GDBBM – Chapter 1172

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Chapter 1172: “Alliance (1)”


Fortunately, they quickly noticed that the army was hoisting the Fire Country’s flag, which allowed them to heave a small sigh of relief

When the Fire Country’s army reached the gates of the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City, they stopped outside and Lei Chen got the soldiers to pitch camp to for them to rest, and ordered that they were not to set foot inside the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City without authourization.

After having repeatedly suffered attacks from the invaders, the slightest movement from the army would make the people in the Qi Kingdom nervous, and Lei Chen thoughtfully wanted to prevent any unwanted incidents to occur.

Jun Wu Xie and a small group of them went into the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City. At the edges of the Imperial City, the place was filled with the Qi Kingdom’s soldiers and citizens. They had not dispersed immediately but had stood around the Imperial City’s gates to look at Jun Xie who had saved them all.

Mo Qian Yuan stood right at the front of the crowd as he peered at the unfamiliar face. Even if the looks had changed, he would never mistake that pair of cold eyes that were like autumn’s water for someone else and never would he be able to forget that black beast that Jun Wu Xie had once used to threaten him.

[How did she become the Fire Country’s Emperor?]

Mo Qian Yuan’s heart was filled with confusion and bewilderment but no matter what, she was the one who saved the Qi Kingdom today.

Any question that he asked would not change that fact.

Mo Qian Yuan strode forward to welcome Jun Wu Xie and in everyone’s eyes, representing everyone within the Qi Kingdom, he cupped a hand over his fist and bowed from the hip, to say in a loud and clear voice: “This time round, we are thankful for the help the Fire Country has extended to us. Your utmost kindness and benevolence would be deeply remembered by every single person in the Qi Kingdom.”

Long before, he was a Crown Prince who was about to be deposed, and she was a decadent wastrel of a Young Miss that people looked upon with shame.

Now, he was pushed by her to be elevated into ascending the throne while she had become the ruler of the mightiest country throughout the lands.

It had only been one short year, and a change of such an extent was really deeply moving to a person.

Jun Wu Xie stared calmly at Mo Qian Yuan. At that moment, she was not the Young Miss of the Lin Palace in the Qi Kingdom, Jun Wu Xie, but the Fire Country’s newly minted Emperor, Jun Xie. From the moment she had accepted Lei Chen’s request and led the army to come save the Qi Kingdom, it had meant that she would have to temporarily give up her identity as Jun Wu Xie for a period.

Jun Wu Xie’s gaze involuntarily turned slightly to look to the side, where Jun Xian and Jun Qing were standing, their faces highly anxious. Those were her family members who had given her so much warmth after she was reborn, and the people that was important to her in the world.

Separated for an entire year, there was already no way her heart could miss them any more than she was feeling. Now that they’ve met, she was not able to run straight into their arms, and call out to her Grandfather, Uncle…..

Jun Wu Xie felt as if a sharp edged piece of rock had lodged in her heart, cutting into her painfully, highly stifling and making her feel the pain throb endlessly.

[Cannot acknowledge…..]

Whether it was for the Fire Country, or because of the Twelve Palaces, she would not be able to revert back to her identity as Jun Wu Xie.

[Wait a while more!] [Just a little while more!]

Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes back, forcibly suppressing the surge of emotions within her chest, as she looked at Mo Qian Yuan with a calm pair of eyes.

“No need for thanks. What happened today, is a show of sincerity from the Fire Country to ask for an alliance with the Qi Kingdom.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Mo Qian Yuan lifted his head in bewilderment.

Meanwhile, Jun Wu Xie’s words had elicited a series of murmured whispers to spread through the crowd.

The Fire Country was the biggest and mightiest country in these lands and the Qi Kingdom was just a tiny place. The Qi Kingdom had just suffered such a huge setback and for them to recover their strength, it would still require a long period of time. For the mighty Fire Country to bring up an alliance at this point of time, in the ears of everyone within the Qi Kingdom, it could only be understood as….. Annexation!

With the Fire Country’s mammoth size, why would they need to form an alliance with such a tiny kingdom that was now struggling with the aftermath of war?

None of them had expected that just after the ravenous wolves had been chased off, they would immediately be faced with a ferocious tiger.

The citizens who had barely just been freed from the hopeless despair immediately found themselves feeling like they have just walked into an icehouse.

Standing among the crowd, Jun Qing looked at that little niece of his before him and in his heart, he could not help but snigger to himself. That little lass of theirs, still had not learnt to speak. He then immediately took a wide stride forward!

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