GDBBM – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Playing Judge (4)

In these two hours, Mo Xuan Fei had been under torment and agony under the needles. With the needles removed, he had heaved a sigh of relief, but fear crept in when he found he still could not feel his legs.

He struggled to stand, but his useless legs refused to budge. He could only stay kneeling, looking up at the people.

“Bring me the wheelchair I prepared specially for the Second Prince.” Jun Wu Xie ordered.

A Rui Lin Army soldier immediately moved to bring the wheelchair into the main hall.

Mo Xuan Fei stared at the wheel chair, finding it awfully familiar. Was that the wheelchair the Imperial Family gifted the Jun Family after Jun Qing was paralysed?

“Help the Second Prince onto it.” Jun Wu Xie commanded.

Two Rui Lin Army soldiers reached out to grab Mo Xuan Fei. The enormity of the reality sunk in and Mo Xuan Fei flailed his arms wildly to ward off the Rui Lin Army soldiers.

“Jun Wu Xie! What is the meaning of this!? What do you want!? I don’t want to sit in a wheelchair! NO!!!” The feeble resistance Mo Xuan Fei put up was useless in the face of the two Rui Lin Army soldiers who had their orders. He was grabbed and dragged into the wheelchair, leaving a bright trail of blood across the floor.

“You are crippled, face it.” Jun Wu Xie’s smile grew more and more radiant, but when those same words were heard by the Emperor who had been watching at the side in silent anguish, a chill ran up his spine.

You are crippled, face it…..

These very words, he said them before…..

The Emperor stared at the back of Jun Wu Xie, and felt like he had been thrown into cold icy water, as every pore of his being screamed out in fear.

Having witnessed his own son and Bai Yun Xian toyed and tormented by Jun Wu Xie, he had been frightened out of his wits, he wanted to run out from here, but he had nowhere to run.

The Rui Lin Army soldiers have surrounded the main hall, he was trapped, trapped like a rat!

Mo Xuan Fei who was forced into the wheelchair struggled fiercely like a lunatic, but it was futile no matter how hard he tried. The two Rui Lin Army soldiers held him down by his shoulders in an iron grip and there he must stay.

A sorry sight, of a prince.

Mo Qian Yuan watched in silence. He had seen how malicious Jun Wu Xie could be. Now, he saw how vicious she was in her torment of her enemies.

It would have been easy to just kill off Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian, but she had chosen to take what they took the most pride in, and crumbled it bit by bit in their faces, tearing apart their pride and arrogance mercilessly, and leaving them to quiver in despair and fear.

When a person’s soul is utterly shattered, their bodies might heal, but even the gods cannot heal their hearts.

“Jun Wu Xie! I will kill you! You slut!” Mo Xuan Fei was like a caged animal, screaming in his wheelchair. His eyes became crazy and a sudden light burst brilliantly from the ring on his finger, and a ear splitting roar shook the whole hall.

Mo Qian Yuan winced. That roar was all too familiar to him. When Mo Xuan Fei was fourteen, and his contracted spirit first awoken, it terrorized the whole Imperial Palace!

When the light faded, a dazzling golden lion stood in the main hall, its body covered in a brilliant golden glow!

The Golden Lion!

In the Kingdom of Qi, throughout the generations in the Imperial Family, this was the strongest animal contractual spirit!

Mo Xuan Fei had summoned the Golden Lion, his final trump card to take down Jun Wu Xie!

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