Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Golden feather

Bai Jin Yi was currently on the other side of the mountain.  There was a pair of wings on his back, two golden wings condensed of spiritual energy stretching out of his back.  They were giving off a weak light and softly flapping, as he was suspended in the air.

Underneath Bai Jin Yi was not the dense forest as imagined, but rather a patch of blank land.  This was an area of several hundred square meters that didn’t have a single inch of grass growing there!

Looking at it, there were traces of black qi coming out of the ground.  Bai Jin Yi looked at this black qi and tried to recognize it. After a while, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes finally focused and his spiritual energy wings was taken back into his body as he fell towards the ground.

Bai Jin Yi floated down to the center of the open area, but he suddenly slammed down onto the ground.  He used a lot of strength and it was as if the entire ground sunk by a bit.

Si, si, si, si.

More black qi began to appear from the ground.

The difference was that although the black qi came out before it quickly dissipated into the air.  This black qi was different as more and more of it came out and it didn’t scatter, becoming more solid!  Bai Jin Yi covered himself in the center.

The spiritual energy inside Bai Jin Yi fluctuated as a layer of spiritual energy surrounded him.  The spiritual energy was not silver or white like normal cultivators, but rather it was golden!


Another foot stamped down on the ground!

If the first stomp was just a test, this stomp just now was using his strength.  The entire mountain began to shake like an earthquake had struck and it began to rumble.

It was different from Ye Yu Xi’s killing intent.  The mountain like pressure coming from Bai Jin Yi was suddenly released and it was like a formless hurricane as it greeted the dense black qi in front of him.  The solid black qi actually collided with Bai Jin Yi’s aura with Bai Jin Yi as the center before it retreated. There was a ring that formed that was five meters away from Bai Jin Yi.

Si, si, si, si!

A cold sound came from the ground that became louder and louder.  Suddenly, the earth split apart and Bai Jin Yi’s figure was swallowed.


On the other side of the mountain, where Ye Yu Xi and the others were resting.

Ye Yu Xi’s group who was resting in the trees suddenly felt the ground shaking.  Ye Yu Xi who had been leaning against the tree trunk actually slid off the tree branch.

Although she didn’t sleep long, when her body slipped, Ye Yu Xi immediately woke up.  She grabbed the branch in time and used a bit of force to throw herself into the air, landing back onto the branch.

Ye Yu Xi’s reactions were fast, but the others were not as lucky.

Hua la, hua la, putong!  Putong!

Many Purple Thunder Monkeys lived in the tree and when the mountain shook, there were many that fell out of the trees.  For a while, the quiet forest suddenly became lively.


A deep sound rang out.

“Aiyo, my butt.  Damn, who ambushed me, I…..Aiya, who is it~~not having eyes!”  The fatty had been roasting rabbits all day and had chased after the little monkey, so he was especially tired.  He was in a deep sleep and with this tremble, the fatty had directly fell out of the tree.

The different sound came when the fatty fell to the ground.  The fatty was cursing and rubbing his butt, while he was still cursing, an object was slammed into his stomach and the fatty swallowed his words.  It almost made the fatty spit out blood!

“Aiyo, this grandmother almost died from that fall.  Yi? What is this!” Qing’er was in the same tree as the fatty.  When the mountain shook, naturally her bit of cultivation would not save her from the fate of falling, but it was a good thing there was something below to cushion her.

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