Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 930

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Chapter 930: A single stone creating thousand waves (Part 3)

“Head, I feel like we should send people to smash the Blood Enchantress tomorrow, that would have some deterrent to the older students.  We can’t let Blood Enchantress rise or it might become the second Thousand Pain Hall!”  An elder of the guild stood up as he spoke.

Many people nodded when they heard this.  When the Thousand Pain Hall was established two years ago, the five great guilds didn’t care.  They never thought that the Thousand Pain Hall would reach the top ten in just a year and defeat many older guilds.

The most important thing was that the Thousand Pain Hall didn’t accept any of the five great guilds.  After the five leaders discussed this, the Dragon King Guild took action and used the guild wars to destroy the Thousand Pain Hall.

“I don’t agree to this.  We don’t know the background behind Ye Yu Xi, I think we should investigate first.  If there is a powerful force behind them, it wouldn’t be easy to destroy Blood Enchantress in a short period of time.”  Another high level member stood up.

“If you leave them alone, what if Blood Enchantress becomes the second Thousand Pain Hall!  It will be a problem again when the time comes!”

“Did I say that we would let them go!”

The two high level members had a tendency to fight when they disagreed.

“Enough!”  Bai Ran finished his tea and softly interrupted them, causing those two high level members to instantly calm down.

Bai Ran turned to the door, “Tian Yu, did you encounter Ye Yu Xi during the freshmen trial?”

Bai Tian Yu stood up and said, “I didn’t.”

“Head, speaking of the freshmen trial, some people told me that quite a few seniors were robbed by the freshmen on the mountain Chu Tian Che was in charge of.  The one that led them seemed to be a girl.”  An elder said.

Robbed by a freshman?

Bai Ran knit his brows, “You’re certain it wasn’t Chu Tian Che?”

“It shouldn’t be.  I’ve sent people to ask the older students, they all said they were robbed by the freshmen.”

“I know about this matter.”  Bai Ran’s expression became serious.  He looked at the brothers who were waiting for his decision, “We’ll observe Blood Enchantress for some time.  The other guilds won’t be able to sit still, send a smaller guild to test them tomorrow.  If Blood Enchantress makes it past tomorrow, we can take them in based on the circumstances or else…..”

There was a fierce look in Bai Ran’s eyes.

The status of the five great guilds couldn’t be easily shaken!


In the freshmen dorms.

Chu Tian Che took half an hour to explain everything.

“Miss Ye, our situation is difficult right now.”  Chu Tian Che revealed a bitter look.

“Now that things are like this, we’ll take it step by step.  How many older students does senior Chu think will join?”  Ye Yu Xi said.

Chu Tian Che considered it, “Based on first estimates, it should be less than ten people.  Most of the second and third years students are already in guilds and the fourth year students are considered seniors, so they don’t participate in the guilds.”

Ten people?

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes narrowed, this was less than she had expected, “Senior Chu, for the points provided by the guild, do you think……”

Dong, dong, dong!

There was knocking that came from the door.

“Big brother Chu, big brother Chu, this is bad, something has happened!”  Kang Yong’s anxious voice came from outside.

Un?  The expressions of the two changed and they quickly let Kang Yong in.

“What happened?”  Chu Tian Che had a serious look as he realized that something was bad.

“Chu, big brother Chu, take a look, something has happened!  The people who agree to join the Thousand Pain Hall a few days ago suddenly announced they were leaving!”  Kang Yong had an anxious look on his face.

“What!  Where are those people, quickly bring me over!”  Chu Tian Che gave Ye Yu Xi a look.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and Chu Tian Che quickly left with Kang Yong.

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