Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 929

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Chapter 929: A single stone creating thousand waves (Part 2)

“You’re this high profile, those people will hate you.”  Bai Jin Yi sat on the bed and looked at Ye Yu Xi who came in with a faint smile.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi, “Isn’t this what you wanted to see?  Those people won’t chase after me.”

Bai Jin Yi smiled without saying a thing.

Peng, peng, peng.

“Miss Ye, are you there?”  Chu Tian Che’s voice came from the door.

Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed as she looked at Bai Jin Yi, but she saw Bai Jin Yi giving a signal to be quiet.  He stood up and formed a seal with one hand that he put on Ye Yu Xi’s head.  With a flash of light, Bai Jin Yi entered the chaotic space.

Seeing the serious Bai Jin Yi, Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.  Why did it feel…..like Bai Jin Yi was sneaking around and being on guard against others.

Shaking her head, Ye Yu Xi turned to open the door.

“Senior Chu, what is it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che with his serious expression, but she didn’t notice how serious this matter was.

Chu Tian Che looked at Ye Yu Xi’s relaxed manner and gave a bitter laugh, “Miss Ye, in the future…..our situation might be dangerous.”

“Oh?  Come in and talk?”  Ye Yu Xi raised a brow and let Chu Tian Che in.

While Chu Tian Che told Ye Yu Xi about the pros and cons, the others weren’t idle.


Clear Sun Guild’s headquarters

Yang Xing Zhe sat in the main seat and there was a man who was in the hall with his head down, not daring to look at Yang Xing Zhe.

“Back then, did Feng Tian Zong injure you?”  Yang Xing Zhe looked at this man with a dark look.

“Yes.”  The man’s voice trembled a bit, “I thought there was no one in the door and went in, but Feng Tian Zong came with Ye Yu Xi and then, and then…..”

“You’re saying that Feng Tian Zong was with Ye Yu Xi at that time?”  Yang Xing Zhe kept asking.

“Yes, Feng Tian Zong also called Ye Yu Xi master.  There was a black clothed girl with them who seemed to be Feng Tian Zong’s lover.”  The man recalled.

“Feng Tian Zong…..Master, this means that there’s an explanation for Feng Tian Zong giving up……”  Yang Xing Zhe calculated in his heart before waving his hand, “Alright, you can leave.”

“Yes!”  The man quickly left the hall.  When he left, his forehead was already covered in sweat.  He was only in the sixth spiritual level, he had to be afraid in front of Yang Xing Zhe at the peak of the eighth spiritual level!

“Big brother, Ye Yu Xi beat our people and now that she has no guild to protect her, we…..”  Jiang Jun came to Yang Xing Zhe’s side and whispered his advice.

Yang Xing Zhe waved his hand, “Let me think about this matter…..”


“Guild master, Azure Cloud Square has sent someone over, they said that they are here to invite the guild master.”  A student ran in with a message in his hand.

“Azure Cloud Square?”  Yang Xing Zhe stood up with a serious look.  He didn’t even look at the message, “Go, we’ll take a look.”

The Azure Cloud Square, it was seventh among the guilds, second only to the five great guilds.  The power behind the Clear Sun Guild was the Azure Cloud Square!

Other than the Clear Sun Guild, there were many forces sending people out to investigate Ye Yu Xi.

Those guild leaders thought that the family that could train someone like this definitely wasn’t simple!

But when they investigated that Ye Yu Xi was only a genius from a small country, they wouldn’t be as cautious towards her anymore!

Inner court, the White Alliance’s headquarters.

Bai Yan sat in the main seat and there were over a dozen people under him.  These people were all the high level members of the White Alliance.

“Tell me what you all think about Ye Yu Xi.”  Bai Ran took a sip of his tea beside him.

Bai Tian Yu was sitting near the door.  There was a sparkle in his eyes and he wanted to speak, but he still remained quiet after remembering Bai Jin Yi’s warning from before.

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