furiously.

Only after his hand was freed, did his heart slow and he managed to calm down.

“Is anything wrong?” Mo Qian Yuan asked.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head, Mo Qian Yuan’s pulse was stable, there were no abnormalities.

“Were we being overly suspicious?” Mo Qian Yuan queried again.

“There is no smoke without fire.” Jun Wu Xie would not let down her guard. Mo Qian Yuan’s body’s constitution was different from others. He had taken Little Lotus prescription and his body has undergone great shifts. On top of that, she had been providing him with fortification pills daily, many of them antitoxins, to prevent any more untoward incidents in the Crown Prince Residence.

It seems, Mo Qian Yuan was not a good subject for the diagnosis.

“Bring me the Rui Lin Army guards who were with you today.” Jun Wu Xie asked cagily.

Mo Qian Yuan could only comply. The ten guards who accompanied him were promptly summoned.

The Rui Lin Army guards were rather young, in the age range of twenty five and twenty six. But the newest recruit among them had a service history of more than ten years!

They stood in a neat row before Jun Wu Xie, immaculately dressed, eyes lit with passion, bodies ramrod straight, with the stalwart air of military men.

“You, come.” Jun Wu Xie raised a finger, and pointed at masculine featured soldier.

He immediately strode with strong steps to the stone table, and with Jun Wu Xie’s instructions, rolled up his sleeve and presented his burly arm to her.


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