GDBBM – Chapter 1178

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Chapter 1178: “Complicit in Crime (3)”


Lin Xiao was not lying. That was a point he really did not know anything about.

Jun Wu Xie stared at Lin Xiao’s pale face, thoughts of the origins of the Soul Calming Jade coming into her mind.

The Soul Calming Jade was originally one of the magical treasures of the Spirit World but in the years when the Dark Emperor had unified the Middle Realm, it had been taken away. After that, the Dark Emperor had died and the Dark Regime had buried all the treasures into the Dark Emperor’s tomb and if she was guessing it right, the Soul Calming Jade would very highly possibly have been buried inside the Dark Emperor’s tomb, so how did this piece of jade come to appear in the Qi Kingdom?

That was one point that Jun Wu Xie did not have an answer to no matter how much she thought about it. Regarding the Soul Calming Jade, she would have to ask Jun Xian to get the answers she seeked.

“In this cooperation by the All Dragon Palace and the Condor Country, did you intend to send the Condor Country soldiers to locate the Dark Emperor’s tomb as well?” Jun Wu Xie went on to ask.

Lin Xiao’s face turned an ugly colour and his eyes looked past Jun Xie to gaze at Jun Wu Yao standing behind, his eyes filled with terror. Just one glance, and he was already so horribly frightened that his spirit almost left his body as he climbed to his knees to kowtow continuously.

“All that was what the Elder told me to do! The Elder made me bring the map to the Dark Emperor’s tomb down here to the Lower Realm to approach one of the powers in the Lower Realm to go seek it out. I had absolutely no intention of causing any offense to the Dark Emperor!”

He tried to explain in tears, as he pleaded for mercy.

Jun Wu Xie’s brows came together slightly, not understanding from where the man’s sudden fear and repentance was coming from.

[Whether he offended the Dark Emperor, was there a need to tell it to her?]

Jun Wu Xie had completely not noticed that a wide smile was on Jun Wu Yao’s lips.

“Where is that map now?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly.

“In….. In the hands of the Condor Country’s Emperor…..” Lin Xiao said.

Jun Wu Xie smiled coldly in her heart. As expected, the All Dragons Palace had a portion of the map with them as well!

Jun Wu Xie and his companions already had five maps in their possession and from their target of eight, there were only three left. Having just received information on the location of the next map, Jun Wu Xie had already planned what they were going to do next.

Having cleared up everything, Jun Wu Xie was no longer interested in wasting her time to hear Lin Xiao any further. She immediately turned around to walk out of the dungeon, not giving anyone within that dungeon a single glance.

At the very moment that she stepped out of the underground dungeon, the dungeon immediately filled with a thick stench of blood. Ye Sha and Ye Mei came walking out slowly, with some blood stained upon their clothes.


The news about the Soul Calming Jade had made Jun Wu Xie feel rather uneasy and she did not wait a single moment but went straight to seek out Jun Xian.

At that moment, Jun Xian was going through the name list of the Rui Lin Army soldiers who had died in battle and the expression on his face was well filled with pain. When he saw Jun Wu Xie come in, he shut his eyes tightly and tried very hard to push down the emotions in his heart. When he opened his eyes once more, they had reverted back to the devoted and affectionate eyes he always had even looking at Jun Wu Xie.

“What did they say?” Jun Xian asked looking at Jun Wu Xie. The reason that the four countries had allied together to attack the Qi Kingdom had been a puzzling question that hung over their heads. The Qi Kingdom had always never been hostile to other countries but had suddenly been thrown into this calamity, which greatly hurt all of them.

They did not fear war, but they could not bear seeing their fellow people and family members ending up dead on the battlefield.

“It’s for the Soul Calming Jade.” Jun Wu Xie could see that Jun Xian was fighting suppress the sadness within his heart and her heart started feeling depressed as well.

The Rui Lin Army to Jun Xian, was although the sharpest blade that he held in his hands, it was also his life’s blood. This one war, had taken eighty thousand Rui Lin Army warriors and to Jun Xian, that was as good as having cut off a piece of flesh from his heart, so how unbearable a pain could that really be?

Jun Wu Xie could not begin to imagine it.

“Soul Jade?” Jun Xian was taken aback. This was the second time that the Soul Jade had created trouble for them. When the Qing Yun Clan had appeared in the Qi Kingdom in the beginning, hadn’t that been because of that piece of jade as well?


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