GDBBM – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: “The Shaky Throne (1)”

Jun Wu Xie was still unfamiliar with the spiritual powers of this world, She was unable to judge how far she had come with her spirit’s red aura.

The situation at hand did not allow her to wait. Removing the threat to the Jun Family must take priority.

There wasn’t much time left.




Within the Qi Imperial Palace, the Emperor sat within the study, his face threateningly dark.

Mo Xuan Fei sat meekly in a corner, keeping his head lowered.

All within one night, the men who ruled these lands tasted for the first time the bitterness of defeat, and had their pride and authority trampled into dust.

“You useless piece of trash! Look what you have done! How long had Jun Wu Xie been tagging behind you? You didn’t even realise what she was capable of. And now, she has kicked mud onto our faces! I have been humiliated!” The Emperor stared angrily at Mo Xuan Fei. He would not have ever dreamed, the lass that was detested and shunned by the people, would turn into the heroine revered by all.

The series of events that unfolded before them tonight, could not have been the work of a wilful and unruly little lass.

Mo Xuan Fei kept his head lowered. Ever since they stepped into the Imperial Study, he had been chided, and he could find no answer in rebuttal.

“I….. I don’t know how she turned out like this….. When she was with me, she was not dumb, not I wouldn’t call her intelligent. Or she would not have been deceived to go to the cliff.” Mo Xuan Fei tried to say in defence. How did she become so intelligent?

“You have the cheek to bring that up! I reminded you that no matter how much you disliked Jun Wu Xie, bear with it for the sake of the Lin Palace. And you showed your hand prematurely instead! You are lucky Jun Xian does not suspect you or he will not spare even you! What’s done is done, but Jun Wu Xie still survived! That was really dumb!” The Emperor raged on. He was not mad that Mo Xuan Fei struck them early, but angry at the fact he did not root out the crux of their problems! Jun Wu Xie still lives!

If Mo Xuan Fei had succeeded, tonight would not have happened.

“Father! If I had not made my move, how could I get close to Yun Xian? I disliked Jun Wu Xie, but you wanted me to play along, in view of not offending them. Then you wanted me to get close to Bai Yun Xian. As a disciple of the Qing Yun Clan, she would not even have looked at me if I was still caught in the engagement with Jun Wu Xie.” Mo Xuan Fei was dismayed that Jun Wu Xie could survive a fall from such a high cliff.

The Emperor stared angrily at Mo Xuan Fei, but knew he spoke the truth.

In fact, the Emperor was not entirely oblivious to Mo Xuan Fei’s actions, but had tacitly approved them.

Unfortunately, his scheme failed, and Jun Wu Xie survived, and underwent an earth moving change.

“With things having reached such a stage, it’s no use crying over spilt milk. Our hostility towards the Lin Palace has been plainly exposed as Jun Xian survived and there is no way we can change that fact. What Jun Wu Xie did tonight was just a prequel to bigger things to come. She had been in close contact with the Crown Prince, and has invited him to the Lin Palace. It seems they have formed an alliance.” The Emperor astutely concluded the gravity of the situation.

“Father, you mean….. Jun Wu Xie is planning a regime change with the Crown Prince?” and Mo Xuan Fei paled.

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