GDBBM – Chapter 1171

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Chapter 1171: “Raging Purple Spirit (3)”


But at that moment, there wasn’t a single sliver of joy in Jun Wu Xie’s heart. The overpowering stench of blood was now starting to hit her hard. She did not feel triumphant. On a battlefield like this, victory or defeat did not exist for her. She would very much rather none of this had ever happened and it would be enough for her if all the deceased Rui Lin Army soldiers could be returned to her!

“Little Xie…..” Qiao Chu’s hand trembled as he walked towards Jun Wu Xie. This was the first time he had experienced such a large scale battle, his youthful blood aroused by the overwhelming intensity on this battlefield. All youths yearned to grow into a real man, to become a hero that protected and defended their country.

However Qiao Chu and his gang were in a unique situation. The places they belonged to had long abandoned them and they did not know what kind of a place their birthplace was to them anymore, and how were they to protect and defend a place that made them homeless and became orphans.

But Jun Wu Xie had given to all of them just such an opportunity. From the moment that Jun Wu Xie had agreed to become the Emperor of the Fire Country, Qiao Chu and his gang had decided that they would join her.

Whether it was the Qi Kingdom or the Fire Country, to them, both would be places they strived to protect and defend.

“How are the losses for the Fire Country’s army?” Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes back, her eyes no longer red and bloodshot.

“Still within an acceptable range. The enemy had already lost all will to fight upon seeing the Fire Country’s army and were not difficult to deal with.” Qiao Chu said scratching his head, hard for him to imagine that after going through two major battles, their losses had remained less than one tenth of their total numbers, which was a result that turned out somewhat more than acceptable.

But if the reason for it was pursued, it would not be all due to the might of the Fire Country’s army.

In terms of might, the Rui Lin Army was above the Fire Country’s army, but the Fire Country’s army’s numbers gained them a huge advantage, and they wore the halo of being the biggest and mightiest country throughout the lands, which caused many armies to have developed an innate timidness towards them.

Moreover, Jun Wu Yao’s inescapable instant annihilation was the most devastating attack where the grand total number of kills the entire Fire Country achieved would not match up to him, one man alone.

Recalling that last final strike, Qiao Chu could not help himself but have his head shrink down into his shoulders.

[Big Brother Wu Yao is truly more savage than anything else he knows!]

Jun Wu Xie nodded. Mobilizing the Fire Country’s army, had firstly because she had been forced by circumstances, and secondly to accede to Lei Chen’s request, but she she did not wish to have to deplete a big chunk of the Fire Country’s military in order to save the Qi Kingdom. Afterall, she was now the Fire Country’s Emperor and it was something she didn’t want to see.

“Your Majesty!” Covered in blood splatters, Lei Chen wiped the blood stains off his face and came before Jun Xie to say: “The Commanders in Chiefs of the three countries have been captured and I am here to request for Your Majesty’s orders. To kill or not?”

It was wondered whether Jun Wu Yao had done it intentionally. With his one strike right at the final moment, only the three Commanders of the three countries were spared, forcing them to witness their entire armies that was millions strong instantly reduced to pools of blood. When Lei Chen had been clearing up the battlefield, he had discovered the three Commanders who had lost their minds and he had the men captured to now await Jun Xie’s decision for them.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up and she said in a cold voice: “Keep them imprisoned. Bring them into the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City and interrogate them.”

Having received his orders, Lei Chen immediately left to make the arrangements.

With the battlefield reduced into pools of blood, there really wasn’t much they had to clear up. After the Fire Country’s army regrouped themselves, they began to move towards the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City.

Having just managed to get a short breather after the three allied countries’ combined attack, when the Qi Kingdom’s citizens saw the dark mass of another army approaching over the horizon, their heartstrings instinctively tightened inside.



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