Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 928

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Chapter 928: A single stone creating thousand waves (Part 1)

Those freshmen looked at Ye Yu Xi in admiration, but the others had strange looks on their faces.

More people thought…..that although Ye Yu Xi took first place in the freshmen conference, did she really think that she could suppress a crowd!

The freshmen of the five great guilds didn’t participate in this conference.  Ye Yu Xi…..was a bit too arrogant.

In the stands.

Including the five great guild leaders, most people had cold looks as they looked at Ye Yu Xi with unkind eyes.

“Ye Yu Xi came out on top.  Beauty Yue, you won today.”  Bai Ran looked at Yue Ling Shan with a smile.

Although Moon Heart Pavilion had won, Yue Ling Shan didn’t have a happy look on her face!  The situation that she was most worried about……had happened!

Adding in the fact that Ye Yu Xi had exchanged ten thousand points for an earth grade skill from the Treasure Pavilion in two months, Ye Yu Xi might have some mysterious power behind him.

Yue Ling Shan looked over the other four leaders.  Bai Hua You and Long Wu had serious looks, Qi Yu Ze and Bai Ran had smiles on their faces, with nothing that seemed strange.

Yue Ling Shan looked at Ye Yu Xi on stage again.

In other places in the stands, Ye Yu Xi’s display had created public outrage!  There was no other reason, it was because of Ye Yu Xi’s requirement of being at the seventh spiritual level or above to join!

Other than the five great guilds, there were no other guilds that gave this condition!  This condition shut our 80% of the students!

Countless leaders had the idea of suppressing this new Blood Enchantress, they had to suppress it!  Blood Enchantress was the second Thousand Pain Hall!

Luo Sen on the stage gave a sigh.  He never thought that Luo Qing Chen would make such a decision.  He took a few steps forward and loudly said, “The freshmen conference is over.  Everyone should take the time to cultivate, the guild wars will be in two months.”

Guild wars?

Ye Yu Xi had an idea and secretly memorized these words.  Back then…..It seemed like Chu Tian Che’s Thousand Pain Hall was also destroyed by the other guilds during the guild wars!

After the freshmen conference was over, Ye Yu Xi slowly walked off the stage in front of everyone.

“Master, we have become famous this time.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong came up beside Ye Yu Xi as countless gazes locked onto her.

“Let’s go back, we’ll wait for people to sign up.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile.  This time, she really had shown off!

Jia Hao Ren who started the betting was stunned as he watched Ye Yu Xi leave.  He looked at Chu Tian Che beside him with a bit of difficulty, “Senior Chu, entering this kind of guild, can I even live until tomorrow…..”  This Ye Yu Xi, she was too wild!

It didn’t matter if you rejected the invitations, although this rarely happened, it did happen.  However…..to announce your guild in front of the guild masters, this was the first time!

Chu Tian Che’s expression was also a bit ugly.  Ye Yu Xi had always said that she needed a chance to become famous, but he never thought she would use this method.

The fame was here……but there were also enemies and there were over a hundred of them!

Ignoring those gazes, Ye Yu Xi quickly returned to the dorm.  Ye Yu Xi was now focused on what spiritual skill was inside this ring!

Ye Yu Xi who had cultivated an earth grade skill looked down on profound grade spiritual skills now.

Bai Jin Yi in the sky could feel the restlessness of the crowd and he revealed a smile.  With a flap of his wings, he headed off in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

Arriving at the doom, the invitations of the guilds were still in the basket at the door.  With a flick of Ye Yu Xi’s hand, she sent out a flame and turned the invitations to ashes with the basket.

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