GDBBM – Chapter 1179

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Chapter 1179: “Complicit in Crime (4)”


The Soul Calming Jade was to the Jun Family something of extreme high importance, not for the significance it held, but because that concerned Jun Gu…..

Ever since Jun Gu’s coffin had been carried out from his grave, and his perfectly preserved body had been revealed to the Jun Family’s father and son, regardless whether it was Jun Xian or Jun Qing, in both their hearts, a sliver of hope had risen within.


Maybe there would be a day that Jun Gu might come back to life.

Holding on to that belief, they would never ever hand the Soul Calming Jade over to anyone!

“No matter whether it was to the Qing Yun Clan before, or the Condor Country at present, they both sought to get their hands on the Soul Calming Jade. Grandfather, I will not hand the Soul Calming Jade to anyone. I only have one thing I do not understand and I would like Grandfather to help me clear it up.” Jun Wu Xie asked very seriously as she looked at Jun Xian.

“Tell it to me.” Jun Xian nodded.

“I only know that the Soul Jade had already existed in the Qi Kingdom when the country was founded. But where had the piece of jade come from?” Why had the Soul Calming Jade leaked out to the outside world? An item that should have been buried within the Dark Emperor’s tomb, why had it appeared in the Qi Kingdom? Jun Wu Xie could not understand that.

Jun Xian drew in a deep breath, his gaze involuntarily turning to look faraway together with his thoughts, flying back through many years. His gaze was profound and after a momentary silence, he slowly opened his mouth to say:

“That year, before the Qi Kingdom was founded, disputes between the various countries throughout the lands were constant. Large swathes of lands were not ruled and many citizens greatly suffered under the atrocities of war. At that time, I was merely a hot blooded youth just morphing into a young man and when I saw the common citizens trapped in suffering and had no way of making a proper living, based only on the hot blood surging within my chest, I established the Rui Lin Army together with a few good friends. The Rui Lin Army’s numbers grew endlessly stronger and the previous Emperor of the Qi Kingdom, who was also the Founding Emperor, was not a foolish man. He was also highly driven, having set his mind on carving out a piece of his own empire, to allow the innocent citizens a place to distance themselves for being affected by the constant wars.”

“My aspirations and his ideals happened to coincide and we joined together to carve out our own piece of paradise. The army in our hands grew stronger by the day, nurturing and honing our strength for many years. When we finally fought our first resounding battle, a young man appeared to us then. We do not know from where he had come, or who he is, but his top notch stratagems and power made me and the previous Emperor admire him greatly. It was through his strategies when we still had not gotten strong enough but still managed to take our first city, which is the current Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City. We believed that that man had been a benefactor sent by the Heavens to help us but after we successfully took our first city, that man left. Before he left, he handed the piece of jade to us, saying that it was a gift to celebrate our acquaintance. After that, our army had seemingly gone on undefeated and both the previous Emperor and me attributed that to the Soul Jade, thinking that it had brought us great luck and hence, after the kingdom’s founding, we took the jade piece and declared it a precious jade that protected the country.”

Jun Xian slowly finished his story about the past as a deep sigh weighed upon his heart. How glorious and spirited everything had been in those years and who would have thought that the saying accompanying a ruler was as good as accompanying a tiger would turn out to be true. The Emperor’s highly temperamental moods had slowly pushed Jun Xian little by little to become iced and looking back at the old Rui Lin Army force in those years, he realized after having experienced countless battles, among the people who had followed him right from the very beginning, there wasn’t that many of them left.

[His heart, how can it not feel the pain?]

Jun Xian sighed heavily and raised his eyes to look at Jun Wu Xie. “Are you thinking to find that person?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. [The Soul Calming Jade by itself did not pose much of a problem, but the young man who had gifted it to the Qi Kingdom made people can’t help but feel suspicious of him.] [Just how did he come to possess the Soul Jade? And why would he in turn gift it out so easily to others?]



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