GDBBM – Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180: “Complicit in Crime (5)”


Jun Xian said: “That person had never mentioned one word of his own name or identity when he came. After the Qi Kingdom was founded, I had tried to locate the man but to no avail. There is another point….. that I remember rather clearly though.”

“What?” Jun Wu Xie’s heart jumped.

“That person’s face was extremely good looking and gentle, seemingly only about twenty years of age, but for reasons unknown to us, he had a head full of white hair…..” Jun Xian said.

“White hair?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes widening slightly. From memory, the only good looking white haired man she knew of, was just that one person!

The Grand Adviser of the Fire Country, Wen Yu!

“Grandfather, have you ever met the Fire Country’s Grand Adviser?” An idea formed in Jun Wu Xie’s head and she could not stop herself from asking.

“The Fire Country’s Grand Adviser? You are speaking of Grand Adviser Wen Yu?” Jun Xie asked.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“I have never met him. The Fire Country was founded a lot earlier than us and it was already a dominant force by itself at that time. While we fought our little skirmishes, the Fire Country did not even pay any attention to us. Moreover, I heard that the Grand Adviser of the Fire Country never leaves the Imperial Capital and I hadn’t had a chance to meet him.” Jun Xian said.

Jun Wu Xie thought about it a moment and she immediately opened the room’s door and got the Rui Lin Army soldier standing guard outside to go find Lei Chen. After having dealt with those people in the dungeon, Jun Wu Yao said he needed to go into the city to find some things and brought Ye Sha and Ye Mei together with him. If not for that, she would have asked Ye Sha to go as it would have been done more quickly.

Lei Chen came rushing in in a hurry, where luckily, he did not have much to do back at the Fire Country’s camp.

“Your Majesty.” Lei Chen was immediately about to kneel.

Jun Wu Xie instead dispensed with the formalities.

“How are you with drawing?”

Lei Chen was surprised a moment, unable to understand why in the world was Jun Xie asking whether he drew well….. could it be that His Majesty had a love for art?

“Acceptable…..” After Lei Chen was born, the Empress had groomed him well, music, chess, calligraphy and painting, he was skilled in all four of the scholarly arts.

“I need you to draw a portrait of the Grand Adviser for Duke Lin to take a look right now.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Lei Chen was highly puzzled, but even if he did not understand what Jun Wu Xie wanted to do, he still knew how to obey an Imperial order. Lei Chen was now a princely Duke in the Fire Country and was holding a rank similar to Jun Xian, but judging purely in terms of their countries’ might, Lei Chen would be a notch higher. But Lei Chen highly admired Jun Xian and with a nod of his head to Jun Xian, he walked over to the side of the table, picked up a brush and started painting.

Lei Chen’s skills in drawing was rather good, having gained much praise from the Fire Country’s previous Emperor many times, and Wen Yu had been his Master. Before the relationship between the two of them had soured, Lei Chen and Wen Yu had been on very familiar terms. Lei Chen’s brushstrokes flew almost with divinity, his movements quick and precise.

In what seemed like a blink, Lei Chen had already outlined Wen Yu’s countenance accurately. He could see that Jun Xie needed the painting in a hurry and he employed special techniques that did not require too much time but would still be able to draw out a person’s countenance and bearing vividly, looking highly lifelike.

“Duke Lin, please peruse.” Lei Chen blew the ink on the parchment dry and moved his body slightly, while inviting Jun Xian over.

Jun Xian came over to the table and looked at the painting of the handsome young man with his gentle expression and a surprised look came into his eyes.

“It’s really him!”

The countenance depicted upon the painting was exactly the same as what he remembered in his mind. Jun Xian did not dare believe that the young man who had helped them at that time was in reality the Grand Adviser of the Fire Country!

Jun Wu Xie saw Jun Xian’s reaction and she was sure that her guess had been correct. She dismissed Lei Chen for the moment and only Jun Xian and her were left in the room.

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