GDBBM – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: “Thank You Present (3)”


Warmth spread in her mouth, and a rush overcame her as her lips tingled.

Jun Wu Xie wanted to retreat in protest, but within the confines of the wooden tub, she had no room to back into.

Before she could resist further, Jun Wu Yao held the back of her neck in a strong hand, and pulled her face closer tenderly.

“You promised, you can’t back out. And….. remember to breathe through your nose.” Having lightly tasted it, Jun Wu Yao was unable to pull himself away. He was drowning deep within those eyes. He panted lightly as he whispered the reminder, and without waiting for a reply, and dived headlong into another kiss.

Jun Wu Xie’s mind went blank, Jun Wu Yao’s breath tickled her cheek, all her strength seemed to seep out of her, and she was unable to struggle.

Jun Wu Yao went deeper, slowly savouring. In his yearning in the sweetness of the moment, Jun Wu Yao lifted her up from the warm water, and pulled her into an embrace within his strong arms.

The little black cat who sat outside the bath, saw Jun Wu Xie lifted and embraced by the unashamed Jun Wu Yao, and it nearly dropped its jaw in shock.

It knew its mistress was clueless about relationships between a man and a woman, and this scoundrel was taking advantage of that and stealing the pure innocence of its mistress!!

[My Master! You have to resist!]  

[Push him away!]

[What kind of gift in thanks is this scoundrel asking for!? ]

[That is an outrage to your modesty!]

[Kill him quick!]

[Stick him with your needles!]

[Make him a hedgehog!]

[Die you lecher!!!!!]

It was no use. Jun Wu Xie brain’s was not functioning and did not receive the little black cat’s thoughts.

The little black cat could only weep the futility and at the loss of its mistress’s first kiss of her two lives stolen, by this shameless and despicable lecher!

The little black cat was about to lose its mind!

And what made it more sad was…..

It was not the lecher’s match in battle!

It could only stare quietly, swallowing back its tears, and mourn for its Mistress’s lost innocence!

After a long while, Jun Wu Yao reluctantly parted his lips from Jun Wu Xie’s.

Jun Wu Xie had not recovered and her eyes were glazed.

Jun Wu Yao smiled and draped a robe around Jun Wu Xie, and carried her out of the bath.

“You are so tempting to eat, a pity…..” Jun Wu Yao carried Jun Wu Xie over to her soft bed, looking at her cheeks, pink from her bath, her lightly closed eyes, and ran his fingers longingly across her face.

Too early. Though delicious, but was not time to pick and savour.

To a connoisseur, he waits till the flowers blossoms, before he picks it in its most beautiful form.

And Jun Wu Xie was still a bud waiting to blossom, it was not time to pick it.

Wait. Will still have to wait.

“Grow up fast.” Jun Wu Yao said in a low voice.

“You!” Jun Wu Xie snapped awake, she lifted her hand and the robe draped upon her slipped off her shoulder.

In that moment, the room was silent.

Jun Wu Yao glanced haltingly, eyebrows raised, and his amusement deepened.

“Get out!” Jun Wu Xie pulled the robe around her, staring murderously at him.

Bring me my needles!

“Sure, I have received my gift of thanks, and sincerely….. It was the best gift I have ever received.” Jun Wu Yao laughed impetuously, his eyes showing joy. We still have a long road ahead, we have time. Isn’t that right?

His first taste of the flower left a lingering fragrance in his mouth.

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