GDBBM – Chapter 1170

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Chapter 1170: “Raging Purple Spirit (2)”


The Purple Spirit glow shone brilliantly over the top of the armies. That blinding light dazzling everyone among them all.

[Purple Spirit!] [That’s a Purple Spirit!]

Everyone stared in disbelief with their mouths agape, looking at Jun Wu Xie wrapped in that purple glow. They had never ever heard of a fifteen year old youth who had attained the Purple Spirit!

Jun Wu Xie’s blue spirit powers earlier had already stunned them and she had suddenly pushed her powers to explode to the Purple Spirit!

That fact made the already demoralised hearts of the enemy soldiers suddenly sink further, falling to the bottom of a deep gorge!

However, the matter had still not reached its end.

After Jun Wu Xie’s powers exploded into the Purple Spirit, several other bursts of purple coloured spirit glow lit up within the horde of soldiers in quick succession!

The youths who had charged the most ferociously into the enemy’s ranks had suddenly raised their spirit power level to the Purple Spirit as well!

The Purple Spirit that had the people in the world longing hopelessly, an unscalable mountain that had only existed in legends for so many long years, had reappeared right before their eyes today. And at this appearance, there were six of them at the same time!

Despair fell like a heavy shroud over every single soldier of the three countries’ allied armies. They had not been able to handle a blue spirit, what could they hope to do against the Purple Spirit, that was the pinnacle of power!

A series of hopeless wails rang out everywhere among the mass of soldiers, the streaks of Purple Spirit glow weaving through them, delivering death and despair.

The Fire Country’s army were extraordinarily ferocious, together with the several Purple Spirits pushing the enemy deeper into the abyss, while the two mammoth sized Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts and the unbelievably powerful ring spirits completely crushed any last vestiges of confidence the three countries’ allied armies might have left!

It became hopelessly one sided on the battlefield, as within this bloody battle, the enemy soldiers who had butchered countless soldiers in the Qi Kingdom, the invaders and looters of a countless number of the Qi Kingdom’s citizens, finally fell in pools of blood.

The allied three countries’ military encampment was shrinking continuously, and the Commanders of the armies surrounded within the mass of soldiers had their faces turned pale.

They had advanced triumphantly the entire way and had never thought that they would suffer such a heavy setback right at the final leg!

If not for that ragtag army made up of a motley mix of the Qi Kingdom’s citizens that had held them back and dragged out their time, they would have taken over the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City before Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao got here, and the Qi Kingdom would have fallen. And if Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao had not gotten here in time, with the Qi Kingdom fallen, the Qi Kingdom would not have been saved by Fire Country’s army.

Get one step wrong, and every step after goes wrong.

It was that very ragtag army that they despised so thoroughly that had saved the Qi Kingdom from final despair, and then the tables had turned, where the Qi Kingdom climbed out from its dire straits while the one fallen into utter despair had become the three country alliance!

When night fell, firelight reddened the sky. Upon the battlefield, countless heaps of dead bodies lay everywhere, as blood flowed into rivers under everyone’s feet.

An army that numbered almost three million was cleanly annihilated in half a day. Nobody would ever forget, in the final stages of the battle, when there had still been close to two million soldiers in the allied army, Jun Wu Yao who had been standing at the back of the battle all this time, only smiling and not saying a word, suddenly raised a hand to turn the battlefield into a sea of blood in a single instant. A blood mist had engulfed those two million soldiers in an instant, to leave behind mangled and mutilated bodies, and sticky bloodstains.

Jun Wu Xie stood panting within the sea of bodies, the blood splattered upon her now so thick it was dropping off her, the expression upon her face not showing disgust or disdain, but one of liberation.

She lifted her head, to look up at the sky reddened by the fires lit upon the battlefield, peering at the sprinkling of twinkling stars above, and the bright round moon.

[Vengeance for the Rui Lin Army, for the Qi Kingdom, has finally been exacted!]

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