GDBBM – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: “Memories of (1)”

The little black cat was lying comfortably on Jun Wu Xie’s lap, enjoying it’s mistress’s touch.

[Mistress, this Lin Palace is not safe, should we leave?] The little black cat purred. What happened today only showed that Lin Palace could not hold out much longer. The Royal Palace actions were clearly getting out of hand.

“We’re not going anywhere.” Jun Wu Xie casually replied.

This world was not the same as her past life, though Lin Palace was slowly crumbling, it was still the safest haven.

Even though she was an expert in medicine, she can’t change the fact that the current her was physically very weak, in this strange world there are too many dangers lurking around.

“Lin Palace’s main power is Jun Xian, since I’m here, I will not let him die so easily.” Jun Wu Xie eyebrow raised her eyebrows slightly, whoever she wanted to protect, she would not fail at it.

“This body’s constitution is too poor, even lacking a contractual spirit, if I had one I would be able to survive better in this world.”

‘What is a contractual spirit?’ The little black cat knew nothing of this world.

Jun Wu Xie raised her right hand, and showed it her ring finger.

Slender fingers, soft and smooth like white jade.

Normally upon reaching the age of fourteen, a ring will appear on the right hand’s ring finger but there was nothing on hers.

“Meow?” Black Cat held onto her slender fingers with its furry paws, clinging onto her slender fingers and gently licked the finger she stuck out.

Suddenly it constricted its pupils!

[Mistress, there seems to be a strange power on your finger, are you sure it is not a contractual spirit?]The black cat could sense a small trace of spiritual fluctuations.

Jun Wu Xie eyebrow raised her eyebrows slightly, stroking her right hand’s ring finger, she could not see anything, but when her fingers grazed past she could feel a strange surge of spiritual fluctuations surrounding her fingertips. Her heart was beating with excitement as she felt the power converging around her ring finger.

There was a sudden burst of brilliance which illuminated the whole room!

A white lotus enveloped in a silvery white light was floating in mid-air.


[A flower?] The pair of black eyes blinked a few times and looked over at Jun Wu Xie hesitatingly.

Contractual spirits species are divided into two types – they can either turn into weapons or morph into mighty beasts.

But Wu Xie’s spirit turned out to be a white lotus ……Plant contractual spirits were really unheard of.

Jun Wu Xie carefully reached out as the white lotus slowly landed on her palm.

As she was slowly studying the lotus, there was a knock on the door.

At that moment, the white lotus disappeared without a trace.

“Come in.” she answered impatiently.

Jun Wu Yao stepped in as he lazily leaned against the door, hands holding a bowl of medicine.

“Time to take your medicine.”

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