GDBBM – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: “Spirit Growth”

The mischievous Jun Wu Yao left laughing, and the little black cat hiding in the corner jumped onto the bed. With a serious expression, for a cat, it sat upon the soft bed, looking at Jun Wu Xie, with her cheeks flushed red.

“Mistress, we need to talk about life.”

“Huh?” Jun Wu Xie, with her robe pulled tightly around her, turned to face the little black cat, replied quizzically, eyebrows raised. Her lips were still slightly swollen, and traces of the rush of sensations that overwhelmed her earlier remained leaving a tingling feeling.

[You grew up in an environment closed from the world. You had never encountered anything outside of medicine. You had never experienced, and hence have no common knowledge of human to human interaction. Although you joined the organization thereafter, you holed yourself up in the lab, and all your assistants were female and you had no interaction with members of the opposite sex. That has lead you to lack common sense in your interactions with the males in general.] The little black cat looked sternly at Jun Wu Xie.

In the long years she lived in her previous life, she had not interacted with a man alone, and she was defenceless against advances such as this.

If the lecherous Jun Wu Yao was allowed to have his way, it’s mistress will be swallowed up whole one fine day.

That must not be allowed to happen!

“So…..?” Jun Wu Xie did not know what the little black cat was driving at.

[So, just like today, it was pure…..]

With a whoosh, the soft pillow flew into the little black cat’s face, before it could finish the sentence.


“Shut it!” Jun Wu Xie turned a bright shade of red, and she did not want to hear anything about what happened earlier.

[………….]The little black cat was speechless. [Mistress! That expression on your face….. It does not suit you! You need lessons urgently on interpersonal skills between men and women!]

Jun Wu Xie had refused to let it say anymore, and it can only sulk scratching its claws at the foot of the bed.

Jun Wu Xie dressed and regained her usual composure. She sat down at the table and cupped her face in her palms, staring at the lotus just beginning to bloom.

The lotus has begun to flower and its fragrance grew stronger. Jun Wu Xie could feel her spiritual strength growing and developing. The power that she gathered in her palm glowed red and it was getting stronger as well.

Enveloped within the lingering fragrance, Jun Wu Xie’s calm returned.

The plan to have the Crown Prince take over the throne was happening earlier than expected and her spiritual power was not strong enough. In all the seven stages, evolving to the next stage was always extremely difficult. Evolving the red aura of the spirit was the least difficult one, and it took an average person three years to evolve them from red to orange while it took the gifted ones about two years.

To advance to yellow from orange, it required twice the amount of time. Six years…..

The stronger the spiritual powers grow, the longer the time it requires to cultivate. And the gap between the average person and the gifted one amplifies the further they advance.

Those blessed with the gift can reduce the time needed to develop the powers and pursue greater heights impossible to most.

For the average human and those less inclined, if they stagnate and spend too much time on a particular level, the chances to achieve the higher stages are greatly reduced.

If a person evolving an orange aura of the spirit to yellow took more than twelve years to cultivate, it would be impossible for him to evolve his yellow aura in this life.

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