GDBBM – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: “Intoxicated Lotus (1)”

With the Imperial City locked down, the people were filled with unease. They were not aware of the struggle between the Lin Palace and the Imperial Family. They were told the attackers who ambushed the Second Prince have not been completely eradicated and the sealing of the city was necessary to prevent their escape.

With the people restless, Mo Qian Yuan started to mingle among them frequently, caring for them, addressing the popular sentiment. Within a few short days, Mo Qian Yuan’s standing and reputation improved by leaps and bounds and had totally overshadowed Mo Xuan Fei, becoming the prince of choice by the populace.

Jun Wu Xie laid low during this period, shutting herself up in cultivating her spiritual powers.

“Mistress, shouldn’t you strike while the iron is hot?” The little black cat laid by the edge of the lotus pond, swishing its fluffy tail back and forth over the water.

Jun Wu Xie sat at the stone table, observing the gradually blossoming lotus, replied: “It is not time yet. To allow Mo Qian Yuan to take the throne legitimately, he needs to garner the support of the people.”

If she had wanted to forcefully plant Mo Qian Yuan on the throne, she would have done it on that night.

The Emperor was a vicious man, but he enjoyed good support from the populace. She clipped his wings and sealed his escape, and allowed the Emperor to stay on the throne to allow Mo Qian Yuan time to ease himself into the throne.

If she was to be the hand behind the change of regime, she wanted it done legitimately and with the approval of the people.

It was not for Mo Qian Yuan, but for the good of Lin Palace.

It did not matter who sits upon the throne, as long as the Lin Palace was not threatened.

The little black cat nodded in understanding, its mistress was a genius. She sees things to the littlest detail in her plans to protect the Lin Palace, but a complete dolt in the other aspect.

The little black cat was deep in thought, whether to broach the topic on relationships between men and women when it suddenly screeched in surprise!


The black feline leapt away from the pondside in a flash, and while still airborne, it noticed a chubby little doll clinging on its tail.

Jun Wu Xie stared in surprise, as Little Lotus bit determinedly on the cat’s tail holding on while the little black cat dragged him all over the courtyard…..

[You imp! Let go!!] The pain on its tail made the little black cat cry, it raised its claws, turned and scratched wildly at the soft and plump Little Lotus.

Little Lotus’s snow white skin was soon covered in countless bleeding scratches.

“WAAAHHHHH!!” In pain, Little Lotus finally released the tail from its mouth, curled up on the ground, whimpering in tears.

Jun Wu Xie got a headache, seeing what she was going to have to deal with. She walked over, and picked up both the angry little cat and Little White Lotus each in one hand.

[Idiot! You bit on my tail!] The little black cat pointed accusingly.

“Sniff…. Sniff….. I didn’t know. I was in the water and I saw this black thing waving and thought it was food…..” Little Lotus whimpered, pouting.

[What lies! You are a plant spirit, you do not need to eat!] The little rascal must be doing it in revenge for the times he was bullied by me!

“No….. No… It wasn’t like that!” Little Lotus, frightened by little black cat’s aggression, shrank back in fear.

Truthfully, he did not know why he bit little black cat’s tail. It was rather fuzzy, unable to recall how he swam to the edge of the pond and bit on little black cat. By the time he was aware, he was scratched all over by the little black cat.

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